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  1. Hi anyone have some info about rachanon gym ? Prices, locatio and training ? Thanks
  2. Okay thanks i have some question :) i am a average level, at lookprabat camp do you think that i can improve my muay thai ? And what camps do you recommend in BKK and out of BKK? But not too much expensive thanks. P.S. beautiful youtube channel, i follow you ;)
  3. Thanks, what are the names of these gyms that sponsor the farang fighters in BKK ? Or everywhere?
  4. Hi guys some one know if kesa muay thai gym in BkK is it good gym for the farang person? Thanks :)
  5. Does someone know some info about lookprabat gym ? How do they train the farang ? All info are accepted Very thanks
  6. Thanks and do you have the address for the gym? Because on the website there isn t the precise address Thanks :)
  7. 1500 bath / day for a muay thai camp with 2 training 2 meals accomodation and wifi, is it expensive? Kiatpontip gym gives all these for 1000 bath/Day, is kiatpontip very honest? or 1500 bath/Day very expensive? Thx
  8. I mean for "free" like thai boy, how does it work? Do the thai boys pay? Thx
  9. Hi is live in thailand like MT fighter in the gym? How con i do this ? Will i have to speak with the boss of the gym and usually what are the conditions? Thanks :)
  10. Hi from the bangkok internation airport, what ia the best way to arrive at sangtiennoi gym? Train, taxi or other ? Thanks :)
  11. Hi guys does someone know some muay thai camp in north of bangkok? I know only sangtiennoi gym, other gym? Thanks
  12. Okay, thanks. About sangtiennoi gym... now does it change place? And does it still a good gym?
  13. Hi guys, -I wanted to know how is the lookboonmee gym for an athlete of medium level?the trainers follow you and try to make you grow or they use you only for money... -How is the accomodation and the promoters for some fights? Thanks :) P.S. sorry for my bad english
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