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  1. The Cambodians definitely put on a show. I saw Keo fight recently, he beat a Thai guy. I think it was on a Thai Fight event.
  2. Its great to see she is returning, I remember trying to find WMMA way back when and the J scene was all that existed really. Satoko Shinashi is another star from that era who has recently made a comeback. I'd love to see one of them climb back up to the top but their weight class is ruled by Hamasaki and I think she is on a whole different level.
  3. I was expecting Ashley to be better in the clinch because I have seen fights of hers in Thailand so I assumed she had done some clinch training there, while Tiffany I have only seen fight in the West and she probably didnt have access to advanced clinch training.
  4. I'm interested in how they chose 10 nmol/L as the designated female testosterone level. Paging all 8limbs forum endocrinologists, is that reflective of an average female athlete? Above average? Below average?
  5. *Spoilers* Great event! Inoue had a good performance, Souza got a crazy first round KO, and Cyborg survived a toe injury and got her own first round KO. They asked her what she wanted to do next in her career and she said either another title defense or a super fight at 140.
  6. Hey everyone, Invicta is tonight and I'm pretty pumped! I thought I might as well make a thread for us to talk about it. Cris Cyborg is defending her 145 title, Livia Souza is defending her 115 title, and Mizuki Inoue is fighting too. It should be a good night of fights! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BphHB0yGJU0
  7. Its cool to see Muayfarang has a female representative out there! Here name seems familiar, I'm pretty sure I've seen her fight before. I think she fought on Muay Thai Angels and in that new promotion called The Circle where they are allowed to use wrestling take downs.
  8. Hopefully she sticks with Muay Thai, I wonder if she has the means to move to Thailand. Also if anyone has her contact info we should invite her to the forum. It would be cool to hear the perspective of a young prodigy.
  9. Interesting. When I hear "pretties" I can't help thinking of The Wizard of Oz :laugh:
  10. That does seem to be the message. The fact that the Black guy is depicted with the "rapper industrial" facial hair and the previous drawing had the tattoos and studded earrings makes it seems more likely that these stereotypes are learned from American pop culture than as a remnant of interaction with Vietnam era soldiers or as a projection of stereotypes about Burmese or Indian people.
  11. That's too bad about Muay Thai Angels. The beauty-focused aspect was definitely quirky but they still put on a great show.
  12. The Chinese refs do seem to be more active in restricting the clinch. I'm not too surprised many female fighters are having trouble in China, female athletes from China do very well in the Olympics, soccer and other sport and on top of that they have a heritage of martial arts.
  13. Ah I see. I think we all have some styles we find boring, nothin to feel bad about! My eyes will sometimes glaze over watching Petchboonchu shut guys down lol
  14. She is usually more exciting, I think she was being conservative because it was a one night tournament and she wanted to save energy and avoid injury. The Savate style is okay, their scoring system usually leads to fighters who throw low power kicks in high volume, kinda like a kicking version of Nick Diaz. A classic fight to see the contrast with Muay Thai is Dekkers vs Pennachio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPcbLsSub8g
  15. That liver kick article makes the incorrect assumption that any kick to a legal target scores, Glory clarified after the fight that they do not score kicks that are checked by the shin or that land on the forearms. K-1 was the same way and I'm pretty sure all kickboxing rules are like that. Kunlun uses a ton of different rule sets but their big tournament is K-1 rules.
  16. Congrats on a good first fight! Do you plan to have many more fights or did you just want to experience being in the ring?
  17. Joe Rogan asked JWP about it and I think he said he likes it but I cant really remember. Heres the podcast:
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