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  1. Here is a big thing I learned from my last fight, that I wish I would have done: Focus on your strengths Do what you love Know your combos that really make you feel like a rockstar This is essentially a "gameplan." This is why for me personally the pads haven't been translating into the ring or in sparring: I haven't focused on what it is that I love to do. Write down what combos you like to do and what you feel you're strong at. Then when you go to spar, create little goals for yourself. "I will throw these combos. I will really work my jab. I will use this counter when they do X." Just little things like that to help you focus.
  2. I have a problem - as I'm sure a lot of less experienced fighters do - of backing straight up in sparring (did it in my fight too). Last night was my first hard sparring after my fight a couple of weeks ago and I kept backing straight up sooo bad. Very annoyed with myself as I know this is a problem. Does anyone have links to drills you can do to practice not backing up? I know it sounds super simple to fix, but I feel like I need to practice this outside of regular sparring. It'd be helpful to see some drills or perhaps just watch what/how other people do if they get backed up, but instead of continuing to go straight back they redirect. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)
  3. In jiu jitsu, "rolling" (aka sparring) is heavily pressured to do. Pretty much everyone rolls a round or multiple after drilling. However, when I first started doing bjj I didn't get into rolling until about 4 months in. I just wasn't interested in it and wanted to learn more technique first. After nearly 2 years of doing bjj, honestly can't say I love it as much as others, lol. For what it's worth I don't think you're old at all - I am 31. I love, love, love training. Sparring and rolling I'm not super crazy about still, but I'm getting more comfortable with it. I don't love sparring and rolling as much yet because I still get my ass kicked all the time, and that's tough to deal with (but I'm learning). I think if you want to spar, spar. If you want to roll, roll. Or vice-versa, don't! Personally, I think people do too much of either one and don't allow themselves enough rest. But if you like sparring - or fighting - then do it. I think that's reason enough. I spar because it is a way to utilize what I've learned and practice it. It's also an amazing stress on the body physically that really tests you, I think. Nothing more winding than sparring or rolling!
  4. How are the amateur fights run? Is it shinguards and headgear? I am thinking I'd like to fight again in 2018, since I got my toes wet yesterday at the TBA tournament. :)
  5. I had my first fight yesterday. I haven't been able to watch the fight (still debating on whether or not I want to buy it), but it's got me thinking about to this question of "what is my style?" After this first fight, I am getting a better vision of what I want my style to be and what I don't want it to be. I know that I love throwing kicks specifically with my rear leg - especially high kicks. During my fight I barely used my left leg, and I'm annoyed I didn't throw a single inside kick! I also really like side kicks and it didn't occur to me during the fight to use that either. But hindsight is 20/20. I think I am more of a distance fighter too. I'm decently tall (5'8" ish) and have nice long arms. One thing I have a habit of doing is backing straight up - so that is something I want to work on too. I also want to use better in and out movement. Any who, all good stuff. Excited to keep working and developing my style!
  6. I am interested in eventually getting a custom skirt. I'm envisioning the Gladiator style with built-in compression shorts. I've talked to Defila Sport and they price a customized Muay Thai skirt starting at $200.00. Does anyone have recommendations on where to go or look for custom shorts or skirts?
  7. When people show up super late - missing the warm-up and half the drilling time When your partner doesn't touch gloves at the beginning of the round Volume strikers - it annoys me because it is not something I am able to deal with yet so I get very frustrated When your partner gets a good shot, but they get freaked out because you're a woman so they stop to apologize even though you're perfectly intent on continuing the round When I get emotional Someone who insists on coaching you during the round, even though they are not a coach or a pro fighter or even someone who has had a fight (shut your damn mouth!) When people coach at the sidelines who are not my coach or pro fighters When bigger guys are still new so they don't understand their power and thus have less control, making them (in my opinion) spazzy and dangerous Most of the issues I have with sparring are with myself. Namely, getting emotional and frustrated that I don't feel like I can keep up. It's something I'm working on. :)
  8. A few things: Recently, I visited a gym and did some drilling with a much younger lady. She assumed I didn't know anything and immediately began correcting me. During sparring, she stopped the round to apologize for earlier as it was soon obvious to her that I'm experienced. It was pretty fun, not gonna lie. Yesterday was a hard sparring session (physically and mentally), but a few positives: Got a really good teep in Got a good side kick in Landed some good head kicks Got a good superman to lead leg kick I'm happy in sparring when I get good technical rounds and people don't try to take my head off.
  9. I train in MMA so my goals are not exclusive to Muay Thai. :) Competition Goals: As many local BJJ tournaments as I can (I've done one this year so far, and have another one scheduled in April. I think I can get at least a total of 3, maybe even 4 in) The Sunflower State Games wrestling tournament (why the hell not?! My experience in wrestling is minimal but I LOVE it) The Iowa Muay Thai tournament (if I have enough time off work) Have my first MMA fight in November Training Goals: Improve takedowns and takedown defense Improve my striking from Southpaw Train at JacksonWink in July, and Duane Ludwigs gym In general, continue to train like a monster Personal Goals: First and foremost, work on my attitude (more positive thinking, etc) - not just in fighting but in all aspects of my life Walk around at 145 (at 148-150 now. I know 3-5lbs isn't a lot, but I struggle with it) Continue to connect and promote women in martial arts in Kansas City Expand my personal brand...I dream of finding a sponsor someday
  10. I'm listening to Joe Rogan's podcast with Dominick Cruz. If you're familiar with Dominick Cruz, Cruz is well-known for having a unique style, a style that is both offensive and defensive. It got me thinking about styles in fighting - how people develop them, when they develop them, etc. I'm wondering, do you consider yourself to have a specific style? How would you describe it and how did you develop it? When did you start to notice that you had (or were in development) of a style?
  11. I go to 2 different gyms, so I have 2 different prices that I pay. Gym #1: $100 - unlimited (Muay Thai, bjj, wrestling, MMA) Gym #2: $80 - unlimited bjj Then I pay for privates too. I spend too much damn money on training.
  12. Yeah, it is an in-app purchase. I think I bought a couple. Not really worth it.
  13. I have this app: Muay Thai - Training and Techniques it's by Christoph Delph. It's ok - but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced.
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