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  1. I guess I have another little question, at what point in life and by whom are play names chosen?
  2. Thanks a lot for this nice amount of interesting informations!
  3. Thanks Sylvie! So for example how should I call Kaensak? "Arjan" sounds too much because he looks young lol, I don't know if I could use "pi", and if so, can I ask him his play name? May be I am overthinking all this since I'm in fact in the US and all that is not as relevant as I would like it to be... Thanks Emma! So I assume that if I were to have a casual encounter in the street, and I would ask their name, they would automatically respond with their nickname, right? And I could even know them for a long time without knowing their first name?...
  4. Thanks a lot Kevin!! I am sorry that I had you explain all that again, but really appreciate it. Thanks
  5. Hey Kevin, thanks! I think this is a good place to ask the following practical questions without the need of creating a new post (I hope I am not mistaken). I am new here so those are big picture questions: - What are briefly the differences in terms of content between: + 8limbsus.com and sylviestudy.com? + the muay thai library on patreon and vimeo? - Also, patrons get discount on single videos on vimeo, but how about a patron that subscribes monthly? I'm sorry I'm no sure how all that works. Thanks again.
  6. Hi everyone, So we usually know thai fighters by their nicknames, or fighters names, but I was wondering how they actually call each other when they meet, or train, and sometimes live together. The second part of my question is in regard to the teachers. I believe "Kru" means teacher in thai, and if I remember correctly "Pi" is a form of respect that one puts before the name of the person they are addressing. So how should one call his teacher in thailand, would it be "Kru X", or "Pi X". Also what if the teacher was a fighter. For example I've read online that Karuhat's real name was Suweet. If he was my teacher, should I call him "Kru Karuhat", "Pi Karuhat", "Kru Suweet" or "Pi Suweet"? Lastly just out of curiosity, I was wondering if "Kru Nu" was Sylvie's teacher name, his nickname?...Thanks a lot!!
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