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  1. Ok I just posted your comment on my FB wall cause it's a dream to be understood (sometimes but not always happens). Instantly my art historian/critic friend weighed in, loves it. This kind of clarity is really valuable for me in guiding people to understand my intentions. Thank you again.
  2. Holy sh*t! Elegant formulation Kevin! Can I quote you? And are you a philosopher? I have an undergraduate degree (& must go teach some theory to grad artists in a few weeks) but find I am far less literate in that regard 20 years on. Appreciate your thoughts very much. A critic friend was saying the room is the ring & the usual object of viewership, the fighters, are in the location of the spectators but.. Spectate not. I prefer your observation that it's a void or cave. Beautiful. Thank you.
  3. Gavin thank you so much for this. Appreciate reading it. Keep going! Dana
  4. I've had good luck improving my rest with calcium and magnesium supplements - "coats the nerves" is my b.s. understanding of the magnesium, in particular. I recommend it as against melatonin which can leave you groggy (not like sleeplessness doesn't).
  5. Hey Kevin thank you for asking. I have had a bee in my bonnet about female combat since the 90's (women don't how to fight openly - affects salary negotiations - contributes to chronic underpayment.. that line of thinking). Since I am an artist I make images of things I would like to see (ie; more female fights!). Took me a while to finally ask real fighters to spar! Duh! I will post a video sample eventually to my website - bit behind on that. As for what should happen in the ring room: The piece is edited so that the fight moves around you (not at you - its not an attempt to simulate the real experience with a go pro or anything). If you are watching a long shot on the wall in front of you, close-ups flash at intervals on the walls to your sides, and then sometimes in back of you. It mirrors the sensory experience of sparring by way of editing (things coming in from your peripheral vision, rhythms set up then broken). I also cast the very lovely Kru Natalie Fuz of Chok Sabai who you guys know (and who I first found out about by watching Julie Kitchen fights, which led to Sylvie's great interviews with her), to spar against Alex Stagi who is NOT a Muay Thai fighter but instead is all rules American kickboxing. As such its not really Muay Thai sparring - no elbows for example. However the interested party may note that Muay Thai is a hell of a lot more effective - Alex is talented and quite at bit younger than Nat, but that long stance... no bueno (got the crap kicked out of her front leg). It is a southpaw/orthodox sparring session too, and probably most importantly, a butch/femme allegory. Nat is her own elegant masculine-style woman, while Alex is a super feminine Southern woman in full make-up and a long blond ponytail. You can see why I enjoy a lot of the topics on 8limbs and this forum as they are at the center of my aesthetic and personal interests!!! :sorcerer:
  6. dtrick924 you are the best. I hope you get a chance to get down there - its a really beautiful, user-friendly museum in a huge old factory space. There are tons of different shows to see. Thanks for offering to post. Appreciate it. Micc thanks! It was desperation cause I was on crutches and could not train! Dana
  7. Wish someone would reply. Love to understand more about this & thanks for posting. Dana aka three oaks.
  8. I will PM you and thanks for asking! I don't want to do aggriegious self-promotion in this great space.
  9. My positive today is just that I went for the private lesson I learned a lot of things I can practice at home. I am actually quite depressed about MT at the moment, but can "act as if" I am not and move forward til my mood changes. My balance is getting better. My turnover is better sometimes. I am starting to depend less on my fists. The main terror - twisting rather than pivoting in roundhouses (ie; re-tearing the ACL) is diminishing but I still need to work on it. Its a slog being at the beginning. Trainer has excellent attitude - gives lots of info, knows I need to practice on my own because of kids (he has some too) so he really stacks it up then goes over what he taught me on the way out (and i will take notes). Great idea Michelle.
  10. Here is the schedule of a very excited beginner older athlete - boxing for three years, Muay Thai for not much more than a year and much of that on crutches having blown out an ACL sparring in boxing. I have two kids just about to enter adolescence - I don't want to lose touch with them so I prefer to train mostly during the day while they are at school. I am a self-employed artist and sometimes art professor so that helps with time flexibility (although I have to watch I don't entirely bag art for MT - solution has been to put obsession with MT into my artwork which has gone well since a "sparring" video installation is going on view this weekend at a museum on the East Coast of the U.S.). Monday Boxing 7:30 Knee rehab 8:30. Muay Thai bagwork at 5, Padwork at 6 (eventually sparring at 7, doc permitting). Tuesday gym day - weights, cardio. Bagwork at home weather permitting (its outside) Wednesday private Muay Thai lesson and all kinds of parent sh*t driving to and fro.Thursday spin class in the AM for knee (God I hate that class), 5 Muay Thai bagwork, 6 padwork.. Friday boxing at 2 (and usually gym in AM for weights etc).Weekend bagwork at home, jump rope, shadow & all that. I also do a lot of manual labor because I have large animals (read - wheelbarrowing sh*t around etc). I feel so lucky to be mobile and alive!
