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  1. I’ve had contact with Rambaa only problem for me is transportation in Pattaya as I have no car or scooter and rambaa is far from anything I’m thinking about hua hin looks really cheap now on Airbnb or Chiang Mai but in Chiang mai I know lanna Muay Thai is great
  2. Hello I’m currently in Bangkok and I’m looking for a gym that’s in a cheaper area I’m almost in central Bangkok atm and the rent is to much for me ... any area with a good gym and cheaper rent ? it does NOT have to be in Bangkok I’m willing to travel the most important thing is good training , decent rent prices and convenient for food around the area, a plus would be far away doen bars and nightlife and other things like that ... Pattaya seems to be really cheap atm but not sure what gym is good to go and in a more fairly friendly area ?
  3. Hello im in. Bangkok atm im looking for a gym that offers a Muay Thai visa does anyone have recommendations? i see Fairtex offers it but it’s not clear to me if they have a gym in Bangkok or pattaya only ? im willing to travel
  4. I was thinking the same about the meal the problem is most of them always seem in a hurry to go home after training / I don’t speak any Thai and they don’t speak English so I will try to ask them to get a meal before I go home in about 6 weeks. the trainer that spends most time teaching me / holds my pads will receive a tip at the end before I go ... when they bring some snacks like dried fruit they share it with me too they already feel like family after 10 days trainingen
  5. Having a lot to worry about now so sleep isn’t great , my visa , girlfriend’s visa . no information at all and have to live say by day
  6. What is an appropriate small gift for my trainers at the gym ? I was thinking about bringing them some fruit or something like that ? Is this oké to do and will it be appreciated or will they think it’s a strange thing to do ?
  7. Im a terrible sleeper last night I had a decent sleep and training felt great
  8. Hello I’ve been training for a week now Tomorow is my 11th session.( have 1 yr experience training atleast 6x a week in gym + roadwork and conditioning by myself ) in in bkk right now and Everything in my body hurts I went all in again after a couple months of nothing due to corona ... my hands and hips hurt my power and energy seriously lack compared to the first days should I ease it up or will it improve as I keep striving to do 2 a day training sessions for about 6 more weeks while I’m in bkk ? Im 23 but feel like crap but I feel guilty not going to the gym because I love it a
  9. Does anyone know a decent and cheap gym close to Patong area ? I don’t know if I can drive so I will look for a accommodation nearby.
  10. they just send me a an invitational letter so i wont need to book an hotel beforehand i just have a normal tourist visum so im not really bound by the gym i think,i havent payed anything as well i would pay in person for each month not all upfront. But for me its because i really respect the people at the gym for putting the effort and time in it for me ,they would also help me extend it at the embassy for 30 days and after that i will be doing visa runs (flly in and out in my case) so not showing up at the gym in phuket will be disrespectfull i feel (although in
  11. the problem is the gym from phuket helped me out with my visa and send me an invitation letter so i would feel really guilty not to go there full time,i dont know how they think about that in"thai culture"
  12. Hello I will have the opportunity to stay in Thailand for training for 5-6months maybe a bit more , ive booked one month in Phuket at a gym I liked last year the gym took a huge turn and looks really touristy now that’s bit of a turn of for me . ive met someone in Bangkok and might look for a gym there any serious gyms recommended ? Reachable by the sky train ? im looking for a serious gym and to fight in Thailand would it be better to stay at one gym or switch gym like 1-2months? bkk fight lab seems to get good reviews although it’s a mma focused gym they also have Muay T
  13. i have seen one person on yabba during training it was really noticable in his behaviour ^^
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