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  1. To many organisations and events with their own "worldtiles"... For now its isnt a olympic dicipline yet but it is recognised by the olympic comite and is making its way... http://fightland.vice.com/blog/muay-thai-is-granted-provisional-recognition-as-an-olympic-sport
  2. To all the fellow Muay Thai lovers with a big heart for Charity and good causes: please be so kind to give our page a like,share and /or donation. Still lots of cool items available and a give away to enter. This year(november) we head to Buriram to offer our help at the orphanage and support less benefitted gyms. Visit : www.facebook.com/muaythai4orphans Thank you
  3. Hi Inez, I always used Twins 14oz gloves and love them; good fit, protection and quality leather. If your Boosters loosen up on your whrist and the gloves are still good you might try an extra handwrap and support/make more solid so they fit better and stay in place. I only use Booster bag gloves at home for bag work and the fit good. Recently I bought a pair of Boon 14oz gloves in Thailand and I absolutely love them, maybe even better then the Twins. For training I use Boon now and pad work is a Twins 12oz.
  4. Hi you guys and girls, for the ones of you with a heart for good causes could you please give my project some likes and shares and if possible some support??? I started the project in 2015 cause I wanted to do sth back for all the things Thailand has given me ;sports, great holidays,awesome people, delicious food etc. It got me back on the good track when I was at less good times. I started a project to raise money in order to support a orphanage located in Lop Buri province Thailand. The place is called Baan Gerda (www.baangerda.org) and they take care of orphans who all are infected with HIV or AIDS. They make sure they are educated, get their meds in time and offer them a family to grow up in. Great place where they do an awesome job! To raise money I did some Muay Thai demonstration and shows at Thai events in Belgium,we gave a seminar with Germaine De Randemie, organised Thai food-evening at our local Thai Temple but main income is the sale of T-shirts,shorts and hoodies.(which we send worldwide :-) ;-) ) All help or ideas to take action and make a difference are welcome. The first year I got about 3000€ together , last year I was able to double the amount to 6200€ and this year I hope to have equal or more to give . My next visit to the orphanage is planned for october so we have still 3 months to raise the money. For the moment we're having a GIVE AWAY to thank all the people who supported us with great prices!!!! https://www.facebook.com/muaythai4orphans/ Please take time to visit our facebookpage check our pictures and hit the like button, share and if your able support us <3 <3 <3 Thanks for your time Nick
  5. chok dee, chocolate,muay thai chaiya,samurai of ayuthaya,ong bak is ok but the last one bit of crazy , the protector,... I'm curious for the new movie with Buakaw : Legend of the hero of the broken sword
  6. My goals for this year : -recover as good as possible from surgery (knee:meniscus) and train and prepare hard as hell -have 2 or 3 more fights -retire as active fighter -keep on teaching and coaching at the gym -MOST IMPORTANT GOAL : raise again a nice amount of money by way of muay thai (teaching:promoting:showing:etc) and help the hiv/aids infected orphans of Baan Gerda in Lop Buri Thailand -stay healthy
  7. In our gym walk in is 10 € , 10training card 85€ and monthly membership about 35€ for unlimited training:monday,tuesday thursday and friday evening saturday noon and tuesday and thursday morning is thaiboxing each session 1,5hr , monday and wednesday we allso have classic boxing which is included . :-) http://thebulldogs.be/
  8. Hi there, here in Belgium it's totally up to yourself to use or not use the khan grades in your gym. Somedo but it's a small group. the first 4 grades should be organised by the gym headcoach, 5th brown and 6th black are done only by the BKBMO(Belgian Kickboxing and Muaythai ,MMA Organisation) if you want to do this, you have to pay a small fee and will have to show your knowledge ,condition and technique. Test consists out questions about : history of muay thai,rules in fights, khan grades , allowed and forbidden techniques, clothing(shorts,mongkol,prajaed). After theorie is practical test , this consist out : warming up,technique,combinations,sparring,wai kru and cooling down.All of this takes between 2 or 3 hours dippending on how many are joining the test.When you complete all succesfully you will recieve certificate for brown khan and when finish black khan you recieve certificate and your black mongkol. To be able to join the test for black khan you need to have your brown for at least 1 year. The choice to do it is personal, but if you ever plan to open your own gym this isnt possible without you having black khan, its kinda proof and confirmation you know what you are doing and willbe teaching others .I think thats logically. I did my brown last year and in may this year I joined the test for black and succeeded.
  9. Hey Marnir, like 515 says ,all flights stop first in Bangkok and you can easily take a connecting flight there. But like you say if you want to safe some time due short visit you can stay in Bangkok.Luktupfah Gym is located in a quiet area in On Nut 65, Gym has full matted floor,weight area,heavy bags, 2 full size ring, showers etc. Size is comfortable big. All trainers and some fighters are Thai, but majority students and fighters are foreigner.The gym owner Master Woody's daughter is allso talented fighter. Training find place 2 time a day ; morning and afternoon. Morning being more conditioning and strength and afternoon more technique, clinching, padwork,bagwork and some sparring. Check out their website ; http://luktupfah-muaythai.com/ and their facebook page ;https://www.facebook.com/Luktupfah/timeline All trainers are great experienced peoples and fun to train with. I'll be there again for some training in november. Hope you have a great visit/training Nick
  10. Hi Marnir, When you have chosen where you gonna go in Thailand find advice here about the gym, like :if you stay in Bangkok I should advice you to train in Luktupfah Gym. Very nice people who first check out your technique and then correct it. They help you with every technique you want to learn or improve. Gym is clean and in nice area, on wednesday you can go to MBK fight night with the crew. Let us know what area you will go ;-)
  11. Hi everybody, Just wanna let you know we started again with fundraising to support the HIV/AIDS infected orphans of http://www.baangerda.org/at Lop Buri Thailand.This year we had a great start !! Having some sponsors backing us up to get the project running is awesome,we even got support from our Belgian Kickboxing Muay Thai and MMA Organisation :-) Local actions are Muay Thai demonstrations on Thai events , a Big Gym BBQ and some initiation lessons for children. Global we raise funds by selling the T-shirts. Each T-shirt costs 15 € which goes fully to the orphanage,worldwide sending 5€ :smile: :smile: :smile: . This year we're going Thailand again in November. Visit to Baan Gerda Orphanage to hand over the raised funds is planned on 26th november leaving from Bangkok with private rented mini-van. If anyone is interested to join us for this feel free to contact me. Any idea's or tips for my project also very welcome. Visit ,like , share us @ www.facebook.com/muaythai4orphans #bkbmo #limaglobalsteel #vandeveldeenco
  12. Anyone got these or has an opinion on them? Didnt try them yet, but I'm definitly hoping they keep the regular models in production becuz I'm not a fan of how they look... But maybe they are great gloves. Anyone??? Grtzz Nick
  13. Hey Bakpao, welcome to the forum! finding a gym where there aren't to many people can be quiet difficuilt, I think you should rather try to find a gym where you feel welcome and and have good teachers . A gym where they help you bring your skills to the next level. I mean where you realy learn something,not just hold pads and let you kick and tell you "you good, you strong". I had very good feeling in Luktupfah in Bangkok, in Sit Thaharnaek in Chiang Mai, also did training in Penang 96 and Sitpholek but would recomend the first two. I've had the idea that november is pretty calm season. I'll be going back in november and head to Kanchanaburi to go train at Sitmonchai Gym. Hope you have a great holiday/training Nick
  14. I also just love Morlam , it gives me a lil feeling of holiday....when I hear it I dream away... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gT3BfpheyIA people often think it's my wifes music but its mine ;-)
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