  11. Counter strikers are da bes. The evil strategist. She who waits, bates & strikes, remaining totally relaxed.
  12. So great you tweeted her mom. Curious if it will temper her language. It's very simplistic, but I always check to see if the fear (of being masculine for example) does not point to a desire. If you take hate as a cover for fear, and look at Christy Martin who was very masculine-phobic and homophobic during her time (lotsa pink shorts), she is now comfortably butch & with a woman, post-violent trainer/husband. For myself I definitely want the cultural power that comes with being male and I don't want to/ not good at the quintessentially feminine coquettish sh*t. That does not translate into literally wanting to become or feeling I am a man, but I feel like I am a man in the sense that I feel fully human and not sub-human (a woman by many standards). Going far afield here - on the train. Sorry about that. I am not big in the business of judging stars because I have seen too many times how success brings out aggression in other people (Sylvie gets a lot of it). But as a public person yeah Ronda -stfu with the trans-phobia.
  13. One thing she does handle right in my opinion is weight - she copped to being bulemic in her book (from judo weight cuts), and is careful to mention that she puts on weight for photo shoots because that is how she looks better and she knows she has a responsibility to girls & women regarding body image. I think she is educated on that front but I agree that her trans-phobia has got to go & its ignorance (and probably a distancing thing since I am sure she was called manly as any athletic cis-female sometimes is).
  14. Ah and do you see me taking an authoritative tone on it? Not meant to be - just for me paying attention to a pain, any pain was personally insulting to myself haha. This is specifically because of my experience in endurance training, a distinction between that and fight training you made in a thread elsewhere in the stew of controversy over over/training). I feel like a total beginner in that regard; I simply dismissed all pain as a barrier to achievement before. Getting cracked in the face and trying to coordinate to not react & move away & respond is vastly more complex. It's literally going from an isolation tank (water) to a teeming metropolis of sensory experience. This is one reason I focus in "old" on fighting so much because apart from the movements, it's the relaxation under pressure that fascinates me. Thank you for weighing in, Sylvie. You got a lot of bluster from a female trainer, it seems :). I have far fewer trainers to compare (5) and though I crave the family or "team" experience of training in one gym, my restlessness has acquired value from what I learned about teaching style (& is emboldened by your bigger example).
  15. I felt I could determine what my limit was (none) until I got older and started having more and more small tendon and ligament injuries. For me there had been a learning curve trying to distinguish pains that I should work through (ignore as I would have as a young athlete), and those I should work around (as Sylvie and others have discussed in training regimes). Because my old sport was so simple (Faster! What pain? Keep your form, go faster), it's been a whole new world not just of complex new movements & patterns but also of attentiveness to small pains in order to try & learn what is fatigue and what is injury. Driven me nuts actually, but I'm starting to get a handle on it. Good to have assistance from my boxing trainer & also this particular debate to help me sort through having the mind of a champion in one sport (yes I was %** great) with having the same mind, only way more skilled for the lessons of age and this phenomenal new form. Respect, always respect.
  16. Book is fantastic. I love her. Hey I also love Kanye West. I adore a purposeful asshole. I might not try to be friends (as if) but admiration & inspiration? Big time.
  17. I am not bothered by the slow server, personally, and if no money means no problems better wait IMO. Sorry you took the crap for crowd-sourcing.
  18. I can pitch in. Lawrence Kenshin uses a subscription service (sorry I cannot remember the name) so people can voluntarily support his awesome breakdowns - that works well - I do a buck a month cause I love them. I see Sylvie has taken to other methods to support her fights now that the 100 fight goal has been smashed; not sure if there is wariness to ask for support but again but I'm game. I imagine you fighters often don't have the budget to support what with working less to train more but I'm older now and happy to support in any way I can.
  19. I agree go to the gym to get the vibe, but I've trained at 3 different places and each time the web page told me info that was accurate, in the end (financial health, style and professionalism/fight focus).
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