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  1. I don't think I've ever watched the movie through, but I've seen those iconic pictures of Audrey a thousand times: When trying to find a non-massive version of that picture to post, I was amused when I somewhat ironically came across this:
  2. Some very cool and fun discussions going on here! Very good way of putting it! The argo sails ever onward. In my experience forums will have 10-20 lurkers for every active member. We're bigger than we think! The comedy writes itself. :laugh: Its a common theme when I see Westerners try and step into the cultural realm of Muay Thai. The fishbowl swirls on. Kinda reminds me of that time the Thai girl had to pretend to be French and they named her Steven or something lol I dunno man, Gilbert and Sullivan pulled it off: This is a great analogy that really shows how silly the exoticism can be. I have a crystal clear image of that German guy in my head :laugh:
  3. I find it fascinating to gaze into the fish bowl that is American kickfighting culture as it develops via foreign influence and local interaction. The way it went from Bruce Lee movies, to Karate class, to long pants fighting, to a subset of the UFC. The strict dividing lines drawn in the progenitor cultures never really existed. However, there are also those like us; an esoteric clique that has reached into the murky waters to reveal the underlying origins in their pure form. And I suspect that thanks to the internet, the social prestige we hold will lead to the permeation of Thai culture into more general "striking" culture. With this progression in mind, an American Muay Thai pioneer being intimately linked to a term spread through Japanese Karate is oddly fitting. A symbol of the 2010 trendy blend. Perhaps one day a curious relic for a purified future.
  4. Sorry the images are so big, I can edit them out if you want. I just went with the sizes readily available on google image search. Another great entry Kevin! Sylvie really is bursting into the stratosphere on her epic journey. Maybe one day JCVD's daughter will be playing Sylvie on the big screen.
  5. Hey friends! I was on youtube today and I found a cool youtube channel. It is run by female nak muays Katya Knysheva and Sandra Godvik. Katya is a 59kg champion at Bangla stadium, Sandra is the 48kg Swedish champion. They live and train in Phuket. They upload vlogs and HLs of their fights on the channel. They have some cool fights including a fight on the queens birthday with a broken arm! https://www.youtube.com/user/mumukayaka/videos Their Awakening profiles: https://www.awakeningfighters.com/athletes/katya-knysheva/ https://www.awakeningfighters.com/athletes/sandra-godvik/
  6. I was so happy for Nunes, she is so cool. I think she will be an even better ambassador for female fights than Ronda. Hopefully we get to see Nunes vs Cyborg one day. Did anyone here catch the Rizin NYE events? There were definitely some rocked out female bodies on display. They are very open towards the masculine female body type there: Gabi Garcia: Rin Nakai: Jazzy Alpha Female:
  7. I think in the context of the United Nations pursuing the rights of women across the different cultures of the world, it is ill advised to treat scenarios like this as a counterweight to the social challenges faced by women that go in the oppose direction at much greater scale and magnitude. Countries which ban religious symbols like the niqab and burqa also ban symbols which have no bearing on ones perceived sexuality such as cross necklaces. It happens in settings like classrooms which are in no way sexualized. A woman who goes to the beach in a hoodie and track pants, a religion-free "desexualization," are at no risk of cops coming to enforce a "resexualization." There are indeed social pressures on people to conform to ideals of physical attraction which are often unrealistic, but specifically in the context of addressing global disadvantages that affect women I think it is appropriate to prioritize corporal autonomy. Ya, I agree, I would never nominate Wonder Woman for the position for this reason alone. I'm still not sure what kind of figure the UN should go with, assuming they don't just sweep this controversy under the rug and forego choosing a replacement.
  8. The way they word it, it seems like its not because she herself is sexy, but because she is sexualized and objectified by some ominous third party. Rendered in the passive form, perceived as a recipient. I'm not sure what could satisfy all parties in this one. A woman who could be sexy but chooses not to be as not to be sexualized? It does sound a bit nunish doesn't it lol
  9. Its hard to think of someone who would translate in a positive way across all potential cultures. Perhaps a steadfast queen? A lofty goddess?
  10. I missed the Thanonchanok fight because I was on ch.3 HD instead of SD :pinch: Was this fight controversial like the last?
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