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  1. I'd like to know if anyone has had struggles with this issue ? I hate it, I do it twice a week and it's draining. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle but mentally I am not strong when it comes to this issue. I usually binge after 3-4 days of hard training. The foods would include sandwiches, sugary foods, some chocolate and chips. The day after I would feel so drained, bloated, tired and heavy i'd probably do a fast. If you have experienced this I would love to hear your feedback on what helped you.
  2. I looked up the monthly rates and they turn out to be cheaper than I expected! I am staying for 4 weeks so it adds up to 400 THB a day. Cheers guys :) see how I go ! So exciting !
  3. Hi everyone I am planning a trip to Thailand around July - August. I was thinking of about staying at fairtex Pattaya but am finding it abit pricey. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to stay in Pattaya ? I am not a fussed person, and I do like things old school just aslong it's safe. Thanks :)
  4. Hi everyone, My goal for the end of the year (hopefully) is to go to Thailand and stay for approx 6 months. I was thinking about the little things that was probably going to cause me issues such as travelling with a large suitcase. When I went to Thailand last year it made me realize I took way to much stuff with me! I had a suit case, a big gym bag and a backpack and it was so annoying. I'm thinking this year I may go with just a small suitcase and a handbag which I could use for my phone, passport and camera, just so I wont have any issues travelling from Chang Mai to Bangkok and then to Pattaya. I'd like to know what are your thoughts and experiences on this ? How do you get around when you're travelling far from where you're staying ? Do you leave your stuff in your apartment or do you take everything with you ? Cheers :)
  5. I'm from Australia and I pay $75 a month which is a pretty good price because we get unlimited access to a gym/classes/sauna. I work in a gym so if you're unstable with life/location/job then don't get stuck in a contract membership Download free passes so you can try the gym before joining I never really cared how much I'd pay as I was really happy with the team I was training with and I knew my money was going towards something good for me. Goodluck!
  6. Awww man that really sucks !! I did hear some good and bad experiences with knee surgery, but hey, if your knee is stopping you from training then I don't see why not give it one more go ? It's good to see that you're going to see an Orthopedic about it. Thankfully I can train but I'm always aware during training, always feeling unstable etc.. I kinda have gotten used to it.. Thanks for sharing your experiences and best of luck with the orthopedic
  7. Oh wow ! Hope you're doing fine. That's true, I'm happy it's not as serious as the ACL. How did you feel after the surgery ? Did it feel normal again ? Probably just be extra extra extra cautious when running and have a good warm up..
  8. I've had 1 fight after two years of training so in 2017 my goal is To have 4 fights here in Australia before I travel to Thailand in August to stay for approximately 6 months (hopefully more) I want to have 1 fight in Thailand by the end of the year Build confidence in myself when training and having a strong mindset And lastly the most important one for me is to be open about wanting to fight in Thailand and not to shy about it. Goal threads seem cool :) Thanks for starting this thread.
  9. Before Muay Thai, I was playing soccer and had to stop due to a knee injury (torn meniscus). I was looking for a sport to do for the fitness side without any risk of further knee injuries, but somehow ended up doing Muay Thai. I fell in love with this sport immediately and nothing was going to stop me not even my knee. It's been two years and probably twice a year I get bad knee pains mostly from running :( it gets so frustrating, it stops me from kicking and especially running sometimes for a week or possibly a month. At the moment I am contemplating whether I should have surgery on my knee before I leave for Thailand (hopefully around August). I don't want to go to a gym and say I cant run because I'm worried they will think I'm using excuses. I just choose to skip for longer rounds as it gives me a lower risk of an injury. I'm worried to have surgery but then again it could end up well? Sometimes I believe it can be healed with rehabilitation and strength training and just being cautious, but then again I don't want to go to Thailand and have anything stop me from my goals...
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