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  1. I really appreciate the responses y'all. What I'm hearing is that I need to suck it up and do the work.
  2. Usually zero haha, but I do plan on correcting that. I would definitely say that I've avoided running in favor of jumping rope and bag work for cardio. I've always felt like I'm not really built for distance like a lot of people I know are. I would run almost every day for weeks and never feel any kind of runners high and always be struggling with nausea. I want the coaches to take me seriously though, so I'll try to increase my running leading up to the trip. Thanks for the input!
  3. Hey all, I've been doing Muay Thai on and off for about three years now and am looking to get more serious about it. I'm looking at doing a trip to Thailand for a couple of weeks to train in Chiang mai and or Pattaya October. My conditioning isn't the best, but I'm in decent shape and can do two classes at my gym back to back without much trouble. The only thing I'm a little worried about is road work. I am a godawful runner. Like, I did cross country for my Highschool P.E. credit and I pretty much never improved after the first couple week. I always feel like i'm dying beyond mile two. I've heard most gyms run 5-10k every morning, and that to get the most out of training one should show the coaches that they are willing to give their all. What I'm wondering whether it would be frowned upon to only complete part of the morning run, or walk for sections of it.
  4. At least part of what keeps me coming back is the way that the fear/adrenaline/exertion of training do wonders to stave off anxiety and depression. It also give my life a certain continuity in that I have something that I can feel like I've improved at every day.
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