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Should You Take Malaria Pills When Traveling to Thailand?

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I don't know anyone taking malaria pills, though I'm not saying its something you shouldn't do. It's just not something I've seen...but, something that I've seen nobody talk about is that IF you contract COVID and malaria at the same time that might be some very bad news. I would imagine that malaria would complicate everything that COVID could possibly do to you. But that is just a bro science take. Malaria lowers white blood cell count, COVID sometimes raises it. But, malaria can be life threatening at times, so at the very least it would complicate diagnosis.

All that is to say, in areas of malaria anti-malaria steps might be more prudent than in the past. Also, some areas of Thailand are much more malaria prone than others.

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5 minutes ago, Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu said:

I think Kevin is thinking of Dengue Fever. There may be Malaria in Thailand, but not in many places where you'd find yourself. Dengue is a serious concern, seasonally at least.

Damn! I was thinking of Dengue. 🙂 But  the same anti-mosquito concern is maybe there with COVID. Rainy season, avoiding unnecessary mosquito exposure, taking that extra step vs mosquitos could be important. These are things people should think about. Anywhere you might get malaria (forested areas, border areas Google tells me) you could also get Dengue. In fact, you can get Dengue even more readily than Malaria. Urban Dengue is a thing.

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On 5/1/2021 at 8:34 AM, Timbo said:

Does anyone take the malaria pills in Thailand? Is it worth it? Do you think people should take the malaria pills? Anybody every caught malaria? 

I lived 3 years in areas with lots of malaria (South Central Africa) 2 years in Bangkok, Thailand. Now Myanmar since 1 plus year. I've never taken any medication and been lucky. But depends on where you are and the kind of malaria being spread. Dengue seems common though, I know several people who had it (urban and rural areas). So measures against mosquito bites are always a good advice. From someone who have had some bad luck with some nasty parasites, deworming pill might be a good option. I take one every 6-month. 


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Malaria map above. It's only really present in border areas, which are all mountainous and sparsely populated (I think).  So, no you'll almost certainly not need to take antimalarials. Dengue is transmitted by a different species of mosquito to ones that carry malaria. They bite during the day and dengue can be caught in urban areas.  If you're worried about it, just cover up and use repellent.    

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There are some home remedies and tricks of repelling biting insects, as mosquitos and bed bugs.  I myself use garlic in capsules; one each day (no taste and no smell).  Takes most biting insects, and also ticks.  Apparently they dont like the smell nor taste,  and dont bite the human whose blood tastes garlic.  Im not saying its a fool sure defence, but perhaps 70- 80%....    I have noticed I get nowadays bitten much less than before.  

If you dare to manage without anti-malaria remedies, so with garlic as addition you should feel pretty safe...

Or you can google on and try some other trick, or a combo.


Garlic is also by itself a healthy supplement / food.

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ps 1.  The mosquitos I do talk about, are our european ones (and yes, some of them are able to carry malaria.  In historic time malaria wasnt unusual in Europe.   

But I suppose the asian mosquitos species, they dont like garlic them either.


ps 2.  Observe, garlic is more or less harmful for cats and dogs.  So we cant use them for defending our pets against ticks...  Perhaps smear some on the collar??

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