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Found 8 results

  1. I wanted to start a thread where we can just place video of female Muay Thai fights that are good to keep together. The title says "top" female fighters and fights, but also hard to find video too, like fights of Thai female fighters that lack exposure. Mostly just a place where you could browse and see interesting full rules female fights. You can post video here and on its own thread too, if you like. [Edit Update: When YouTubes of fights posted become "unavailable" (are taken down), I'm going to delete that post just to keep the thread clean. If you find another video version of the fight feel free to repost it.] Relatedly, this is my P4P World Rank List of fighters 48 kg and under. Little Tiger (WMPF champ) vs Faa Chiangrai The first one I wanted to put up was this underated fight in August of 2014. Little Tiger who is the WPMF pinweight champion seems to be a little selective about her opponents, and I was surprised to see that she was fighting Faa Chiangrai, one of my past opponents, but perhaps not well known internationally. This was for a WBC International Belt. Faa Chiangrai is a really under-appreciated fighter. Great toughness and quite femur. I think she was robed of this decision, even though it was in Pattaya. You can see she was shocked at the outcome. After this fight though Faa Chiangrai was suddenly ranked as the 2nd challenger to the WPMF belt in the 105 lb division. This is pretty interesting because this is a weight class above Little Tiger, and also is a weight class above Faa herself. She is one of the top 100 lb fighters in Thailand, in my opinion.
  2. I have a problem - as I'm sure a lot of less experienced fighters do - of backing straight up in sparring (did it in my fight too). Last night was my first hard sparring after my fight a couple of weeks ago and I kept backing straight up sooo bad. Very annoyed with myself as I know this is a problem. Does anyone have links to drills you can do to practice not backing up? I know it sounds super simple to fix, but I feel like I need to practice this outside of regular sparring. It'd be helpful to see some drills or perhaps just watch what/how other people do if they get backed up, but instead of continuing to go straight back they redirect. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)
  3. FightNetwork has a very interesting podcast/video series called the Mentality of Combat Sports. MMA fight analyst Robin Black discusses confidence, mental toughness and other topics with sports psychologist David Mullins. Full playlist here. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLr7REBc1Y94_jCzlltyiJ5G584WWFc6fI
  4. MTG: Can You Learn Muay Thai From Youtube? Nice shout out to Sylvie's youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/MasterKMuayThai
  5. Dana Hoey aka threeoaks has a video installation of Muay Thai sparring opening at Mass MoCA this weekend (5/23/2015). It's part of an exhibit called Artists' Choice: An Expanded Field of Photography. Another photo still of the exhibit: threeoaks casually mentioned this in the training and work thread and she private messaged me after I asked for more details. I was super excited to find out this museum is close to where I live so I can go see her installation in person. I asked threeoaks permission to start a thread and also checked with Emma and Sylvie find out their policy on promotion/self promotion of forum members and they both agreed that self promotion is a good thing.
  6. This is a great fight and it's worth watching the whole thing. What stood out to me was how Sakmongkol used teeps to control distance and punish Dekkers for trying to close and use his hands. Original post with video here.
  7. "In our first short, Director Mikka Gia focuses on four fighters (Tiffany Cass, Janice Lyn, Yumiko Kawano and Olivia Loth) training and fighting out of the Krudar Muay Thai Gym in Toronto, Canada." Love this video edit of their female fighters. More and more the images of women in film are changing. You can feel the calm intensity of their training. Their focus. Love the song choice too.
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