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  1. Not really good with technical stuff outside games, but want to know more about this. Can someone explain what the heart rate number (or ballpark range) should be for different activities? Lik,e if you're in shape, what should the range read after morning running, after pad rounds, after clinch, what number for resting? Downloaded the free heart rate app on Playstore and only just getting a handle on it. Resting rate when waking up in the morning is 47, 48. But bro-science Googling seems to say that a good athlete should be between 30-40. Is this true? Thanks
  2. Wait wait....you guys saying that there's a health insurance that you can get that would cover problems resulting from fights? Like, the company will pay out, even if it's something risky you made the choice to do? Post it guys, will check it for sure. Didn't order the burger delivery in the end... don't feel like getting the looks of disappointment in peoples faces for being a greedy fatass. Actually, just thought of a question about Thailand if anybody knows. Stadiums still closed so no fights, so was wondering if anybody has been to Pai? Heard it's sheer gorgeousness, and a weekend trip would feel like heaven right now. Whole body hurts like it's been hit by a train.
  3. Ohhhh ok, if you got insurance then forget my last post bro. Didn't have it myself because seeing quotes made me go like, "wtf...no, not paying that, would rather pay doctor as and when". Probably a good thing you don't have my paranoia. Highly dislike insurance companies. What she just said on food - agreed. So far been eating whatever the grandma of the gym cooks for all the boys. No cheat day for 6 weeks now, and would actually happily murder someone for a burger and fries right now. Even dream at night about burgers, pizza and kebabs. Pathetic, right? Tomorrow when the afternoon training is over, gonna get a Burger King delivery... 2 burgers, 2 sides of onion rings. You all just convinced me.
  4. How long is it? Don't read any more. Migraines, too much text or movies screws my head.
  5. Dude, factor in hospital money and pharmacy supplies money.
  6. Dunno if this is the kinda thing ya'll like, most wouldn't describe his way as beautiful. But for me, hell yeah it qualifies. Totally graceful in those body shot to head shot transitions, and his attack has some scary voodoo type defence built into it. He feels where his opponent wants to go, like, actually feels, because he likes having his body so close to him to judge timing on those head rolls. In other fights he uses that boxer clinch thing more, kinda funky, and it's done sly and efficient.
  7. Chael Sonnen's book, A VIP Pass to Enightmenment https://www.amazon.co.uk/Voice-Reason-V-I-P-Pass-Enlightenment-ebook/dp/B00839LZYK/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2GIPUAJZX0AMI&dchild=1&keywords=chael+sonnen&qid=1587797361&sprefix=chael+so%2Caps%2C337&sr=8-1 Ya don't even have to be an MMA fan to love it. It's honest and funny, plus not too long and letters not too small. My fave story was his first time getting busted for a fight at school. Principals office, calls his dad. Dad shows, quiet and serious, little Chael terrified of his strict dad. Taken home in the truck, but Dad has to stop for gas. Go in to pay, and his dad says, "You want a coke?". Dumbstruck, the kid quietly nods and gets one. Dad says, "No no, get a bigger coke". So he sheepishly does". Then tells him, "Which candy bar you want?" Confused as hell, but he just goes along with it. They go home in silence. That night little Chael's hiding, listening down from the banister. Overhears Dad on the phone laughing and bragging to his uncle with pride about how his son got into his first fight that day. That's the stuff people wanna read
  8. Normal heavy bag personal fave, one day wanna get one. Much cheaper was the tiny little speedbag, so got that. Think you can buy for like 50 dollars US. But obvs cannot kick . Still great though and affordable.
  9. Wasn’t a major difference between them like, who had the bigger death wish? Each of them originally got a prophecy – Achilles, that he’d have a long, very happy life with a lovely family, but be totally unknown. Or, he could go to war where he definitely would die, but be famous forever. So he chose the fame forever. Odysseus got told that if he went to war he wouldn’t come home for 20 years, so pretended to have gone mad when he got drafted, because he really loved his wife and didn’t want to leave her. But then got busted for acting and had to go anyway. The cunning didn't save him from fate - certain things are just written. Achilles may have been the badass of all badasses with a spear, but his fighting ability wasn’t the point of the story. The righteous anger that drove him had to be levelled down in order for him to develop as a man – that anger cost him the life of his best friend as well as other soldiers when he refused to fight, all because of a beef he had over some chick. The whole story really ended with the burial of the enemy. The grieving father came begging Achilles, the man who killed his son and mutilated the corpse, to return the body for proper funeral rites. Achilles felt bad for him, so did the right thing. That was his growth right there – that was his full circle, and the end of the book. Odysseus wasn’t just the smartest soldier. Deeper than that, he was the most trusted by his friends, compassionate, charming, ladies’ man, entertaining story-teller, close adviser to the higher ups (bit like Tom Hagen in Godfather) and generally a well rounded, good, likeable dude. Whole point of his story? That despite all the positive things about his nature he got chosen by destiny to suffer - even more than Achilles - and for 10 hard years even after the war was over. At the end, the most impressive thing about him wasn’t his intellect, but his ability to endure all that misery, struggle forward, and somehow make it out the other side. Whether you are gifted with supreme physical skill or supreme mental skill? It really doesn’t matter. Neither one will save you, neither one can be your crutch. The gods above will exact a penance on that individual. In that way, Achilles and Odysseus have something in common. But Odysseus’ wider array of abilities, his goodness of heart, and above all being 'touched' in the mind - that got him screwed over more than anyone. And that’s…..well, that’s.....kinda what happens in life. Unfortunately. It was all in the cartoon version of the Trojan War that was on TV when we were kids. The Troy movie was badass too, even if some people hated the acting, fight scenes were sick.
