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How to improve women’s experiences in gyms?

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There have been times when I've had legit semis in the gym (one time I had one whilst doing pullups and I could swear the girl next to me saw and left as a result) and i've had to pinch myself to lessen the blood flowing to my longsword.

Sometimes im there trying to work out and theres a girl infront of me squatting/jogging/generally looking sex as fuark and I have to actively avert my eyes or I get really horny really fast.

Is there any dude who's approached girls from the gym and would like to share some tips/ experiences on when they've talked to girls ?

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Make a lesson or program exclusively for women. Fear of judgment is the main deterrent for women from using the gym. You can create a welcoming group of women who welcome new members with positive energy by providing a women's class.

I hope you choose to put all of these suggestions into action, but at the very least, consider the needs of the women who frequent your gym and do your best to accommodate them by fostering an environment that is upbeat and encouraging so they can concentrate on feeling strong.

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