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Found 3 results

  1. Looking for advice and price of Sak Yant in Bangkok or surrounding area?
  2. I thought I'd start a thread here about sak yant. I've had three significant sak yant sessions, and I consider sak yant a spiritual path for me. As such I do get lots of questions online, so maybe it would be good to have an evolving conversation. So here are a few videos and links. Hopefully others can add their experiences or questions here too. An note about "meanings". A lot of the sak yant meanings are fairly similar, bestowing luck, strength, fortune, though yants are sometimes gendered, and by custom are found among certain kinds walks of life. For instance I've heard that my two backward facing Tigers are favored among members of the police or military. I am by NO means an expert in this, but in many ways looking for the "meaning" is the wrong kind of question. Yants are more like devices, spiritual devices, and the better question may be "What do they do?" Firstly: These are all of my blog posts on Sak Yant My First Sak Yant - Elbow (June, 2013) and the blog post on the experience. My Second Sak Yant Sangwan Rahu (April, 2014) and the blog post on the experience My Third Sak Yant Session: Backwards Facing Tigers and Takroh (April, 2015) and the blog post on the experience This post isn't about me and my sak yants though, but an invitation to discussion and building awareness. As I've stated before, sak yant are not "Muay Thai tattoos", but rather part of a much, much wider Thai Buddhist spiritual syncretic practice of which we as westerners don't really get much more than a glimpse, and don't have easy references to make sense of them. If you'd like to read up on what is unique about modern Thai Buddhism this book is really good: The Lovelorn Ghost and the Magical Monk - it isn't focused on sak yant in particular, but explains the nature of Thai Buddhism that brings together Buddhism, Brahmanism, and animism and allows these grounded, real world focus practices to flourish. Arjan Pi Bangkating is someone I do consider my spiritual teacher. All my sak yant are from him. He tattoos in Chiang Mai, Rangsit (outside of Bangkok) and Taiwan, and sometimes Singapore. But I did attend also my friend Robyn getting her sak yant in Bangkok from the reputable Arjanneng OnNut, so I have a little cross-reference to other practices, but not much.
  3. Hi Sylvie. I enjoyed your recent post about receiving your sak yant. Your tattoo is great, by the way, and your post was enlightening and very interesting. I'm heading to Thailand in a couple months and have every intent of trying to find a place that will do this for me. I'm very preliminary in my research so far, I just know I want one - so any light you can shed on receiving a sak yant would be helpful. You mentioned you got yours from Arjan Pi in Bangkok, is this a place that you would suggest I go? Do I pre-book an appointment or something? As well, from other people I know that have gotten sak yants before, they have mentioned that some places will choose it for you? Any truth to that? You mentioned that he had a book that you looked through, is this typically how someone would pick which one they wanted? And lastly, is the aftercare similar to a regular tattoo? I will be in Thailand for 3 weeks and am not too sure if I should get it at the start of my trip or at the tail end of it. Anyways, I appreciate your time and thank you. Anyone who has any helpful advice, feel free to chime in.
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