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  1. Other forms of exercise? My thumbs get a regular Nintendo workout and I can destroy practically anybody at Mario Kart. But nah, pull up bar and neck weights. That's it.
  2. Dude, am a big guy myself, and didn't experience anything like that from the Thais. The owner and trainers were super nice to me. Actually found it the other way. Like the other westerners were friendly, but didn't want to partner up for clinching - probably in their view it wouldn't be fair to them. Fair enough really. It was that Thai trainer who held great pads that took pity and came over to give me 10 min clinch sparring with him. Young one with all the tatts. That was cool of him, he didn't have to do that.
  3. Yeah like I said, was only there for 3 days so best to listen to these guys who trained there longer and know more. There's also a certain 'type' of farang that trains there. Not wanting to be rude or anything. But 3 days was more than enough and I got the fuck out of there.
  4. Hey man, Maybe I'm not sure, apologies am terrible with names Unfortunately have left Hua Hin now.
  5. Tried this gym for couple of days last week. Owner is a good dude, and trainer held pads amazingly. Especially for lefties that's a big deal. But... no Thai fighters training in there - the place is a Farang Farm. So for sparring and clinch you don't get a Thai partner. (And half of them spar with you like they just saw you run over their dog.) Just saying as this 2nd point is something that never gets mentioned by ppl online.
  6. Interesting - just wondering, was that your choice or does your gym tell you to spar without guards? Really wanna try this too....but...kinda too paranoid Do the pros outweigh the cons you reckon? And what gym is this? Obliged
  7. Yep. Also might be a number 3. Makes your body kick stronger. Way stronger, like a night and day difference. Perhaps just a personal experience, but it feels like there's something that happens to the leg muscles from running that doesn't happen from weight training. It's freaky.
  8. Exactly. Worst is when you're only with one other person and you tell them you don't mind if they drink, that they should go for it. But then they get all butthurt and miserable and confused. Like wtf, why does it matter to them.
  9. Agreed, . Since first posting this question on the forum, have given up all booze for good now. Feel way way better, and don't even miss it. But maybe wasn't much of a sacrifice, never was a big drinker anyway. Seems like it's one of those things that's just socially expected of you.
  10. The beach there is gorgeous of course, but there is literally nothing else about Phuket that appeals to me. It's kinda like Ibiza compared to the rest of Spain. Heartbreaking.
  11. Dude, personally having the exact same issue, if you learn any new info please post it, I'd love to know too. I heard some ppl are allowed to stay if they invest in a business or buy a house... But if we can't afford to do that, then what? Thinking of paying some chick to do a fake marriage. Going home to a bullshit dead end job and -15° temperature doesn't seem that appealing now that I'm here..
  12. Are you living in the gym dude? How much do they charge to let you sleep there I was wondering Good luck with the training & fight
  13. https://www.muaythaifactory.com/muay-thai-equipment.asp?ProductID=TKSGSS-02-SVWH Same, for similar reason. Goes higher up closer to the knee, especially the XL ones Also wrap around nicer along the groove of you calf muscle so it doesn't spin around in training.
  14. The broken rib is the worst, had it happen also. The doctor is probably accurate, unfortunately. Took me 3 months to be 100pc
  15. Cheers man, yeah have seen older trainers who day drink and smoke a pack a day, and been shocked when they offer me a can or a smoke. So have you found good active fighters still maintain a no booze at all approach? Have trained with some Thais like this, who probably wouldn't touch a drop on their birthdays, and some who stack up on Leo after a win and get together to get fucked up. But then back to being sober and training right after. Wondered which was more common. And to anybody reading, how you find drinking affects your body's ability to recover.
  16. Hey everyone Wondered what people thought about an issue that doesn't get raised much if ever in the open - but noticed fighters have strong opinions either way in private. You guys all sound fairly well schooled in Thai in your countries, so be interested to hear ideas On the subject of drinking, do you guys follow the traditional old school view of no alcohol at all, or the more modern everything in moderation view. Personally, never drank in training for fights, but still loved to kick back and party afterwards. But even this is having a horrible effect on my body and ability to feel right and in tune afterwards. Oh yeah, also tend to be living in disturbingly alcohol cultures the last few years, where it's a huge part of every day life and everyone expects you to be part of it. Even ppl in the gym Thanks a lot
  17. In America are they allowed? That's pretty awesome. Never got to learn them starting out at home, because of the rule set, so it kinda made elbows the forbidden fruit that's fun to learn.
  18. Practice landing safely, sounds like a disappointing answer but Jesus does it help. Grapplers, bjj judo MMA guys etc actually understand this fairly well and practice falling drills to land totally clean without breaking anything or feeling much hurt at all. It's possible, and then you aren't scared to go down if youre unlucky enough to wind up in that situation. If there's a bjj teacher at your gym ask to show you a Break Fall. Obviously, perfect world, don't get taken down, but if it has to happen then being confident in falling safe will prevent you from getting injured. It's like skating or snowboarding - the fear of going down during a fast and sharp major turn is exactly what will make you go down and hurt yourself.
  19. How much does your partner weigh? Having someone the same weight or no more than 20lb heavier might help. Maybe partner with a smaller guy who is like 135 or something, or even a teenager. Might feel better than another girl who's upwards of 160. My old training partner had 45lb on me so this brings back memories, you're def right that it's a weight issue. Forearms and ribs always killed when taking kicks on pads, and you're always worried that you're holding wrong and your partner isn't able to go as strong as they could.
  20. So what ya gonna do? Sugar in her gas tank would probably work, tried and tested method. Then again, if her car doesn't start she might have to get a ride home from the trainer. Prob not what you want
  21. Yeah true. Maybe though, karma will reward you and others more in the long run for not using that short cut. Different, but slightly similar issue - at least 3 current champions come to mind who have also talked about being more motivated to improve early on because a minority or even one person got all trainer attention and time. Sucks though.
  22. Well yeah sounds like an 80% chance that there's something going on there. probably knows and sees it too.
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