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  1. Ha ha emma im so glad toddy said something to her!! I dont know why she is in thailand at all! I would have askes her what her gym was at home then said it was shit!!
  2. Im back haha not been on in ages and good topic so i tell ya with me it was extreme without me even knowing for ages!!! I trained with the older pad man of the gym who is awesome etc but on days where he wasnt there or say the gym was busy etc as i was a long term foreigner id sometimes go last on pads but i could never understand that non of the other pad men would ask me to go with them! Even if they were free they wouldn't and i was kinda like wtf like im good! Im stronger than most of the guys here whats the problem??? Turns out they were scared to hold for me cos my trainer would give out to them or shout out in the middle of my pads what to do and how to hold for me so i was like aaahhh ok!! I ended up asking to change to a different trainer eventually and after that id go with different ones But they get very personal about it id make jokes with him keep it light but again i dunno how but ive always been able to talk straight with my trainers if they were acting the maggot or giving me half arsed pads id be like eeh i have fight i want serious ok!! And it be grand Now im in a new gym so im probably going to go through all different experiences but so far my trainer is cool (mad as a brush) but cool
  3. Yea exactly what punchdrunk said that's it really dark skin means poverty and uneducated hence more likely to commit crime. I want to say I'm shocked but I'm not anymore to be honest but its terrible! I've heard of many Indian/African expats being treated appallingly by thai's. And I'm talking about wealthy well educated expats here. Have any of you seen that TV show its like mythical and there's twin princesses (same woman) one is white and good and beautiful and the other they have painted her body and face black and she's evil and bad....she looks ridiculous! I feel terrible for people who come here and are treated like that I don't know why they would stay here to be honest! The land of smiles .....but only if you look right to them, they conception of beautiful is so misguided its tragic One of the reasons I love buakaw is that he's so dark doesn't care does loads of training and stuff outside in the sun and doesn't care!!
  4. I really have no problem getting in the ring under the ropes it's just the way it is, I won't however train in a gym that women aren't allowed train in ring etc etc as that's not being treated equally and im actually treated more than equal in my gym I'm treated like a thai! and I love that! I've recently just got my own mongkol aswell and im so excited that I have my own feels so special .
  5. I use 8 oz lace up twins as they are all I have left right now!! but I favour top king as they have great wrist support so ill buy them when I can, I sometimes use bag gloves and I do like them but my skin sheds lol I don't know is that toughening or what lol I spar normally in my same gloves but if it's going to be a bit hard ill put 12 oz on
  6. I've actually really struggled with the heat this year it's getting slightly cooler im noticing it at night more which is good! also I just like to add regarding another thread on gym attire I live in the hottest province in Thailand and I wear tshirt training so all this have nakedness cos it's hot I don't get!! ha cooling powders are great and I finally get why the thai's cover themselves in it! I'm really looking forward to cool season the year and I won't complain! lol
  7. Yea mine is completely different to yours don't agree with loads of that but that was your experience ill write another time as will take too long :)
  8. Yea I think it's just all down to experience aswell like back home I fought so infrequently it was like fighting for 1st time over and over!" anyway really looking forward to sharing the ring with my buddy juliana on sat I reckon it will be a great scrap I hope so anyway :)
  9. Oh man haha I'm not gonna lie haven't read blog post or most of these comments only quotes but I listen to my body I train really hard, sometimes I'm just dead weight literally to a point where I cry I've suffered with insomnia for about 13 years so I know recovery plays such an important role and its something I never get! Also now living in Thailand I take no supplements and i don't get enough protein. I do believe that if you have everything balanced correctly you will feel good, but only your body can tell you whats going on, and your mind!! Sylvie remember when u came down the other week and I said I didn't sleep a wink but had a great run. The mind is a powerful thing, I believe I overtrain I also don't really recover properly at all ever. I could be chatting shit but its 2am I can't sleep but I can't read all the long posts
  10. I know a fella who stopped fighting because he had reached the number of concussions you are meant to have in your life! I had probably double that before I started muaythai from rugby and drunken silliness!! As for people being too hard sparring don't spar them!! Im a southpaw and would flat out refuse to spar some people (mostly novice) as I would get injured. Use it to work on your movement like in sparring its not just hitting each other work on slipping the punches or stepping to the side. I actually box hard but I don't mean to, I like getting a good wack every now and then so its not a big shock in a fight! But like I said even right at the start of me fighting I wouldn't spar someone and just be like 'eeeh cos you try to take my bleeding head off'
  11. Helpful but can be a nightmare im not sure how your gym is set up Emma but our like living area tv etc is in front of the bedrooms!! There's a few lads let's just say like to drink more than train!! I definitely like my quiet house away from gym
  12. Everything Sylvie said!!!!! There can be so much pressure that you put on yourself in fights especially in the west! A losing streak can definately be disheartening, I've had 4 in a row myself but I've also won fights and been extremely disappointed in my performance aswell. I'm guessing you work and this is your 'hobbie' although I think it's more a job itself or a lifestyle :) it's supposed to fun and enjoyable I really agree with what people are saying about performance if you perform well and are improving with each fight that's what Is important! I've always said it's as much a mental game as physical and I think working on that will really help you. Just remember to relax and enjoy every minute of it fighting with a massive heart is what it's all about if you ask me! Getting in the ring is amazing in itself and as fighters we forget that as generally we are surrounded by each other!
  13. So I fought tonight and I'm fighting 2 more times in the next 2 weeks. This is the first time for me that I've fights (scheduled) so close together! I won the fight, but typical me not happy at all. I won comfortably enough. When we got back to the gym after my manager said to people ooh she fight maybe 30% and win haha. I can see how he thought that as I dunno it wasnt a ya know toe to toe war!! But I actually really wanted to win by stoppage (it was my 4th fight v same opponent I've won every time). I hesitated a lot and I'm wondering if I was thinking subconsciously that I've 2 more fights I don't want to get hurt! Maybe that's an excuse in my head for my average performance but I wonder for people (especially say sylvie) who fight so often does that ever go through your mind! I could be chatting shit I can't sleep after fights and I over think too much but just wondering peoples thoughts
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