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  1. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know a good website for getting plain shorts? My OH wants to print his own for his next fight. Thanks :)
  2. Interclub matches are generally sorted out by your gym, so you would need to ask them. If you don't have a gym you should join one, as you won't get matched without, as the host gym will need some independent assessment of your level etc
  3. 5 mins in one stretch, not many can do it... I can manage 3 mins.. but I'm pregnant so that's my excuse
  4. Plank plank and more plank, variations of other ab exercises. If you do that when alone you can work on other types of conditioning when with a partner. At my gym they expect us to do 5 mins of plank at fighters level...which is very hard, but if you can do it, then you will have a core like a rock.
  5. Also if you book things separately it works out a lot cheaper.
  6. There is also the movie 'Beautiful Boxer' life story of Parinya Charoenphol, a famous trans woman, Muay Thai fighter, actress and model. She was portrayed by male kickboxer Asanee Suwan. Its a really good movie and gives an insight into life at a muay thai camp and life in Thailand etc...here is the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6orM84owB7M Edited to say-ahhh I've seen Emma put it on her blog.
  7. In my experience of Thai gyms, if you don't run you don't fight. They will train you but I've never met a Thai who doesn't consider running an important part of fight prep. Whilst there are people in MMA and stuff who don't run, that is not the Thai way, and they think their way is best.
  8. So a thread on concussion got me thinking about this. Punch drunk syndrome, or dementia pugilistica, or boxer's syndrome is also called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). This condition is common among boxers. It is caused by head trauma and the condition typically develops about 16 years after the initial head injury. Obviously I've heard of it in occurring in boxers, and in MMA, not really heard of it in MT though. Although I do know old western MT fighters who get headaches etc which is not a good sign. In Thailand I have met lots of old fighters, many are alcoholics but never met anyone with any signs of brain injury, anyone know why this is? Has anyone else heard anything? does it worry you? Do you think it will be an issue in the future?
  9. Honestly they were not making her strip to be more sexy. As I said before, they were making her remove it as it has religious connotations and as WaffleNinja said if she had turned up in full coverage non religious associated clothing, like a tracksuit, it wouldn't have happened. People in Europe are banning the Burqua, not because of its not sexy. They are doing so because in the case of France, as a secular nation they do not want people wearing religious clothing in public places. I have seen women asked to take their veils off in airports and in banks, for security reasons. I do not agree with their policy. But it has nothing to do with sexuality in the way you are describing it. Also, on my travels I have met many people who know who WW is, I have a T shirt with the symbol on, and in Nigeria, India and Thailand lots of people recognised it. I like wearing superhero tees when abroad as they also end up being a talking point/ice breaker especially with children when I'm doing charity work.
  10. Whilst I agree that what they did to that woman was awful, it wasnt because she wasnt sexy enough, it was because she was wearing something that had been banned due to religious associations. France and Holland have banned the burqua in public spaces. That is another debate entirely, bust it is one that is happening more frequently in Europe, as there is alot of anti islam feeling here. I think they used WW as she is an already famous pop culture figure. Ok so she many have been created with males in mind, but that doesn't mean her message cannot be changed to represent something else. I think it is necessary and possible that all types of womens dress is allowed and that includes sexy.
  11. Isn’t it an important message to send to girls and women that they can control how they dress, how they look, how sexy they want to be and that they have ownership over their own bodies? I feel like the UN just sexy-shamed Wonder Woman. Like, how dare a sexy woman (a fictional character!) want to stand up for girls and women around the world? Get thee to a nunnery, Wonder Woman! You cannot have cleavage AND fight for women’s rights, don’t you know?
  12. I'm not sure how I feel either, I mean OK her aesthetic is sexy, but why cant someone be sexy and a warrior? Also yes it is a comic and odd in the first instance..
  13. cool well those 2 are near each other, I looked at Kings but is too far from my hotel and office. Day rates are eye wateringly expensive... like $35 I guess that's normal for NYC, in London you pay £10/12 for a session with unlimited use of gym for drop in and the Kru is the UK No.1, he's even beat Petchboonchu..
  14. Hi Everyone, I am going to NYC next week for 5 days with work. I am based in Manhattan. Want to train as I know I'll be up at 5 am everyday with shocking jet lag... Have looked at 5 Points ( also emailed and they seem super friendly) and The Wat... anyone train at either or have an experience? Thanks Nina
  15. Hey, I am exactly the same. I get so nervous, and everything that I've worked on and am good at disappears. I still haven't worked out how to deal with it, so sorry not to be of help, but am being supportive!
  16. Make sure you use your angles, one thing I notice about the shorter people I spar with are they always go forward which for the most part is asking for trouble, angle off and get close that way...
  17. Thailand is very easy going, you'll be paying cash and can pay, daily, weekly, monthly, as the thais say 'its up to you..' There are no American banks in Thailand, there are international ATM machines, but if you are staying fopr longer than a few months and have the right visa i would recommend opening a Thai bank account. unless you are sponsored there wont be any clauses, its not like the west they wont have you signing contracts or anything like that. Its not regimented in Thailand, so dont worry. Getting an apartment, well that depends on length of stay. you can get Long term or short term condo rental, and depending on the area there are lots of price ranges. If you share or not depends on where you want to be and what you can afford. You will have to pay a large deposit, and also if renting long term, you will need to have the correct visa paperwork.
  18. My second interclub my opponent ended up being 8 kgs heavier than me, she was shorter though, so it didnt turn out to be a problem. Just make sure your fitness is on point,and run rings around her!
  19. Ahh cool, thanks. I always run, a bit scared of what BKK air will do to my lungs though!
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