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  1. Hi, I have ripped gloves (used to be 12oz, now more close to 0oz haha) that I use for bag work, and I used to have "good" glove (14oz) for sparing only. I didn't really know where to post this, so I thought here was a good place ... to all of you DO NO BUY VEHEMENT GEAR. I had the worse experience ever with them, I bought gloves, and a few month after they started to be a bit ripped, so I wrote a message to the compagny (on their facebook page) to ask if they had any guaranty. They have never answer. Then 10 months later, the lower part of the glove was so ripped, it became tear up from the upper part. I wrote them an email (to which they have never answer). Then I wrote a review on their website (which they have never published or immediatly deleted). I've never had such a bad experience with a brand (I went back to my old top king gear which are still in better condition even though old). So from now on, I'll stick with TopKing ( or read all the thread and see if there is better brand ;) ).
  2. Totally agree with this. Discussion should be open in order to find the best way to minimize risk. Do you know more about the IQ test? I've looked into it a bit on internet, and although I don't know much about it, it doesn't seems revelant as you said. Because of different education/culture/etc. Also agree with you about freedom of choice for child, but I think they are not really aware or don't really understand the implication of such injuries ... then, it is responsible to let them choose? that the ethical problem I guess. @Kevin, is this the article you are looking for ? here a full link : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/jmri.20656/full or maybe this one : http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3703661/pdf/nihms-486669.pdf the brain scan you posted are from a poster, usually poster are presented before the actual study/article is published
  3. This result isn't new, there is a lot of medical study about combat sports, martial art and well sports in general and risk of serious injuries and brain damage, amoung children and adults. A few years ago, I've read a medical review paper about a campaign "doctors against boxing". In this paper doctors were litteraly asking for the ban of the sport, and saying that boxers shouldn't go to medical because basically they have choosen their "curse" (so if boxers are in pain, well, doctors wanted to have the choice not to treat them !!). It's a bit extreme ... I am not a parent, but I guess there is a nice compromise that can be done : practicing the sport but no actual fighting or competition (until certain age), enough rest days during the week, and good protection. Or maybe start with a sport than is "softer" or use more protections (judo, taekwondo?)? I struggle myself with the whole idea of fighting. I love muay thai, and I love fighting, but we have one body, one life and one brain so when I do see fights without protections (no mouthpiece, no shinguard, no headgear and 8oz gloves) ... I wonder if it is worth the love and passion. I think at least headgear should be mandatory... too many friends of mine got concussions. I'm saying this but I usually don't wear protection myself ... should practice what I preach ... :/
  4. Hey :) So I've said earlier "I'll let you know if the change in training will change anything (instead of pressure + heavy shot from him -> pressure + let me use him as a "living moving bag")". I've been using my coach more as a punching bag than anything else (well a bag that still kick your ass when u do something wrong). I still have hard sparing with some people way better than I am but I try to balance between hard and technical sparing. Also I've started sparing more and more with girls or people of my height + weight, and it's like my body is more willing to be agressive (because I know I can take those shot. Ehile with heavier people my body remembers previous injuries and is less willing to get in... so I'm just defensive). It's pretty damn nice to feel again that I can "attack" and not just "defend". Voilà!!
  5. I'd love to read some advices on this too!! I've talked with coach recently about changing the way he trained me, and we discussed the 'agressivity' topic for quite a while. Basically when I started MT, I was really agressive in sparing. But because I was inexperienced (and also, light weight girl compare to more experienced heavier guys) sparing partners wouldn't go hard on me, or would just be a "moving and living punchingbag". With time I would get a few more shot, more bruises or cuts, but everything was bearable, or at least I showed this... so much that it escalated and I actually took some really heavy punches/kicks (one in particular, that resulted in a 4 days in bed not being able to stand on my leg). Since then, it seems that I lost my 'agressivity', now I spare in a 'smart' way (which isn't actually smart because I'm thinking way to much before 'attacking'). I'll let you know if the change in training will change anything (instead of pressure + heavy shot from him -> pressure + let me use him as a "living moving bag"). Have you ever lost agressivity or you never add it? I'm curious to read you! :) oh and also, I talked a few month ago with a women who gives self-defence class about the way we look in the street. And she told me that to develop agressivity, I should look at something chin "up" (normal posture) and look at that same thing chin "down" (like when you are boxing) and repeat this. I don't know if I'm more agressive, but it is true that when doing it I feel a difference in my brain/feeling/emotion (I don't know how to explain this)
  6. Hi MT community, you can totally delete this post if it is inappropriate. I'm giving a conference soon about plants and sports, and I wanted to know a little bit more about sportives peoples in general. If you have friends who are training something else than MT (even yoga!) you can send them too my survey. Thanks Here the link : http://goo.gl/forms/FeAfW78eM3vChfQt1
  7. To heal quickly, beside ice I would suggest essential oil (you can't really have ice all day, while E.O. yes ;) you can message me if you want some more info) and also as they suggest you : k-taping (it's great, I've use it for my wrest) @Micc :D thanks for this link, I'll add them to my workout -with weight :)
  8. Thanks everyone, will check polymetric and Fitness Blender on youtube! Ohh this is such a good idea! I might try next week!!
