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  1. Update: I checked Anissa's facebook and she wrote a post saying she got sabotaged by the Chinese lol Apparently a stretcher ran over her foot in the venue, Meidie was using headbutts and wasn't penalized, and she thought she got screwed on the scorecards too, all part of an elaborate conspiracy to make Meidie win the match. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese judges leaned towards their compatriot in the scoring, but the rest of that seems a bit far fetched.
  2. Spoilers! Women's 52kg Tournament Semifinal #1 E Meidie (China) def. Isis Verbeek (Netherlands) Women's 52kg Tournament Semifinal #2 Anissa Meksen (France) def. Xu Zhurong (China) by Decision Women's 52kg Tournament Final E Meidie (China) def. Anissa Meksen (France) I'm happy for E Meidie, this cements her as the clear best female kickboxer at her weight class imo. I have suspected she was for a long time. The first half of the card didn't air so there is no video of it so far.
  3. Not Muay Thai, but a great fight I found today. From 2012 for the WBC Super Featherweight World Title:
  4. Good fight! Its good to see Toby is still doing well. He took such a long layoff I was worried he might have lost a step.
  5. Enfusion is kinda like the spiritual successor to Its Showtime, it has standing champions but it will do contender tournaments. There are fan favorites who I would imagine have sponsorship deals but not sure. A few big names have followings, e.g. Ilias Bulaid. Kunlun seems to be dominated by huge-tournament format. It gets pretty crazy sometimes. e.g. right now they are in the middle of a tournament that has been going on for I think over a year now. They held four man 70kg tournaments on all their events until they had 16 tournament winners, and now those winners I think are still in the best of 16 stage. I'm not even sure their tournament will be done in 2016 lol Kunlun doesn't have exclusivity contracts so you will often see big names from other promotions. e.g. I'm pretty sure Sittichai fought there recently. I think he might actually be in the big crazy tournament. Edit: I just checked and ya Sittichai is in it.
  6. Apparently he had a fight today: http://www.muayfarang.com/en/carlos-muay-farang-vs-anatasak-sor-boonchan-lumpinee-stadium-171015/ Do you know the results? I missed the fight.
  7. Ya K-1 rules. Meksen fought FTR back in the day but she was smaller. Id also like to see her fight the 54kg best in FTR but I think she makes more money fighting on these big kickboxing events.
  8. Kunlun fight, the emerging Chinese fight promotion that puts on Kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Lethwei fights has got a great card on October 28th. It features a 4 woman kickboxing tournament, here are the brackets: Women's 52kg Tournament Semifinal #1 Isis Verbeek (Netherlands) vs. E Meidie (China) Women's 52kg Tournament Semifinal #2 Anissa Meksen (France) vs. Xu Zhurong (China) Isis Verbeek is a Dutch Kickboxer out of the renowned Mike's Gym, E Meidie is a Sanda world champion who transitioned to Kickboxing a few years ago and has been dominating ever since, Anissa Meksen is a French Kickboxing and Muay Thai champion who has knocked out some serious opposition like Iman Barlow, and I've never heard of Xu Zhurong, but when it comes to Kunlun fight a fighter with a Chinese name I have never heard of usually means someone fresh out of the ranks of elite Sanda fighters who do especially well in women's competitions. I am pumped for this event. I will be cheering for E Meidie, she is a great fighter and very inspirational.
  9. Not Muay Thai, but relevant: http://www.jiujitsutimes.com/the-living-proof-that-onlinevideo-based-learning-can-be-done/
  10. Thats awesome! Glad to be part of this community as it grows closer and bigger.
  11. Any plans to rematch Loma or Lomanee? The Lomanee fight was so long ago and you have improved so much, I think you would take her this time around.
  12. Ya, the announcer's comment that its as if she is in their with Ronda Rousey is pretty accurate. She was throwing that girl around at will. I skipped thru the whole video checking every few minutes to see if I could find the Lomanee fight but I didnt see it. Hopefully it shows up somewhere on the internet.
  13. I cant find any video, but both Loma and Lomanee fought at the IFMA world cup and won gold medals at 45kg and 48kg. http://qr.livedoor.biz/archives/2015-08-24.html
  14. I remember hearing about Erika's retirement. I think I read that she has a rare heart condition that makes it really dangerous for her to fight. Its too bad, it would have been cool to see a rematch with Loma, who is bigger now and no doubt more skilled.
  15. Thanks for the update Silvie. I know it will probably be too hard to get a match with Little Tiger, but would you be able to get a match with Peung Siam? What part of Thailand does she usually fight in?
  16. Wow, its amazing that he is ranked so high in such a competitive division. It would be great to see him challenge for the WPMF title.
  17. Welcome to our community Ramon! It will be cool to have an insider of the Spanish Muay Thai scene. What weight class does Carlos usually fight at? Also I am a big fan of the Spanish kickboxer Javier Hernandez.
  18. Well, I doubt anyone who emphasizes 1 and 2 would deny that a woman who comes from a large talent pool and is better trained than a man would be able to beat said man in a fight despite the factors of 1 and 2. e.g. Ronda Rousey would tool any guy who has only been training a week. I have seen discussions of the Rijker fight before and some will say that Lucia is highly disadvantaged in the bout because she is a woman, but I think that their conceptualization of man and woman goes beyond x and y chromosomes and is informed by the fact that, for example, way more men go into sports and especially combat sports. They dont often spell it out, but then again I havent seen many who go into the specifics of human anatomy either.
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