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  1. Khun Gop at Three Brothers in Phanyotin bts tunnel is my guy. He's METICULOUS. Pricey but I leave super happy every time.
  2. AKA in Phuket can get you an Ed Visa for Muay Thai if you go train with them. I believe they work it to where you don't have to leave the country. I don't think fake marriage is the way to go fwiw.
  3. Looking for help with extending my stay. I've been in Thailand on a 6 month tourist visa. I tried for an ED Visa for Thai language school, but everyone applying for that visa on the day I tried at the Penang office was verbally denied. I'm trying to understand how I see so many foreign fighters who seem to figure out how to stay here indefinitely. Anyway, as many understand, you need more than 6 months to really develop here so I'm hoping to discover a way to make it work for myself and get a longer stay.
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