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  1. Okay that's great, thank you. I unfortunately found out in my first fight I'm allergic to the oil used, so I have to rely on other methods. Visualisation especially I've never tried before, but I'll look around to see what the best ways to use that/go about it are. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm going to be warming up fighters at my university's fight night tomorrow, and I was wondering what people did to prepare themselves/others? I'm especially looking at the balance between being warmed up but not too tired, whether to train pads, and if going with pads, the balance between training combos or keeping it simple. Any advice on warming up specifically for a fight is much appreciated! Thanks! Stan
  3. It's a meter deep with 2 sets of cross braces underground, so it shifts slightly but I just pour a little dirt back in and its fine. Some models I saw used metal braces screwed to the ground (wood or concrete), or filled a hole with concrete instead of dirt.
  4. That's really helpful; at least I'm not going the complete wrong direction. Thanks!
  5. The height is 1m58, up to the shoulder. The lower pad can slide for different kicks, or knees. It's a tool used in karate for a long long time, so it has a history in martial arts, but the forms for punching are different for one major difference.
  6. Hi, I've been practicing Muay Thai for about 2 years relatively lightly and, long story short, during holidays I'm not near the gym I normally train at and I can't get anything like a partner or a bag to train on. What I have built however is a makiwara (essentially a plank in the ground with some light padding). After browsing online, I've found very little in the way of Muay Thai training on one of these. At the end of the day, it's something to punch and kick and knee without injuring myself, but if anyone has any experience with one of these in Muay Thai or any ideas of what could be a good regime, I'd be grateful! Thanks in advance
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