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  1. Oh right, I totally forgot you guys are based in Pattaya. Well that's awesome to hear and thanks for you input Emma! Attachai gym seems quite appealing to me at the moment. We'll see how the stars align but I'm pretty hopeful I can go at the beginning of 2022. I wholeheartedly agree, the humidity is no joke and takes time to get used to. When I was last in Thailand about 4 years ago, I think it took me about a month or so to get used to it while training in Hua Hin. But Hua Hin is a beach city and seemed a bit cooler. Thanks for you input Emma, if you haven't noticed it really for the past 10 years that's quite something.
  2. Hey @Kevin von Duuglas-Ittuand @Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu, I got a random question but seeing as you guys have been living there for awhile now but how bad is the Bangkok smog? I only spent a few days in Bangkok a few years ago on my first trip and noticed it was pretty congested and was wondering if it affects you at all while training and living there? I've heard some guys mention before the combination of heat, humidity and smog in Bangkok wasn't too pleasant. I did notice for me the more I motorbiked around Hua Hin without a n95 mask, the more it affected my lungs on runs and workouts, but I do suffer from some minor asthma here and there. I'm possibly planning on heading to Thailand again for a few months in early 2022 possibly so I'm doing research for Muay Thai camps. I'm thinking of just heading to Phuket and staying by the beach for cleaner air but I feel like I may be missing out on the great BKK gyms like Attachai and Yodwicha's gym. Decisions decisions! Appreciate any input from anyone else too. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I just started training at this gym a few days ago and love every minute of it. There are around 3-4 girls here and one of them just fought last night at Grand Sport Muay Thai Stadium/Gym so maybe it's a bit more female fighter friendly? Everyone here seems to be pretty advanced and most of the guys here have had a few fights already. One of the guys here has fought in Max Muay Thai a couple of times and he's fighting next Sunday at Max Muay Thai. Petch-Tho is an extremely passionate instructor and loves to break down his techniques during our training and always encourages us to ask questions. I feel like I have made an excellent choice coming here for my first muay thai camp in Thailand.
  4. So I finally arrived into Bangkok this past Tuesday and noticed something happened to me twice while I was waiting in line to get onto the Airport Link so I could get into the city of Bangkok and hit up Action Zone. While I was waiting in line at the airport terminal, the security guard made me get out of line and directed me to stand next to the line of people. He then had the locals step up to the line and take my spot and made me wait for them to get on first and then I was allowed on. This also happened again when I finished making my trip to Action Zone and I needed to get back on the BTS to get back to airport to take the VIP Hua Hin bus. Security guard made me get out of line and wait next to the line. I'm just curious if I did something wrong? The locals had a kind of semi surprised look on their face and shrugged when this happened.
  5. Go to Thailand for the first time and train at Sitjaopho without distractions! - I just got here Tuesday and it's everything I dreamed of and more!
  6. Can't say anything about Bas Rutten's gym, only that it's pretty far from me because of the horrible traffic we have in Los Angeles. I did a drop in at Freddy Roach's gym and it was PACKED. No real room to work out really. I didn't get any training as my friend happens to know a trainer there that had his own MT/Kickboxing class in the gym. We just worked out with him and that was all. Saw Freddie Roach though. Nice guy. Where and when are you coming to Los Angeles Mike? The gym I train at is unstructured so you're welcome to drop in but I'll be honest, the coaches probably won't hold pads for you because you're just doing a drop in. Another gym I've heard great things about is Boxing Works. A lot of these guys actually come to my gym at The Yard and spar and hang out with us. You might want to check them out too.
  7. Its called The Yard http://theyardmuaythai.com/. It's very unstructured training so you have to push yourself hard if you want to get trained properly. If you're there not really taking it seriously you won't get much attention from the coaches.
  8. I live in Los Angeles and my local gym is $120 a month but unlimited training. We actually don't have classes at all. You just come in when you can and do your warmups. shadowbox, then get on the bag. Then one of the trainers will come grab and do padwork with you. If you're up for it after you can always spar or do drills with whoever is at the gym at moment.
  9. Yeap! I'm so excited as well I've just been counting down the days! I decided to go to Sitjoapho in Hua Hin after reading so many good reviews about them and especially after seeing Phet-Eak's beautiful work on the pads. Youtube link here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5s89dZhnA8.
  10. Hi guys, new member here and glad to be a member. I've been following Sylvie for the past year and have been studying Muay Thai for the past 3 years, off and on. I plan on visiting Thailand for the first time to train next week! I'm so excited. -Jason
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