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  1. Hi @MuayThaiPanda, I've been living and training in Bangkok for around 10 years and to be honest, I haven't found that the pollution bothers me when I'm running/training. Maybe I'm just used to it! It might also be because of the gym's I've been at. For the last few years, I've been at Attachai Gym (so if you're thinking of coming and need any info, feel free to ask).This gym has a particularly good location if you want to be in Bangkok without dealing with the smog. It's tucked away in a big green area with lots of banana trees, backed onto a lake. The humidity is the main thing, definitely something that you have to adapt to. But I think that goes for Thailand in general.
  2. Revisiting this thread to add Rasmee. She has an amazing voice, and her Isan Soul album is really beautiful. Here are 2 of my favourite tracks from it:
  3. I know that the British Embassy is providing UK nationals with visa extension letters, but I'm not sure if other embassies are offering a similar service. Things are constantly changing, and it's worth joining the Thai Visa Advice Facebook group, which is always updated with new information.
  4. Interesting! I just wanted to drop this article here, too - How Thai Language Reinforces Hierarchy and Perpetuates Social Divides.
  5. I started listening to Thai rap as a new way to learn Thai and ended up really getting into some of it. Illslick isn't the kind of artist I'd usually listen to back home but some of his songs have become earworms for me. Youngohm is the same, he's kind of ridiculous but I love this song: Also this one by OG-ANIC: Anyway, the real reason I came to this thread was to add Milli, a 17-year old female rapper I recently read about in BK Magazine.
  6. I second this! Dokmaibaa has been tearing it up for a long time and it's cool to see her up there. She's a favourite of mine. I have to admit, it was hard for me to be excited about the announcement of these rankings. My reaction was 'well, this should have been done years ago'. It was less of a 'wow, this is so amazing' and more of a 'well, obviously'. This shouldn't be groundbreaking. But, I do appreciate that took a huge amount of work to put together, and I'm glad it's finally been done. I hope it goes on to be updated regularly.
  7. Hey! I haven't trained at any of the gyms on that list but I've heard good things about Mankong Phranai Gym, which is in the area you're looking at. Maybe that's worth a try. Good luck in your search! Hope you manage to find a place that's a good fit
  8. Hi Malik! I've only called people by their first names in super formal situations. Usually at work, when they're a customer or a colleague I'm meeting for the first time (or writing an email to). Then, you'd use "khun ____", but pretty much right after that, it's nicknames all the way. It would be really strange for me to address a trainer by his first name. Kind of like how you would never call me by my first name, middle name and surname unless you were some kind of official..or if you were my mum and I was in trouble for something. Sylvie, I laughed at the idea of you calling Karuhat 'Lung Sian', just imagining how he would respond to that!
  9. If you do check out Attachai's, let me know if you need any help! I moved to the area for the gym and checked out a lot of accommodation before landing on my place, so might be able to give you some tips with that. Best to message me on Facebook, though. Also, I second your woes about the current baht/pound exchange rate and Brexit. Ugh...
  10. Thanks for your thoughtful response and kind words, Joe. It's really interesting for me to look back on that post with the perspective that I have now. I knew at the time that the person who'd told me to give up was wrong, but it seems even more ridiculous now. It's crazy to read that I'd only been training for a year and a half at the time, that I'd had 11 fights, and that I'd only had three consecutive losses at the time. Those numbers are so insignificant, they're almost nothing! A few years later, I would go on to have five losses in a row, and even that doesn't mean much at all. Also, looking back, I think I was way too kind to the person in question in my writing. But, I respected them a lot, and that's part of why it hurt so much. You're absolutely right about that not being a valid argument, and the reasons for fighting being so much bigger than winning. I actually haven't fought now for over a year and a half, and I go back and forth constantly on whether or not I still want to. Sometimes, all I want is to get back in there. Other times, I'm fine with letting that part of my life go. It's bittersweet to think of that, but the important thing is that those feelings are coming from myself, rather than someone else who thinks they know what's best for me. That guy wasn't the last person who told me to give up, either. After one of my last fights, my boyfriend at the time did, too. Yeah, he's an ex now. Thanks again for your post and for bringing this article to my attention. I never liked to revisit this one because it always brought up some feelings of shame and inferiority for me, but this time it was a very different experience. I actually really needed this today
  11. So far, so good. Some of them recently flew to Norway to pick up a 'Creative Dissent' award for the song. http://www.khaosodenglish.com/politics/2019/05/27/anti-junta-rappers-awarded-creative-dissent-prize/
  12. John Wayne Parr tweeted about one of these videos the other day. It seems he's also not a fan. I totally agree with what Sylvie said about the 'asshole factor' being key in hard sparring. I've been called out on this quite a few times at my gym. I'll be sparring relatively light with someone, then they'll go a little harder, and I'll amp it up in response. Every single time this happens, I'm the one who gets told to slow down or go softer, and I tend to get pissy about that. In the moment, I often feel like it's unfair, because I was only responding with the same power that my partner hit me with. But the difference is that I'm the one getting emotional about it, and that takes it to another place. Other times, I can be sparring pretty hard with someone, but it's totally fine, as long as it still feels like 'playing'.
