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  1. OT: vinegar. Oh my god, I love it too, with tea tree essential oil is what is saving my gear (gloves,shinguards and everything else) from smelly town.
  2. This (turning the foot out while also stepping out) is what I'm working on right now, while trying to stay light on the ball of the foot and pivoting. Sooo many parts to a movement, it feels like learning to drive with a manual shift ;)
  3. I think I saw it in the pad work vid you posted recently, it's like a full arch from your face and then back? It looks hard to do fast ;) On the low kick I'm actually keeping the arms still in guard, but the step outside help enough with the movement. Middle and high kicks are impossible without balancing with the arm extension, indeed, so I do the guard level extension. If you have the time to vid something it would be cool, but no pressure, really. I'm just trying to figure things out, having more than one trainer is a mess... ;)
  4. My first concern is not to offend him in any way, thai culture and italian culture are so different and tattoo conventions are such a chaotic space... I'll try to do my best and follow the advice you gave in the past. As for the Yant subject, I'm not really worried, it could also be only words/symbols, I'll let him decide, I really want to do it for the function not the looks ;) The idea of a tattoos as a living element is something I always looked for in my others, and even if I'm always worried of unconscious cultural appropriation, sak yant seem to really have what I am looking for in this situation. And it's thanks to you that I was able to discover that, your words are really making a difference.
  5. I've just discovered that Arjan Pi is coming to a tattoo convention in italy in april 2016! I was thinking about getting a sak yant from him, maybe something for my legs (between knees and veins they're a mess and would really need some support and protection). Thank you for sharing his work and vision, it's very inspiring and I love the "not a pretty thing" approach of sak yants.
  6. Just to add info for european folks: I bought it from this website http://www.muay.itwhich is the italian interface of an import from slovenia (??) I could order it and pay in cash at the postal guy, it took one week, no problems. Here the list of all european distributors http://www.nammanmuay.eu/en/where-to-buy/ I still have to use it, I'll let you know!
  7. Thank you so much for your feedback! @Sylvie do you have a reference for what you're practising now? The "across the chin and then straight out" thing? Right now I'm working on crouched/stepped outside low kicks with my guard up and middle kicks (still with step outside) with the arm at guard level (like the pic emma posted). I also noticed that without bringing the arm down I have to focus 100% on turning my hip and it's actually helping me a lot to learn the cinetic chain of the kick.
  8. I found this old post while looking for kick related posts before opening a new one. So: up! I was following a running training where there were skipping exercises to learn how to run with your butt. If you look for "how to skip" on youtube you can find lots of football players/coaches showing different variations.
  9. I made a new one trimming it before molding it and it makes a world of difference, my god. I could have probably trimmed it even more. I'll buy some disinfectant and see how long this lasts. Also a training partner told me that now they have gel ones at Decathlon at very low price and they are very comfortable, but I think the shops are only in europe :(
  10. We were practising kicks the other day and my trainer said something among the lines: "If you step outside/pivot on your standing foot enough there's no need to lower/straighten the kicking leg arm, it's better to keep your guard up when kicking than risking a counterhit". What is your kicking leg hand/arm position in kicks? Does it changes with different kicks? Have you noticed different outcomes with different positions?
  11. So inhale through the nose between strikes and exhale through the mouth (eventually with sound) on the strikes. I'll work on that, thank you!
  12. The fact that Micc pointed out that you should change it every 3-6 months AND the fact that last session it fell from my fingers into a puddle of sweat on the tatami PLUS my ipochondria made me decide to buy a new one and try to trim it before molding it. (Still a Leone, it's the only one they have in the shop close to me.) I'll let you know if it gets better. How do you clean it between sessions? I usually wash it with a toothbrush and some toothpaste. @Emma: I looked online after your post and it looks like there's a place in Milan where they make custom molded mouthguards for around 150-200€. Still kind of expensive for something you should renew often... Or maybe it's a different material that lasts longer? Or since they already have your mold the next one is cheaper?
  13. I agree with michelle. Stress management is part of a training too. And stretching/yoga do wonders for me. I always take 20 minutes to myself to stretch slowly in silence at the end of a session. It's a moment of closure before rushing out to work and life problems.
  14. Damn. Stupid body needing stupid oxygen... I'll look for some deep breathing tutorials online, the only technique I know is the counting/numbers one, like: inhale, pause, exhale, pause - but I really don't know how to apply that while throwing punches...
