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  1. Just under 2 weeks to go until the big Muay Thai competition fight between England and Thailand at The 02 Indigo in London. The best seats in the house are still available so please hurry as tickets are selling quickly. This event is not only a boxing match but also a fun event for all the family so anyone can come and watch. The main fight will be between Charlie Peters v Saenchai P.K. This promised to be a thrilling and highly competitive fight Event Details The O2 Indigo, Peninsula Square, SE10 0DX London, United Kingdom September 11th September from 7pm Doors open: 3pm Tickets still on sale from £30, You can purchase your tickets below: Ticket Hotline http://www.theo2.co.uk/events/detail/thai-fight Check out our promo advertisement video giving you a sneak preview of what is going to be in store on September 11th, find out who will be fighting who on the night with a glimpse into the fighters stats and some past clips from previous bouts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6P-Wg4IHCE
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