  10. Thank you everyone! Feeling better already Yeah should be fine now. Went to the hospital, the doc injected something right into the elbow joint, then scalpel cut it open to drain out the gunk. Bandaged up, and got given a week's worth of antibiotics. Most shocking part of the whole episode? Was getting back to the gym, and the old man owner asked where I went. Told him, and he laughed right in my face. Like, "Ohhh Ong Li you go hospital?? Spend money?? Why? Hahaha you talk to me first, have pill for you. No need doctor, no need cut".
  11. Yeah that's fair. Sorry for the language, wasn't trying to be gross. The 'simulated sparring' description of Thailand's pad holding.... Urrghhh.... it's like...we know what Andy is getting at at, but that phrase doesn't mean quite what he intended, was just a language slip up. (See, am being all nice now). What he means is probably that the trainer throws kicks back at you, and you gotta block and kick back. Or he'll slap you in the face with the Thai pad if you being lazy and drop your guard. Whereas if you're hitting a heavy bag, you don't get those live responses. Like, OK fine. But.... it doesn't feel like sparring when you're doing it. At the end of a round of sparring with your training partner, you're not made to smash 20 (or more) hard body kicks with each leg, then get down for press-ups before the resting for the next round. Have met Europeans that bitch and trash talk (wait...can I say 'bitch' for 'complaining?) about Thailand's pad holding. They're like, "Ohhh....all I get to do every day is do jab, cross, body kick, & jab right cross, right elbow, & jab, body kick, knee....its just the same thing over and over again". You look at them like.... errr.....YEAH mofo (see..didn't spell it out....) that's what it is.... that's what you signed up for! Peace and love to you all by the way.
  12. ...Errr....these are people you *actually* know? As in *know* know? Or you heard it said by them on a podcast? Or you met them once at an event and queued for a selfie? Sorry but something about this is setting off the bullshit radar. Cannot actually refute anything you've said or prove you wrong, that's the thing. Am not a western boxer, not an American, and never trained in an American gym. Can an American on this forum who has boxed please weigh in on this? Would be happy to be wrong, just need more convicing. Oh yeah, and that thing you said about padholding in Thailand being 'simulated sparring'. Like...OK, kinda get what you think you mean when you say that...but....it's a very very curious way of describing it. And those previous videos you posted of Russian guys training Muay Thai with that partner drill system you describe.... umm.... again...not trying to be an asshole here, but that isn't Muay Thai. Would rather suck a dick than train like that every day.
  13. So jealous. Gonna do the same once the cash situation lets me get ground floor apartment with a back yard. Real quick - is it true that the mats are the expensive part of doing it? Like cost more than the bags and Mr Bob dummy etc..?
  14. Thanks everyone Am at the doc now in waiting room. A jiujitsu friend told me I could die or lose a limb, so shit my pants and ran to the hospital. His best bit was, "Look...I'm not trying scare you, but......"
  15. You guys all write in a super complicated way. On drilling. Western boxers might drill, but if you go into a regular boxing gym in US or UK because you wanna be a fighter, you'll also get a trainer holding pads for you. Sorry to be a broken record, but this really isn't a minor point.
  16. Mmmm. And on top of that Western gyms are in a bind they can't get out of - they can't afford to pay salaries for 5 different trainers, who are also seasoned ex fighters, working in every session holding pad rounds for everyone. Maybe America is better I dunno, but in Europe it's usually 1 guy and then 40 people on the mat. Now in BJJ this actually works, and champions are made through that training method. Because improvement relies so heavily on sparring, and a couple of technique drills at the start with a partner, and that's it. Walk into Roger Gracie's gym in London and it's basically the same deal as training in Rio. Am told you need a Portuguese dictionary in that place to understand what going on. The culture as well as the knowledge base got successfully transposed from Brazil to parts of the UK and US. Can that happen with Muay Thai? Would love someone to convince me. Would love to be wrong.
  17. Correct. Mayweather actually got in trouble for racism a while back talking about white Europeans. He said the best boxers in the world are predominantly African American and Hispanic. People jumped on him for talking race, without realising he was actually talking poverty.
  18. Hey people, Have any of you ever had staph before? Not sure if this is a case of it or not, but anyone who's had it or any of you with medical training, be really appreciative of advice. On the elbow, feels warm to the touch and hurts like hell, especially when pressuring it, but even hurts without touching. Don't have a fever. But do feel weaker working out. Have already asked Professor Google but as always that's the scariest shit to do, you always close your laptop afterwards thinking you're gonna die.
  19. Nah. Biggest difference between the two? Actually the hardest thing to spot at first glance in my early days when just starting out. But when you see it you can't unsee it. It's the rhythm. And that rhythm at the fighter's core bleeds into everything produced by his Thai style. The rhythm of the little footsteps, weight distribution, the silkiness of his defence, the nuanced pliancy of the whole thing. The guard is totally different, the stance is totally different. There's almost a musicality to the whole thing - similar to how a good musician has a rock solid internal chronometer, he always knows exactly where he is relative to the beat, and that's the level of being a badass - where he can play against his own time, which is why syncopation works so effectively, and he can always seemlessly return to sender. The feel or sensibilities are what make Thai unique among striking sports. Most kickboxers are like musicians with an over emphasis on melody and underemphasis on rhythm. Again no disrespect to kickboxers, it's also an enjoyable sport to watch, and those guys work very hard.
  20. Oh and just to be clear, absolutely nothing wrong with kickboxing, don't disrespect it all, it's also a cool sport. I mean, watching Crocop head kick dudes into oblivion back in the day? Glorious.
  21. You know what the real trajedy is with these douchebags? If they were just honest from the getgo, people would be cool with it and that gym would likely still make the same money. If they just said, "Hey guys, we train K1 here, we're a kickboxing gym" - nobody would think any less of them.
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