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  1. Could you elaborate on why you feel this way? Fitfac is a regular gym that happens to offer small boxercise type Muay Thai classes is it not? I haven't trained there so I may be mistaken here, but that definitely would not be on my list of first choices in Bangkok lol.
  2. Talk about foooood. Food and family. Haha easiest way to get some convo going, Keep it simple. Thai language is actually much simpler in context than English (imo anyway). Google translate is pretty good with English to Thai, but it's not great going Thai to English just fyi. We have more words (especially descriptive words) so the apps have to try and extrapolate.
  3. Cool, that's good info to have. Thanks for the heads up. Any idea if Toto is still over there? I wish Lad Prao or Rama 3 was easier for me to get to. I'm in Thong Lor so kind of far from any decent gyms.
  4. Is the gym open right now? I assumed they would be closed. I'm actually not too far from there and was planning on going to check the gym out after lockdown was ended.
  5. This is awesome, I'm looking forward to reading more. It's always great to read about people's experiences at different gyms!
  6. Border Pai Muay Thai is a new gym in Pai that might be worth checking out. It's really small, but the trainer Suk is pretty good. Hahaha just don't loan him any money. I trained with him for about 3-4 months at Toddy's and he was quite good but he got in trouble for drinking too much. Allegedly he stopped drinking, but I haven't seen or talked with him in a couple of years. I believe he is from the Meenayothin gym originally.
  7. I'm curious about this as well. I was just messing around in the pool the other day and was considering running laps in the pool (just did a few laps back and forth). Seems like it really works your legs without all the impact but I haven't tried it for any extended period of time.
  8. Hahaha I had to really look at it and recheck all the characters. It's a very strange font which I am admittedly not great at reading. I'm like 90% sure though!
  9. You could always build a tire stack too. Usually you can get tires for free from the junkyard. Then just fill it up with dirt or braces.
  10. You gotta do it every day. Running is much more mental than physical. Pick a distance to do every day then make sure you complete it one way or another. 3k for the first week, 5k for the next week, etc. If you have to walk so be it, but complete your miles. Just keep at it and you will get there. I firmly believe that the reason Thais run so much is to build mental toughness as much as it is to build physical strength/endurance. Hence, as Kero said, your trainers will know how much you've been running based on how you fight. If you are timid or inconsistent when clashing with an opponent, they are gonna say you didn't run enough lol. I don't get the whole runner's high thing either and have a strong hatred for running (especially fast). It's necessary though and will teach you to break through moments of weakness. Just get your miles/Km in every day, don't worry about the pace. Good luck and enjoy your trip to Thailand!
  11. Hahaha more on the food topic.... This is a great start to practicing Thai language skills. I'm not entirely sure why, but food vendors tend to be the easiest/most accepting while beginning to learn a little Thai. I think it revolves around food being a common thing between people from all countries. Thais LOVE food! It's like 40% of what gets talked about throughout the day lol. I didn't know a single word in Thai before I arrived in BKK, and the first thing I learned was all the names of fruits, small necessities like eggs, and how to order a few basic dishes. The great thing is that you always can point and it gives you an out if you suddenly get overly self-conscious. One thing I will caution you about is that if you begin buying food from one stall regularly, don't start buying stuff nearby (like within eyesight) just to switch it up. I made this mistake and it soured the owners towards me a bit. Either regularly spread it out (buy one thing from each stall), or find a place you like in each little neighborhood and travel around. If you order regularly from a place they will likely form a bit of a relationship with you and can get upset if they one day see you spending your money at a competing location. Forming these relationships can be half the fun of eating out though, and its a great way to start learning Thai culture.
  12. I don't know why, but I thought it would be slightly less expensive down there. Seems to be about the same though as far as food prices. That's generally how I judge cost of living for different areas of Thailand lol. The price of noodles is a pretty consistent one that will tell you about prices of everything else in the surrounding area.
  13. This and motorbikes/cars are my biggest fear with Brody. He almost got taken out by one of the neighbors the other day when he ran ahead of me as I took him out to go the bathroom. He's just to short for them to see. Luckily a lot of people have dogs in our apartment and almost no one has them on leashes (not to mention all the kids running around also not on leashes lol). Most folks who do have cars know to be fairly careful when driving down our street.
  14. Bit off topic but.... Anyone trained at Chakrit? Its not too far from my apartment and I've thought about going down there a few times a week if I can scrape some extra money together.
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