  15. What kind do you use? How do you mold it? I have a Leone but it's not a good fit for me, I have a small palate and when I put it on it always makes the gums on my back theet bleed. (I have very sensitive gums :( ) Any suggestion about smaller/softer brands?
  16. I think that "breath in your abdomen" is related to deep breaths using the diaphram, which allows you to store more oxygen in each breath. I noticed too that making noises on each hit helps with the stamina (and intention, in my case). It's not easy to keep the jaw protected by always biting down, as a beginner I'm still struggling a lot with that too.
  17. I'm reading stuff around because I'm trying to understand how this works. In my gym different people use different styles: the "sssshh" on every hit, the screamed "RRRAAH" on every hit... Then I found this article that promotes the "in/out only through your nose" approach. http://www.expertboxing.com/boxing-training/boxing-workouts/boxer-breathing-technique How do you breath? Have you tried different ways and saw improvement in one or the other? I'm always been a mouth breather my whole life, bad habit I took as a kid, but now I'm trying to retrain my breathing to something more functional in fighting, so every advice is welcome!
  18. I watched the show live on the italian tv with my gym mates and trainers, and the overall reaction was "the fights weren't that good". It could be related to a personal feud between one of my trainers and the organizer of the event, so I'd really love some external opinion about them. ;)
  19. Training regularly basically saved me from a severe depression. Training in combat sports allowed me to face my own fears and to learn that I have the tools !and the strenght to overcome them. People mock me saying I'm a fitness junkie because I train every day, but for me it's a way of life that keeps me balanced and healty. Thank you for this topic, Sylvie
  20. I received a strong blow to the shin sparring, and the subsequent bruise and knot/swelling followed. I put ice on it the first two days and then tried the towel/hot water method that Silvye shows in her video. It felt good, the problem is that after the second time I did it I ended up with scratchings on my skin from the towel (I have very thin skin, it sucks) so now I don't know what to do. My trainer, the old one, told me to freeze a glass water bottle and then roll my shin with it. I could also try the stick method. I am confused What do you use to treat your shins? Do you have any suggestion for sensitive skin?
  21. I always thought I wasn't fit for running (past knee issues and overweight) but I'm thinking of trying C25K this summer to see if I can fit 2/3 30min runs in my week and see if my endurance improves. With the heat I'm always gassed out, it's exhausting... Do you know any tutorial about correct posture/breathing?
  22. She really is the "go-to" female athlete that people think when engaging conversations about female issues in fighting, because yesterday, at my gym (male, with the random 1 to 4 women), we were warming up in a group and I was talking with the other female present (a young teenage girl) about finding a way to keep my long hair out of the way of gloves velcro straps in grappling, and one of the guys said: "Just do like Ronda Rousey, tie them in cornrows". (They are still to long for that, but whatever). And later, another guy in my wight lifting class was asking me something about grappling and I was like "Yeah, but boobs get in the way, it's annoying" (I have a certain amount of boobs) and he was like: "But RR has big boobs and she can manage". (He then added with a sigh: "All women who fight have so little boobs..." He looked sadly in the distance, I facepalmed so hard and got back to squatting...) And we're talking about italy and not english speaking people, if they ever talk about someone else I'll let you know...
  23. Thank you everyone for sharing. It's making me feel much better. @Emma: I read your post, it's very interesting. The bit that touched me was the note on "not feeling guilty or stressed if you miss training". That I think is connected to "not feeling guilty if you eat a super pizza out with friends". For me it's strongly related to keep focusing on doing things because they make me happy, without relating them to my worth. It's so complicated! @Micc: I feel you. I always had to schedule meetings with my friends. I work afternoons and evenings, it's always been complicated. But suddenly hearing no because of training (instead of work) must have been unexpected. I've always been over-available to people, and just recently learned to defend my space and my needs. @Iwtgtt I think that's the point. I was hurt that she implied the "addiction" part. @Sylvie I am already the friend without kids, and get all strange looks because my life is not revolving around family but around my own artistic and personal projects... In italy they are still considered not "real priorities". It sucks. But I agree that obsession is what allows you to create something new. Also combat training is actually being therapeutic for me, so yay! @Steph I think I'll start doing that. Say I'm busy without saying why. ;)
  24. (I hope this is the right section) Today a friend of mine accused me of being a fitness junkie because I train four times a week. I suspect it was because I said I couldn't do something with her because I had training. My question is: are we all endorphine junkies or people who don't train regularly perceive us as such because we have different priorities? Is there an actual addiction to endorphine problem when you train almost every day? What is the reaction of the people around you (family/friends) to your training schedule?
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