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  1. I got a like 30 or 40L backpack with all my stuff in, then a small backpack I use for travelling around. Suitcase is too annoying for me.
  2. I'd try a few more times, if it really isn't your thing then you can find an alternative. But that's just me personally.
  3. if your young, in good shape, and speak thai, you could find a gym to train for free. but you would have to be willing to fight very regularly. I know of some gyms that would do this.
  4. loads happening in the midlands, usually k star do one pretty regularly, as does black widow. Just contact some gyms, usually people are helpful. Ask your own gym?
  5. What is expensive for one person, may be cheap to another. Though, I would be wary of buying a package like this, the reason being is usually you don't choose what food you can eat, so if you wanna eat fried rice, they might give you noodles. Depending where you are living a meal can be from 20-50b so if you're going higher 150/day. Room, you can get a condo (nice big space) for about 7000b a month, again depends on where you are living. 233/day Usually Muay Thai training is around 10000 a month for 2x/day. 333/day So for the package you wanted you could spend 716/day if you did it yourself. There are also a lot of other costs that I didn't add on, simply because your question was about room/training/food. Hope it helped.
  6. Your friend is good and he fought well, it just looked like he had a hard time with how relentless the Burmese boxer was. And in fairness to your friend Soe Lin Oo is very famous. Yeah, I think if he trained maybe in a lethwei gym or trained lethwei style for a short period of time he'd adapt very well. Seems like a huge adrenaline rush to go fight in front of a massive audience against a local without gloves and headbutts, lol. :ohmy:
  7. Not only the headbutts, but the lack of gloves! I just finished watching fists of pride which was about the Burmese in the Thai camps of Mae Sot, and also showcasing the annual Thai VS Burmese. Is your friend going to Myanmar to fight? I think the Burmese are really nice people. That just reminded me, I need to finish this thread, I shall do it tomorrow.
  8. He didn't win a stadium title but he was the first Thai to win a gold medal at the Olympics, which could be perceived as a greater achievement than a stadium title(?). Not to mention the time period he won it in, which just propelled his fame. Though, Sudsakorn is quite famous and he was never a major stadium champion, so it doesn't directly correlate I agree. Sorry for going off-topic OP.
  9. What is the reason for looking for a new gym? Were the gyms training lacking in a certain area? Do you want to try something new? Personally, if it was for a fight and that's what I wanted to focus on and I knew one of the gyms I've already been to would be able to provide everything I want/need then I'd return to what I'm familiar with. At the same time, I'm a curious cat. What I'm thinking is that maybe you can go back to the same (or near) area of one of the gyms you previously went to and visit other gyms in that area, and if it goes badly you can always fall back on that gym you know. It doesn't have to be the same area though, I'm just thinking in terms of time efficiency, you could always go to Burklerk's gym and if it doesn't suit you can go to another gym in the north or wherever. Just as a side note though, I've noticed a lot of the Pinsinchai fighters are really great instructors. :sorcerer:
  10. I'm too lazy to read it. Going off your topic question alone though, there's many reasons, but I will briefly write my personal opinion. I think if you spend a lot of time training for something whether its running, swimming, eating, boxing, muay thai, then you want to test yourself to see how good you actually are. A competition really shows you which areas you need to improve, though I don't think this is the only reason I also believe the rush of fighting is something many people love. I'm not rich, but I want to compete so that I can improve and also because its something I enjoy and I don't want to live life doing things I don't enjoy. Hey they do say you only regret the things you didn't do! I'm sure someone can tell you a proper explanation with loads of theories etc etc etc. :sorcerer:
  11. Wow, was that the same day it burnt down? They think fast, or maybe I think slow. Cool! Just minor injuries I believe, shame though.
