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  1. Thank you so much to both of you for your brilliant advice , I am now looking forward to my next training session and using some well implemented and thought out maneuvers. It just goes to show I used to go in there and just hope for the best , now I have a plan !
  2. Hi everyone , I would love tips and advice from you awesome people espcially those of you who may have been in a similar situation. I am 5'2 ( 160cm ) tall , ( on a good day ) and i am 57kg ( 125lbs ) . I spar with a lot of different people , but there is one I am having trouble with making an impact on , she is 6'0 ( 182cm ) and 100kg ( 220lbs ) . Her stamina is quite poor so I do a lot of moving around to tire her out , but as far as hits go all I manage is lower leg kicks and lower body hits. I also spar with the trainer who is 6'3 ( 192 cm ) he is roughly 85kg ( 187lbs ) , and I feel like I am sparring with a pair of knees lol ! Yes the sparring is all good fun and just light hearted , and not to be taken too seriously , but when I get the ring to start the sparring I already feel defeated , and I really don't know why I bother. I always let my apponent set the pace and then I take it from there. I need hot tips for some great combinations please. :thanks: :thanks:
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