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  1. It's worse than you imagine. When I watch fights going on in the US, which is rarely, I leave the sound off
  2. Hi all. My name is Mark. I've been training (karate/jujutsu/m.a/kickboxing) since 1982 and taught from 1990-2018ish In 2018 the health club I was at cancelled my program and I gave up teaching to enroll at my friend's kickboxing gym and it feels like a vacation. I go to training, I stand at the end of the line, no one asks me any questions and I can concentrate completely on myself.. I haven't had THAT since the 80s. Looking forward to the conversations here
  3. Long time martial arts practioner/teacher (karate/jujutsu/mma/kickboxing) Health club cancelled my program about 4 years ago so I said "I quit teaching" and enrolled at my friends gym. He calls what he does Dutch muay thai and I assumed that meant the style of muay thai done by the Dutch. I had occasion to train at a gym recently who had to say "Dutch" muay thai is a sloppy perversion of Thai muay thai and cannot be considered "real" muay thai. You all are practitioners of what I understand to be muay thai from Thailand so I've got to ask what are your views on Dutch muay thai: Garbage done by the Dutch OR I don't care what it's called, if they hit me good for them if I stop them and hit them better for me. I have a thick skin so I won't be insulted by anyone calling it garbage. I like my friend's gym, his coaching style, the people training with me and I'm learning stuff. He could call it Combat Ballet for all I care.
  4. "I often see the criticism repeated that nak muay have "bad" footwork, "no hands", and a "lack" of head movement, especially compared to western boxing. What are your thoughts on this?" Depends on who's talking. Someone untrained? I ignore that completely and drink my beer. Someone who's only experience is boxing? I'll take what they have to say about boxing seriously but lowering your head makes it easier to get kicked/kneed in it. Someone who's experience is in kickboxing/muay thai? Them I'll listen too.
  5. 1. I'd say if you're hitting the ribs, then yes slow it down. 2. Having been hit with padded elbows doing MMA, a padded elbow will have enough power to ruin the other guy's day
  6. 2nd Impact Syndrome is not a joke. A friend of mine went back to finish a bout after getting their bell rung and somehow being able to conceal any problems from the ref. They ate a head kick and it was bad. They lost color vision for a few days/weeks ... everything was brown like an old time photograph. They had tunnel vision for days/weeks as well. The Dr told them no more getting hit in the head ever and if they are lucky they may not develop Parkinson disease
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