  13. Here's a short post-fight clip of my friend Rosa, just after she came out of her very first fight. I love that she shared this because that's pretty much how I felt after my first fight, too. The tears, the excitement, the pain, the 'what the fuck did I just do?' All of it.
  14. Sylvie's work to preserve the legacy of Muay Thai legends is so important, and has been really cool to follow. Now, another female fighter, Angie Wong, is adding another outlet with her #MuayThaiStories project! She's been interviewing fighters like Sangtiennoi and Attachai and turning their stories into short documentaries. Here's a clip from her latest one. Follow her Facebook page and Instagram profile to see more content.
  15. Rap Against Dictatorship was huge, and it was really cool to see. The government threatened to arrest not only the people who made it, but anyone who liked or shared it. But as the millions of likes started to accumulate, that idea went out the window. They did respond with their own song, 'Thailand 4.0', which is basically an embarrassingly lame pro-junta song. It was like some strange rap battle.
  16. There actually aren't too many mosquitos at Attachai's. I usually attract a lot of them and get huge welts when they bite me, but I don't have any problems at the gym. I've definitely had worse at some other places! So no, it shouldn't be an issue. Do let me know if you're coming to train with us :smile:
  17. Visa requirements seem to change a lot, so it's hard to keep up with it all. I do know that you are now limited to two visa runs per year by land. Any extra runs outside of those need to be done by air. There doesn't seem to be a limit there, but sometimes you're asked to provide proof of funds or onward travel. A really good source of info for this stuff is the Thai Visa Advice facebook group. There's a ton of info there, and if you post a question, someone should get back to you pretty quickly.
  18. Yellow Fang are my fav. Also, deungdutjai.com is a really good site for learning lyrics to Thai songs.
  19. In my old gym, I was always taught to look directly in my opponent's eyes, so I got pretty used to that. It's weird to me now, though. In any case, I'm constantly trying not to look where I'm about to strike, so I don't tell them what I'm about to do.
  20. I have a pair of these and was recently joking with some friends at the gym about how popular they are.They're the cheapest shorts in the Boon shop, which must be why I keep running into people who have them. I think I they cost me about 300 Baht. Pretty comfy because of the low waistband, too.
  21. Yes, yes and yes. The Thai Visa Forum is full of men like this, bitterly posting about 'the Thais'. I can't stand it.
  22. That's really shitty, but sadly unsurprising. Recently, I was walking down Sukhumvit road at around midnight with a friend (another white woman) and my boyfriend. Some policemen stopped us and asked for our passports, which has never happened to me before, although it's happened to my boyfriend more times than he can count. Usually, if you don't have you passport, they'll 'fine' you, and you have to bribe your way out of it. We didn't have our passports, but thankfully, I was able to get us out of it just by speaking Thai and being polite. I'm pretty certain that if it had been just me and my friend, we wouldn't have had a problem.
  23. This sometimes seems to come down to gym choice. While it's much easier to get fights regularly in Thailand than it is back home, and often the case that fights are thrown together with very little notice, I've spoken to quite a few people who've come here, put the work in and been disappointed because they weren't able to get a fight for one reason or another. Lanna is a good shout from Kevin, and Chiang Mai in general seems to be the perfect place for women to get fights because of the frequency of events and the amount and caliber of available opponents. Sylvie wrote a post recently about why Chiang Mai has the best female fighting scene in the world, which you can read here.
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