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  1. Hello everyone. So as the title said does anyone knows muay femur coaches/gym oriented in Chiang Mai? From Sylvie's post on training places she recommended it seems that Kru Manop do a great work. Is there anyone else you can recommend ? Thank you
  2. Tough reading for my level of English! Agambed have an high degree of thinking that is difficult to me to catch the most of it. Still it's something that I find interesting to try to understand how the economical environment have a strong impact on our ways to perceive our world/reality. As an "westerner" the lack of what is common in the aspects of meaning (shared meanings with a large community) seems strong and our way of living feel and think seems to be really oriented towards materialist matters that didn't seems to fill the gap made by the atomisation) separation of the people in capitalist societies and as I think I understand what you said, a boxing or martial art gym (in a validist point of view) seems to wipe a lot of categories that exist my society. You can be look up as a great fighter/martial artist by some "bourgeois" people that could look you down if you meet them in other kind of situations. For example in my position I'm not a big fan of the police institution as it is today but I can meet some police man and have a frame to share, talk and work with them in an...nice way(even if I keep in mind that we are not on the same side of the barricades).
  3. Thank you. Do you know the name of his gym ?
  4. Hello. I plan to move soon to Thailand to train. I'm a beginner in the muay thaï practice (I've practiced and still practicing others disciplines ). I really like the taste of old school muay thaï and I wonder if there is some better places or coaches to go to. Do you have any clue? Thank you
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