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  1. I've met folks that had their first fight when they were about 40-45 and their grit is insane! They keep saying to me things like, I've got so much to catch up on you younger kids (I'm 26 lol), etc. But to be perfectly honest and as cheesy as its sounds, age is just a number. Once you've put your heart, your mind and your soul into achieving that goal, it's never too late. Can't wait to see your progress! Best of luck to everything!
  2. I wonder if it has to do with the 'hooks' allowed in BJJ? I know in Muay Thai, judo-like sweeps or take-downs are illegal if your foot intentionally hooks their calf/ankle. Hmmmmmmm I'll try clinching with my buddy Muay Thai style and see if I can do it properly. :P
  3. Leg kicks and elbows <3 Love them so much! Surprisingly I am pretty successful with sweeps and take-downs in Jiu-jitsu but I know I am not good with sweeps/clinching in Muay Thai at all LOL.
  4. Usually around after April or even during their monsoon season, it gets really hot. It did take me a while to adjust to training. It depends on your electrolyte/water intake and most importantly if you're getting enough rest or nutrition. Are you training at least twice a day? If so, I had to give myself a week to adjust and once I started training twice a day, 6 times a week. I seriously had to take naps in between, eat a shit ton of food or else I'd be exhausted from the heat. Take care!
  5. Hey Lucy! I am also in the process of switching gyms because school and full time work is preventing me from training at my home gym. Since school is only for the summer, I plan of going to a different gym close to work for the time being. I know that my coach will understand because he knows how much I want to fight and learn from other instructors. I've actually thought about leaving for a while......The issue that I have with my home gym is that we really don't have any fighters (at all) other than myself. I want to have a group of teammates that do fight camps and fight alongside with :( Don't get me wrong, my coach is wonderful and I am truly going to miss being under his wing. At this point, you're just going have to ask yourself, is it really worth your time to spend gas and many hours trying to go to the gym that's just too far away. This is your time and money, you should do what feels right and NO you are NOT BETRAYING the gym you're planning of leaving. Like my current coach, he understands my situation and he wants me to learn from others, he respects my passion. I will always be forever grateful for his wisdom but in order for me to learn and grow, I must find a place that will work out for me.
  6. That's honestly the beautiful thing about being passionate about Muay Thai. Its never too late, at all! You've already started; that is your story! Keep those pages turning! xx
  7. Thanks for your insight on this Lucy! I cannot wait for your experience with Attachai and Gae <3
  8. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl, didn't you just got back home from your recent one!? LOL <3 In regards to your questions, many of my friends do a "visa run" to neighboring countries like Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. I don't have much details on how many times per year you can do it, but that basically resets your stay. For us Canadians, its a maximum of "30 days" You honestly make me want to GTFO and head to Thailand again.
  9. Ah, speaking of injuries, I ended up getting one [hairline fracture on my rib + torn ligaments] from my last fight in Feb. I was out for 3 weeks and the moment I went back training, I started getting aches again haha. I went over to the doctor to get a professional opinion and he basically gave me the clear to train "smart" -- so GLAD he didn't tell me to rest and not do anything. At this moment I am working on "active recovery" procedures such as light jogging, strength training that doesn't engage the ribs too much and light pad-work. I haven't done any sparring yet since I am afraid that someone will kick me in my rib [by accident] and I might be out of commission again. It really sucks for you and I having to deal with injuries (I think yours is far worse than mine) but I suppose it takes time to be patient and work with what we can. I am looking to fight in May so hopefully everything will be healed up by then! I hope everything works out with you as well @fightingfrog!
  10. Oh man, I’ve never rented a car or a scooter to take myself around the [Chiang Mai or Bangkok] city because I would get so frustrated with how busy traffic gets. Also, the fact that they drive the opposite compared to Canada, I fear that I would cause an accident or get into one. But if you’re super patient and have confidence in your driving, go for it, take care!
