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  1. I've met folks that had their first fight when they were about 40-45 and their grit is insane! They keep saying to me things like, I've got so much to catch up on you younger kids (I'm 26 lol), etc. But to be perfectly honest and as cheesy as its sounds, age is just a number. Once you've put your heart, your mind and your soul into achieving that goal, it's never too late. Can't wait to see your progress! Best of luck to everything!
  2. I wonder if it has to do with the 'hooks' allowed in BJJ? I know in Muay Thai, judo-like sweeps or take-downs are illegal if your foot intentionally hooks their calf/ankle. Hmmmmmmm I'll try clinching with my buddy Muay Thai style and see if I can do it properly. :P
  3. Leg kicks and elbows <3 Love them so much! Surprisingly I am pretty successful with sweeps and take-downs in Jiu-jitsu but I know I am not good with sweeps/clinching in Muay Thai at all LOL.
  4. Usually around after April or even during their monsoon season, it gets really hot. It did take me a while to adjust to training. It depends on your electrolyte/water intake and most importantly if you're getting enough rest or nutrition. Are you training at least twice a day? If so, I had to give myself a week to adjust and once I started training twice a day, 6 times a week. I seriously had to take naps in between, eat a shit ton of food or else I'd be exhausted from the heat. Take care!
  5. Hey Lucy! I am also in the process of switching gyms because school and full time work is preventing me from training at my home gym. Since school is only for the summer, I plan of going to a different gym close to work for the time being. I know that my coach will understand because he knows how much I want to fight and learn from other instructors. I've actually thought about leaving for a while......The issue that I have with my home gym is that we really don't have any fighters (at all) other than myself. I want to have a group of teammates that do fight camps and fight alongside with :( D
  6. That's honestly the beautiful thing about being passionate about Muay Thai. Its never too late, at all! You've already started; that is your story! Keep those pages turning! xx
  7. Thanks for your insight on this Lucy! I cannot wait for your experience with Attachai and Gae <3
  8. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl, didn't you just got back home from your recent one!? LOL <3 In regards to your questions, many of my friends do a "visa run" to neighboring countries like Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. I don't have much details on how many times per year you can do it, but that basically resets your stay. For us Canadians, its a maximum of "30 days" You honestly make me want to GTFO and head to Thailand again.
  9. Ah, speaking of injuries, I ended up getting one [hairline fracture on my rib + torn ligaments] from my last fight in Feb. I was out for 3 weeks and the moment I went back training, I started getting aches again haha. I went over to the doctor to get a professional opinion and he basically gave me the clear to train "smart" -- so GLAD he didn't tell me to rest and not do anything. At this moment I am working on "active recovery" procedures such as light jogging, strength training that doesn't engage the ribs too much and light pad-work. I haven't done any sparring yet since I am afraid that
  10. Oh man, I’ve never rented a car or a scooter to take myself around the [Chiang Mai or Bangkok] city because I would get so frustrated with how busy traffic gets. Also, the fact that they drive the opposite compared to Canada, I fear that I would cause an accident or get into one. But if you’re super patient and have confidence in your driving, go for it, take care!
  11. HAPPY 2018 FOLKS! Hope yours will be exciting and triumphant! An update on my goals: I just entered my first 10K Race weeks ago! And as a challenge, heh -- the race is the day after I come back from my Thailand/Philippines trip. I'm going to be jet-lagged as fuckkkkkkk! In a way, it forces me to run while I'm training for Muay Thai. I've been training in December; slowly but surely I'm am so stoked for that event! I'm already picturing myself [beat-up/exhausted/ugly, but relieved] finishing the race. On top of this, about 3 more weeks till I head back to Thailand. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
  12. Sarah Kaufman, Ashley Nichols (CANADAAAAA hahaha) and Loma. It's going to be such an epic card!
  13. Hey! Thanks for lengthy review of this gym! Great info! I love reading posts like this :)
  14. Well hopefully the next time you head back to train, see if anything changes! You are right - once you step in the ring to fight, your opponent is there to hurt you. And I think that pressure or intention should reflect on your sparring and pad-holding with your partners. Its even interesting that you get to spar at 100% in your new gym. It may take some time to adjust to your new gym. If you don't feel comfortable of sparring too hard, see if you can communicate with your partner or coach for any suggestions. I wouldn't even bother sparring with that other egotistical girl (I saw your other p
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