  9. Hi! Thanks so much for the advices, I thought about running... will start soon (it's still a bit too cold for me right now, when it's below 0°C, my feet are just freezing!). Kick drill, yesyes! I'll check Sylvie's videos for tomorrow, Thanks Kevin! I went training today, thankfully my coach gave me some tips too about stuff to work on the bag. I would have run out of ideas after kicking ;) Also, I'd like to work on explosion/power, what do you think is best? I was thinking jumping squat.
  10. Hi everyone, I didn't find a thread about this, and Sylvie wrote about the importance of training around injuries. So here my problem : I broke a finger 3 days ago in training, which totally suck because I feel I really can't do anything. Any advices in what techniques I could work on in the meanwhile, how to keep my arm active (even if i can't do push up or pull up because of my finger), or anything else? Anything else you might think about that I could add to my -now- limited training Thanks a lot!
  11. I agree with you Kevin, it is one of the many reasons behind wanting to fight. Do we ask people when they fall in love why they are in love? Usually we don't, because the answer would be to vague, it is - I think- the same with passion. Passion is something you can't explain to someone who isn't passionated. I wrote a text, about what muay thai is to me, what it brought into my life. I've shared it with two passionates friends - one loves yoga, the other one is a passionated photographer and artist - and they both told me something like that : I've never really understood before, but now I know, it resonate with me in a deeper way. I still think it is a weird passion to have, but I know what you feel, because I feel it too. (If ever you are interested it is : here) Also, as Micc said : can you define rich westerner? If rich is living well enough, not to have to fight (against one's will) to make a living : I guess I am rich : I have an house, I can eat everyday and not die outside in the cold because I also have warm clothes. It make me remember of something. To the last fight I went (there is less that in Thailand, here we can be happy if there is two event in a month!), I was in the public, looking at all those people with their eyes on the ring and screaming the sh** out of them. I thought "people are so agressive [the public much more than fighter]... we enjoy watching people punching and kicking each other ... and worse ... some people actually are willing to get into the ring ... have we really evolved since gladiator times? or will we ever be the same? " Some people fight because they have to. Some fight because they love it, but maybe it is deeper than just love, maybe it is because deep under that love, they are fighting something, someone in their life, and this is the way they found to keep themselves alive.
  12. I have never been a big fan of Ronda's attitude, but I cannot judge how it is to be under pressure all the time, to be seen by medias and to read or hear comments about you. I guess it is like everyone's life but like a billions time more intense, and if it is a billion times more intense, then I can only imagine how she can feel about high and down in her life. I agree with @Micc that she looks sensitive and emotional. What she said on that TV show resonate with me so much I wrote a text on medium. I'm not sure she was acting to get publicity. Only her knows it :) Let's hope she will rematch soon Holms, and that it will be a good fight, whether she looses or wins.
  13. Congrats for your 1st (proper) fight! I would say do whatever make you feel more confident, and focus on your strength, not your 'trouble finding distance' (although I realize it is easier said than done. I'm in the same boat as u with distance prob!) Whatever you choose, keep us posted about ur fight:)
  14. ooooh thanks so much, I was thinking about asking Sylvie or Emma about this, and also about differences with MT, seems you will answer that later ! Great topic! Looking foreward to read more :)
  15. Hi ! I hope your foot feels better, if not, I might suggest something. So from what I understood, it is just inflammation from your muscle (I though it could be from the musculus extensor digitorum longus, which woud cause to compress nerves that are responsible for moving your toes (theses nerves are in the back of the leg, and near the achille tendon), or it could have been a tendinitis of your calcaneal tendon (lucky it isn't this)) As I understand you are living in Thailand, I guess finding essential oil isn't a big trouble there, if you are interested, you can message me, and I can tell you what kind of essential oil mix you can try for your pain (but I would need a bit more of talking with you, and some research too). PS: I'm no wizard, just studying that topics (and when I have injuries I usually heal myself with essential oil).
  16. wooh thanks thanks again Sylvie, just received my lobloo yesterday and tried it yesterday too. I don't think I would have ever buy a cup protector if it wasn't because of ur review, It feel awesome (Actually I forgot I had it, which is why it was so awesome!) And I'm not scared to get knee during clinch now! [it feel funny i'm all about cup ! lobloo and mooncup power haha!] @bbf3, are u feeling better?
  17. ouuch, pretty awful feelling I bet! Hope you feel better soon @bbf3 ! I have bruises and it feel horrible, I don't even want to imagine a cut!
  18. just bought it, can't wait to see if i'm more willing to clinch haha!:) amazing review btw! wish I could find a nice small chest protector also
  19. 3. Totally understand that, every time I focus on kicking I feel I forget "boxing", but recently I've focus on boxing and now I forget to kick in sparing! haha 6. Will be there by the end of this year, hope I'll meet you !!
  20. Hahaha I feel your "mean" excitement, one day a girl spare with me, and got both of my eyes (once you get one, the other is too easy to get since your vision is even more confuse with one lense), and I could totally see a smile on her face, even though she keeps asking me if I was ok. It was like "I feel bad, but also badass" face. Totally remember that fight with Tiffany and Sindy !!! my breast are too small to relate or compare with the awkwardness and disappointment of "loosing a boob" vs "loosing an eye", but it must be so annoying!
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