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  1. (I havent read every reply so forgive any restatements) 1. LOTS of water. I do two liters/day minimum 2. It helped me appreciate the heat in Hua Hin when I went to rural Phichit - town that made me terrifingly, dizzyingly hot every day. Like it was so hot a haze was over my head at all times. Came back to HH and instantly loved the weather. Try staying outside under some shade for a good long while, daily. Or train outside, if you train. get acclimated to extreme heat. 3. Talc keeps yo' booty dry and smelling like a baby. 4. two, sometimes three showers a day, mate. I shower upon waking, before training, and after. In luxuriously cool water. plus the thais say heat makes you "not fat". Think about how thin you'll get and you'll appreciate the heat.
  2. THAT was an awesome answer! And wow, so many people having the EXACT same issue as me. I hesitate and think WAY too much, too busy thinking to actually do something most of the time, or too busy letting her off the ropes and recover, to win. And it's been on my mind for a while that I haven't been training aggressively enough - been hitting pads hard, training hard shots but not training hard mind. Very well put. I guess that's where I have to start building, aside from stopping the comparisons, I'll have to start building up on the pads like a foundation for my aggression house.
  3. Hi guys. Quick question on a long standing problem of mine. When I fight I lack aggression. In some fights I am very aggressive, but in all the fights I've lost, its been for the same reason, lack of activity and lack of aggression. What's wrong with me? Why can't I channel aggression on command, when I need it? I'm very new, 9-5, been training only four years. But I don't see why some of my peers that started at the same time and have even fewer fights than me seem to have more control over this aspect of their fight game. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Layal
  4. I get this, too! Probably is due to not drinking enough water. The only time it was bad enough for me to stop training for the whole day (and following week) was the day before I discovered I had meningitis. Every punch, even without power, hurt. The next morning I woke up pukey and seeing double. So, if it's seriously SERIOUSLY hurting, see a doctor.
  5. Hey guys! I went to DC and got a double entry 60 day tourist visa, and it all worked out okay. I'll go traveling for about 10 to 15 days and return with the regular 30 day visa. Easy Peasy. Just kidding, it required a ton of paperwork, but the lady at the Embassy was helpful. Much cheaper than the ED route, and more fun because I got to travel to DC and see all the embassies and whatnot. (now to get my passport back in time for my flight....... ha)
  6. Thanks guys! Its looking like I'm going to have to take the triple entry 180 day tourist visa, then head to the Philippines for however long it takes to get a new tourist visa then back to Thailand. Going to the Thai Embassy in Washington to get it all sorted out in person a few days before I fly to Thailand. Fingers crossed it will work out.
  7. So I don't even know where to start. I've got a round-trip ticket from the US to Thailand for a total of 220 days (to study and train Muay Thai). I've been clicking links and emailing in circles for weeks trying to figure out this VISA process. I'd like to obtain a non-immigrant visa somehow. The closest I've gotten is "The Royal Thai Embassy, Washington DC" and the page that states the different types of visas and where to mail the documents, fees, etc. but I'm not sure exactly what to apply for. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have 30 days before my flight (May 19). Thank you
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