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  1. Omg I just had my first truely pain-free period... this is really amazing! I used to have so much PMS and pain every time.. It took me a long time to adjust to Keto. It's been 5 months, and I still feel like my energy isn't quite as good at training comparing to when I was running on sugar. It's getting very close though, and I feel like I can last longer. It makes sense since I've been eating mostly carbs, veggies and low fat all my life. I started to experiment with different foods and intermittent fasting. I think introducing fasting made a big difference. just got to experiment! Thanks everyone here for the encouragement and tips!!
  2. Thanks for the good tips! Yeah it is all about learning and experimenting. It's pretty mind-blowing how people can eat so differently and respond differently too. I'll try these and take more notes. For me, it's been an awesome journey so far, and much less scary than I imagined. Thanks for the inspiration I feel really good overall, better focus and feel more at peace. Much better relationship with food too, which was the main reason I started with keto. The only thing I struggled with was actually gaining a few kilos (but my training schedule also changed from fight camp to lockdown ) I heard initial weight gain can happen for people who previously on very low fat, but will stablise once the hormones stablise too. I think I'm starting to naturally eat less than when I started, so I'm not too worried
  3. Yeah thanks. I have been experimenting with how much electrolytes to take. Actually really love having my tea with salt and cream now.. I've been trying to eat whatever I want as long as it's very low carbs, to connect with my body. That's been going well I think I found multiple posts online saying keto diet may accentuate menstrual symptoms for the first couple months. For example this one, https://www.ketovangelist.com/ladies-keto-guide/. It's good to read about them and get mentally prepared Personally my first keto period was delayed, and for the first 2 days it was 2~3 times as heavy as usual.. I also got really strong mood swings on the first day, which I've never had before..It wasn't bad otherwise. Nothing to be afraid of
  4. An update on this, I'm at day 12 now, and finally feel energetic both mentally and physically! I've been eating a lot and careful with electrolytes. I actually managed to gain weight.. (Looks like the gaining has stopped though). My mental energy came back a few days into keto diet, and I've been feeling sharper and calmer than before keto My physical energy took a bit longer to come back (comparing to my pre-keto level). I did my first keto run 3 days ago, it was the most sluggish run, but after that the energy's been improving quickly every day! Today I had a long run, and it felt great! My period is being delayed, but I guess it can take a while for my body to adjust. I'll be patient
  5. I see, thanks! research time. This is crazy...I didn't know food affected so many things
  6. Hey Sylvie, thanks for replying and sharing the experience! That's a relief to hear! Do you remember around how long it took to become regular? Wow I haven't heard of Adenomyasis.. I've had serious cramps that'd make me pass out before I started Muay Thai. The doctor suspected it was Endometriosis, but I never had the surgery to be sure of it. Later, a couple months after I started training 5~6 times a week, the pain went away! I have a theory that the blood circulation + slamming the abs with the pads somehow massaged it away.. so I was a bit worried that changing to keto might shake it up unfavourably. It's good to know what other people experienced so I can adjust my expectations Interesting point about dairy too.. must have been difficult to cut it out I will keep it in mind and might experiment with it one day
  7. Wow awesome! I found a reduced sodium salt here in New Zealand too, seems to be a similar mix to yours.. going to get some https://mrsrogers.co.nz/product/iodised-low-sodium-salt-mix/ Interesting to know that you get the headache too!..I was wondering if it was to do with my hormones.. how long did it take to go away? did you have headaches when you switch back into keto even after you became fat-adapted?
  8. Thanks for the insights @StefanZ Yeah I had a gut feeling that it's the stress level that negatively affects menstrual cycle the most. So far (only 3 days in), I'm actualy gaining a small amount of weight each day I had a slight headache for the first 1.5 days, but it went away since I started on higher sodium (Thanks to the excellent advice on electrolytes here). I'm feeling surprisingly good in my energy level too
  9. Hey everyone, I wonder if you could please tell me about your experience or knowledge of the effects of keto diet on female hormones? It seems there are people who loses their periods from trying keto diet, and also people who don't. How does keto diet impact your periods? Have you experienced any issues from keto diet and how did you fix them? I just started experimenting with keto. Day 3, and all is well. I might be eating too much nuts and cheese, but feeling great
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