  12. A fire broke out at Max Muay Thai Stadium Pattaya, causing damage estimated at 200 million baht. The blaze raged through the building on Sukhumvit-Pattaya Soi 42 in Pattaya Klang on Thursday evening,... link:http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/869404/fire-destroys-pattaya-boxing-stadium. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEvOcWKcJKM
  13. I actually like MMA, but I don't like the trash talk and the lack of history behind it. I used to do kickboxing a while ago, that got boring too because there's nothing behind it, its just boxing mixed with karate... you know what I mean? No substance, if that's the right thing to say. Yeah that's the issue, because he's so used to thinking of training for MMA, even if he is teaching Muay Thai he's still fitting into scenarios for MMA in his head. So its like, he's teaching Muay Thai but his agenda is for it to suit MMA, lol I don't know how to explain. It's like if you ask a Thai to teach you boxing, it will be suited to their Muay Thai mindset. So there's the problem of him teaching me MMA style Muay Thai, which isn't too much of a problem I guess cause its only for a few months, I just hope he doesn't try to completely change my style to what he wants, or else that would be a problem. If its just minor things that I can easily solve then I can put up with it. :sleep: Yeah, that's all I think is, its better than nothing. Just to get fit rather than learn. :ohmy:
  14. I'll send the gyms name in a pm. I know that any gym I go to wont have the same quality as the gym before as they tried to replicate Thai style as much as possible 1 on 1 padwork with trainer, sparring, clinching for long time, etc etc. So I know I'm going to lose quality when changing to another gym, its like you said, when I saw videos of the class it was really low level... I'm in an area with a decent amount of gyms within a 1 hour drive, the problem is that most of them are on industrial parks or something similar, so they're inaccessible via bus - and I don't have a car. Whereas the MMA gym is accessible by bus. The problem isn't that its an MMA gym its that, an MMA coach is teaching Muay Thai. :ohmy:
  15. Put a mattress up against a wall, good for teeps, knees and body punches. POW
  16. Its actually in a nearby town, easily accessible via bus. We have many gyms around here boxing/kickboxing/karate/tkd/judo just not Muay Thai anymore. I mean the training is of course going to be worse, I hate the idea of MMA gyms teaching Muay Thai though I don't have many options. :sad: Regarding the price, I think they have different memberships depending on which classes or how many times a week you want to go. Not sure, will be pretty cheap though.
  17. hahaha actually, its kinda my fault, I put 45 minute commute which is relevant to how long it'd take in a car, but as I don't have a car that length is irrelevant. I live in a tiny village and the bus's wouldn't be able to make it to that gyms location, so is kinda not an option... 45 min commute is bearable living in a city, so many options for travel. My option is to get a personal trainer to my home as often as I can afford, which at the moment would be like two times maximum a month, or go to an MMA gym. I just don't want it to have a negative impact on my training and pick up things that will hinder my improvement, but at the same time I want to get fit. I have a trial booked in on Monday with the MMA gym, so hopefully it goes well. :pinch:
  18. HI, I'm in a situation where a gym I was training at has merged with another gym (old time student), this is really disappointing as I think it was probably the best gym in England. :ohmy: Anyway, it moved about a 45 minute drive away which is really inconvenient for me as I have no car. My only other options is either get a personal Muay Thai trainer who I know is good and I can learn a lot from, but is expensive and I won't be regularly or go to a local MMA gym which offers Muay Thai. This is not an MMA gym that has a specialist Muay Thai trainer or anything like that, its just an MMA coach. I can post a video of their gym session they uploaded to Facebook to show the level of training, but I'm unsure whether that's appropriate. :mellow: I'm planning to go to Thailand in 3-4 months for training. I want to be fit (as possible) before going to get the most out of training there, but of course improving technique is very important and I'm unsure how much I'll be able to improve going to the MMA gym... :thanks:
  19. I have no clue how this is possible, but this really annoys me. When I was in Indonesia my friends friend (what do you call them?) took me back to my dorm so their was me and 2 females, and a local said 'oh bule is taking two prostitutes into his room'. But at the same time, people can have sex with whoever they choose - as long as its consensual, what annoys me is the negative reaction two innocent females got just for being with a foreigner... I guess negative stereotypes happen to every race though and I'm just being a baby, lol. bule = farang Edit: Just thinking about this, I think this would have more of a negative impact for women as I know other females have talked about really flirty Thai trainers, is this a result of the sex with foreigners at the camp? Or is this how (generally) Thai trainers are? :mellow: I don't know; I'm just wondering what you all think, knowledge is power. :thanks:
  20. I submitted a review but it didn't go through, unless they have to be confirmed? I'll try again tomorrow.
  21. For me, its just 1 of my eyes that is bad, I can barely see with my left eye - maybe like 144p on YouTube. The thing is that my right eye does a lot of work, as it will look as far left as it can and basically allows my left eye to be lazy, which puts strain on my right eye which over time will weaken it to be as bad as my left eye. In order for me to keep my right eye strong I will need to get laser eye surgery on just my left eye, to fix it and so it can stop straining my right eye. I wonder how this affects my Muay Thai though... I've never really noticed anything, I guess because I never knew any difference. It will be interesting to see if my reaction time and stuff improves afterwards though. The only thing I hate about laser eye surgery is how fricken expensive it is... my optician told me that in order to keep the machine working and to be able to pay off the bills (they rent the machine) they need to keep it active every single day of the year, so if you want cheap surgery go at Christmas or any other time where people don't want to get it done.
  22. I like hearing English next to American, I swear we speak really informal... I only listened to 10mins 'cause I'm going to sleep, but I enjoyed it. I am really out the loop in terms of female Muay Thai and this is a good way to get into it, on top of that podcasts are good to put on in the background. :smile: :thanks:
  23. I think I'm gonna have surgery soon, how long after the surgery until you can spar? Thanks
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