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  1. Congratulations! You gave her a good fight and Im sure you could beat her if you meet again some time down the road.
  2. I found this funny video today of a female pro Muay Thai fighter who pretends to be new and not very skilled until she decides to show her true skills when an unsuspecting instructor is showing her how to spar. Her name is Germaine Yeap and she is a champion in Malaysia.
  3. At Omnoi stadium. Its not too often you see fights over middleweight at the stadiums. Does this forum have a feature to embed youtube videos? Edit: It embeds it for you? Thats so cool!
  4. I was a big Ronda fan until I saw her as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter. She was so disrespectful to Misha Tate and her team. I remember every event before that she would get a huge ovation, then the first event after that the whole crowd booed her. I still have huge respect for her great skills, but her personality seems to rub a lot of people the wrong way.
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