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  1. I dont really mind being a fan of a niche sport. The only way it affects me is that instead of talking about it with my friends IRL I talk about it with my friends from the internet. Very few of my friends are into sports anyways, so it wouldnt be much different if it was any other sport. The only time I get a bit disappointed is when I get into something so niche that the internet doesnt have enough like minds for me to find. I have yet to find another fan of watching Shuai jiao. :down:
  2. Koreans have explained to me that the double eyelid surgery is more about achieving neotenous/pedomorphic features, which are seen as very attractive in their culture.
  3. At 70kg I would still pick him over most. The only guys I could see outclassing him are Yod and Sittichai.
  4. It really is hard to believe how huge it really is. I think its a gender issue too because it seems to afflict women more than men. On the bright side though there has been a big push against it by the natural hair movement. One of my best friends in high school was born to Nigerian parents and she would almost always wear weave. Now she only wears her hair natural and likes to post pictures on facebook of new natural hair styles she is trying. In your time in Thailand have you witnessed any kind of "dark skin movement" to resist the social pressure that pushes towards "lightness"?
  5. I agree in a Western cultural context this can be rightfully considered offensive. I also agree that a Black comedian in "whiteface" is not analogous to a Euro-American donning blackface. I just think it makes things different when its done by a Thai woman in a Thai cultural context. Though I suppose I am making the same mistake Dunkin Donuts did: not realizing the whole world will watch it on the internet. I also find it interesting that her turning dark skinned is portrayed in a positive way. It conflicts with what we hear in the Muay Thai community about light skin being considered desirable. At the same time it makes sense to me on a personal level because I think all skin tones have their own unique beauty that should all be celebrated.
  6. The bear ad is blatantly racist. Considering the huge stigma around racism in the West it really does feel like a whole other world. Charcoal donut? Does it taste like charcoal? Its weird that they decided to have a woman in blackface to advertise it, but it doesnt really seem offensive to me. Especially considering minstrel shows were never a thing in Thai culture. Its probably more analogous to Dave Chapelle dressing up as a White man. That never caused any controversy in the West.
  7. Thanks for posting. Its always good to keep an eye on the up and comers. Inoue is the girl who couldnt do tuf because her parents wouldnt let her right? lol
  8. A short video posted by Muay Farang about Carlos Coello Canales, a Spanish Muay Thai champion. I like how it shows the emotional side of a fighters life that you cant really get by just watching their fights.
  9. Wooooh! July 31 will be a good one! I have to ask you all, what do you think of the Lion Fight scoring hierarchy(elbow>knee>kick>punch)? Traditionalists dont like it because its not how its done in Thailand. Others like it because everyone throws tons of elbows, the fights are more often brawls at close range and the fights just generally look very violent.
  10. This was very well done and Im glad it can help break the stigma of Muay Thai as a "redneck" sport and a male sport. It was really touching when the texting girl got good marks at the end. I had a lot of concentration issues in school and got some terrible marks before I turned things around.
  11. Maybe the changing in the open is a European thing. I remember when I was traveling through Europe the beaches had tons of topless women and dudes in the smallest of speedos. It seems there is less of a stigma against showing skin in European culture.
  12. Its interesting you think the skipping is causing it. I always found running to be harder on the shins than skipping. To add to your list you could also do body weight exercises(push ups, sit ups, dips, etc.). I never liked using machines because the movement seems so unnatural.
  13. Awesome! I have to say the features on this forum are great even compared with much more popular forums. The background looks great and I love the dark mode for reading at night(white screens strain my eyes much more at night). Its also awesome how easy it is to embed videos(no youtube tags or anything). I assume the embed limit is per post and not per thread?
  14. Epic clinch battle! Spoilers: Wow, its crazy to see Panpayak lose, he has looked unstoppable lately.
  15. I tend to like the old stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEf4uQc2qvU
  16. I will sometimes get these pains from running. Its easy to get through it, but its annoying and probably unhealthy when the pain is remaining for many days. I asked a doctor about it and they said its because I went from doing nothing to running long distances in a short time period and its better to run short short distances and then gradually increase the distance. I don't really have the patience for that so I just deal with the inconvenience of pain and take a few days off when it gets intense :laugh:
  17. I am looking forward to this one. I will be cheering for Duangdaonoi just so that if you want to face the champ you will have an easier time since she fights in Thailand.
  18. Im not sure if they are trying to promote Muay Thai to the world, but I love both promotions. Its really cool when Thai Fight does the fights without gloves. I always feel bad for anyone who faces Yodsanklai in those matches :lol:
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