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  1. Hope she makes it over to Thailand ok. Keep us updated
  2. Hi, I tried to post this a few weeks ago while I was away working, but my reply wouldn't upload from my phone. Anyways, Burklerk is offering education visas at his new gym in Lampang. Lampang's a nice town and Burklerk is awesome. https://www.burklerkmuaythaiacademy.com/education-visa https://www.burklerkmuaythaiacademy.com/ I think I saw your friend's fight against Sawsing
  3. The Muay Thai scene is all very respectful here in Western Australia. Never come across any trash talk before events and fighters are almost always respectful in the ring. Just see the occasional exchange of words between a fighter at the end of rounds, but it's rare and they always embrace at the end of the fight. Perth is close enough to Thailand to have budget flights (pre covid anyway) so plenty of people here have trained in Thailand, plus some gyms have Thai trainers. So there's plenty of respect to Muay Thai's traditions. Cannot stand all the trash talk in boxing and MMA. It's cringeworthy and I'm glad you don't see it in Muay Thai.
  4. Malaria map above. It's only really present in border areas, which are all mountainous and sparsely populated (I think). So, no you'll almost certainly not need to take antimalarials. Dengue is transmitted by a different species of mosquito to ones that carry malaria. They bite during the day and dengue can be caught in urban areas. If you're worried about it, just cover up and use repellent.
  5. Sounds like a job for 'Bullshit Man' If the guy is that loud mouthed, he's going to get found out eventually. People are going to look him up and find there's no evidence for his 'achievements'. I think Sylvie or Kevin posted last year about a Muay Thai gym owner in Mexico (I think it was Mexico, apologies if it wasn't, Mexicans) who claimed to have fought and beaten top level Muay Thai stadium fighters in Thailand, and had posted a picture from his fighting days in the ring as proof. The guy in the picture was Karuhat. People were pointing this out in the comments. 'That's not you, that's Karuhat Sor Supawan' Mexican gym owner: 'No, it's me' 'You're full of shit. Here's a video of the fight that picture's from. It's Karuhat' Mexican gym owner: 'No, it's 100% me' The truth always comes out, especially when you have access to the internet.
  6. Where abouts in Bangkok are you staying? If you're anywhere near Khao San area, there's one on Ram Buttri which I've been to a few times over the years, they always do a nice job. Looking on Google maps it's near Max's magic Thai food, and looking on streetview the place is called Ariya hair cut.
  7. I remember you posting questions about your upcoming trip last year. Glad to hear it went well
  8. Just grab some bags of fruit from the market on your way in then, it'll definitely be appreciated. Which gym are you training at? To ask them if they want to go eat, just say 'Gin khao' (means 'consume rice' )
  9. I've tipped trainers over in Thailand plenty of times, and they've always appreciated it. I'm sure they'd be happy with any gift you offered. How about treating them to a meal? The bonus for you would be they'll probably order dishes for you that you'd never know about otherwise. Ask them if they know a good Isaan restaurant (the best regional cuisine in Thailand - in my humble opinion)
  10. My gym's open again now - limited numbers and no sparring or clinch. Went to the lunch time session earlier. West Australia shut itself off from the rest of Australia and the world and it's worked well. I think there's only a handful of active cases in the whole state so things are starting to return to normal (schools have gone back, restaurants allowed limited openings). Felt great to smash the pads again!
  11. I've been to Pai, but it was back in 2005. It was really nice back then, hopefully it hasn't changed too much. Mae Hong Son is a really nice town as well. Beautiful scenery up that way.
  12. You got your own ring? Ha, do you just spar in it? Better watch you don't get in trouble with your local authorities like my mate did. I'd met this guy 6 years before I moved to Australia and kept in touch with him, had him on facebook when that got popular. I'd always assumed he owned a Muay Thai Gym in Perth as he was always promoting events at his 'gym' on his facebook page. But when I moved to Perth I found out he'd just been running a fight club in his back yard! Once it was brought to attention of his local council they sent him an angry letter saying the police had been contacted, so he shut it down quick! I took a picture of the letter, I'll see if I can blank out the names and addresses and post it here.
  13. Sylvie if you enjoy rock climbing documentaries and books, have you read or seen 'Touching the Void'? Both the book and the film are absolutely brilliant.
  14. This one's pretty interesting, mostly focuses on Sityodtong but also features other top gyms of the golden age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScAK-Y0c-rU I like the Muay Thai Stories on Lawrence Kenshin's youtube channel. I think most or all of them were filmed by a girl called Angie Wong (I'm assuming her family name is Wong, her instagram handle is @angiewon9) but Lawrence Kenshin doesn't seem to give her any credit for it. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtBmulRKslSIlrEetkk1J1O2j3PZ-48kY
  15. The Khmers didn't leave any written history behind, only what was carved on the temples of Ankor. Some foreigners who lived there at Ankor's height left detailed writings of their time there, which is how historians are able to have some understanding of what life was like there. Back to regional fighting styles - Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Laos have all been fighting each other and occupying each others territory for centuries. There definitely will have been cross over between styles at various points in history.
  16. Whatever it is, it's infected and inflamed. Keep putting antiseptic cream on it, but if it doesn't improve or starts getting worse then better to get yourself to a doctor (if that's possible at the moment). Probably worth pointing out I have no medical training by the way, beyond some first aid courses
  17. That's great you got to train at JWP's gym. He comes across as a really sound fella
  18. I guess some people like to try and give themselves an air of mystique. Like they spent a year deep in Isaan, kicking down a hectare of banana trees every morning, followed by a grueling 10 hour training session, followed by 2 back to back fights at the local stadium. Day after day. Finally, after a year of this, they were bestowed the title of 'Kru' by their trainer. They walked across the country to Suvarnabhumi and flew home. No mate, you just woke up one morning and decided to start calling yourself 'Kru'.
  19. Something else that amuses me - although I haven't actually come across it in Australia, seems to be a North American thing from what I read on forums/facebook - is non Thai trainers/gym owners calling themselves 'Kru'. I'll have to put this isolation time to good use and try and make a gif.
  20. When are you thinking of heading over? It sounds like all gyms are closed at the moment. His gym has a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/townintowngym88/?__tn__=%2Cd-k-R&eid=ARCiBlfYjrqn6GTteldBGZ-Yt-x1sqj4I7ymu6mhDrDIsCG2q_r-4qsbH4U8a7uempJnD0CcN0lJ7spE but they might not reply. If they don't reply then your best bet would be to get to the gym before the morning session ends (once this corona lockdown has been lifted, obviously) and arrange a private session then. Sylvie has a map to his gym here: https://8limbsus.com/muay-thai-thailand/training-hippy-singmanee-relaxation-comes-power
  21. It's also a way for a lot gyms in the west to make more money from their members. The first gym I trained at here in Perth had a grading system. They charged $60 to attend the grading, and then another $20 for your new shirt with your new grading on it 'So Snack Payback, will you be attending the upcoming grading?' 'Err, no I won't' I don't train there anymore All the places I've trained at in Perth have been fine. Even that place I talk about above, despite the grading nonsense it was a friendly gym. Once I started heading over to Thailand to train I soon realised I needed to find a new gym if I really wanted to improve. The place I'm at now is great - Thai owned and run. Very friendly and my technique has come on a lot. Also tried one other place before settling at my current one. Owner had spent a lot of time in Thailand and had had Thai trainers over. Again, very friendly and well run place.
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