  11. HAPPY 2018 FOLKS! Hope yours will be exciting and triumphant! An update on my goals: I just entered my first 10K Race weeks ago! And as a challenge, heh -- the race is the day after I come back from my Thailand/Philippines trip. I'm going to be jet-lagged as fuckkkkkkk! In a way, it forces me to run while I'm training for Muay Thai. I've been training in December; slowly but surely I'm am so stoked for that event! I'm already picturing myself [beat-up/exhausted/ugly, but relieved] finishing the race. On top of this, about 3 more weeks till I head back to Thailand. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
  12. Hey! Thanks for lengthy review of this gym! Great info! I love reading posts like this :)
  13. Well hopefully the next time you head back to train, see if anything changes! You are right - once you step in the ring to fight, your opponent is there to hurt you. And I think that pressure or intention should reflect on your sparring and pad-holding with your partners. Its even interesting that you get to spar at 100% in your new gym. It may take some time to adjust to your new gym. If you don't feel comfortable of sparring too hard, see if you can communicate with your partner or coach for any suggestions. I wouldn't even bother sparring with that other egotistical girl (I saw your other post lol). Nothing's ever worse of getting a concussion during training before your fight. You're all there to train, work hard and learn. Not fucking busting each other's brains and give each other trauma. Yeah, its quite the journey! After my most recent fight when I lost through a decision, my mental game was a little over the place. In my heart, I know I want to fight again; I love Muay Thai. But there those days when I question myself: "Should I continue?.... WTF am I doing...?!" In light of all of this, I haven't stopped training yet...I am still going to Thailand to train and fight... so what is there to be afraid of when I have gone this far already. Lots of pics will be posted on IG and FB hahahaha. Aren't you heading back next year!?
  14. My 2018 Goals: Fight in Thailand again! I plan of getting 2 fights when I head back in Jan/Feb. Move down a weight class 125-130lbs; currently hovering around145-155lbs. I've added on Strength & Conditioning in my training regimen..but I think I gained muscle mass and now weigh more LOL. Fight back at home and enter a few more tournaments. My main goal is to enter for Muay Thai Canada's Provincial/National Championships (usually at the end of the year) and hope to be part of Team Canada. Always been a dream of mine! Also complete a 5-10KM marathon just because I've never done it before.
  15. LUCY!!! :banana: Coincidentally this week's training was my coach and I focusing on throwing "mid/high kicks" Because of how short I am, I have been focusing on low/leg kicks and it became a habit of mine to just throw that move, which can be predictable obviously. So my coach and I were drilling mid or high kicks non-stop. During pad-calls, I've executed those kicks perfectly fine. But when I started doing technical-sparring with him, they looked like shit lol. Mind you, we didn't wear shin-guards as we decided to get the feel of moving around without any bulk, and we were going about 50% with pressure. I think mentally speaking, I keep thinking that: "Omg, I might hurt him :pinch: " in my mind, I know he can take it and so can I. He just kept reminding me: "Jamaica, just fucking let it go. Don't worry I'll block it.If your kicks are sloppy, expect a hard kick back LOL" So I told myself, "OK shit - let's do this" Mins later after drilling the same move over and over again, I finally was able to kick mid/high properly. On top of this session, I've also figured out how long my freaking distance was. I realized, holy shit, I can kick that far AND I can kick that high! Going back to mental toughness - I think it comes overtime; definitely something you can practice. Something I've been working on myself. I know for a fact during my Muay Thai journey, there was hesitation and fear of hurting someone. What helped me overcome those fears was learning how to always go 100% during pad-work, sparring like you mean it (obviously take account of not hurting your partners) and eventually, you'll get past it. My coach is the type of guy to give me a hard time...and I really appreciate why he takes that approach on me. There were times where I nearly puked from exhaustion, where I get beat up because of how sloppy my kicks/punches were... or how I drop my hands... but I am so glad he motivates me and pushes me to my limits. He definitely plays a key-role in boosting my confidence in a special way.
  16. I brought my favorite gloves to Thailand, lets just say after 1 month of training intensely I had this nasty stench that would not go away. What I've tried was shoving dryer sheets (changing it every other day) and also, I kid you not, putting baby powder inside the gloves (I've tried the Snake 'Prickly heat' powder that I got from Thailand but I figured it would be the same with baby powder) On top of that, I tried not to use my favorite gloves for about a 2 weeks and ended up using my spare. Lets just say the stench faded away eventually. I don't know with shin-pads however, but I would maybe try putting it in a draw string bag with dryer sheets and smear baby powder on it. Leave it for a few days and see how that goes? Just make sure that its all dried up before you do the following. Hope this works for you!
  17. I only ever owned a pair of Twins 10oz (BGVL-3) and 12oz (BGVLA-1) ever. I have tiny hands; I love the wrist closure, plus the way it wraps around my fist nice and snug. :)
  18. Hope you find one and good luck! PS. I love your username. Use Jump & Splash on your opponent :wink:
  19. Ooooh! Cool. I'd be interested - depends on what date as I'm heading back to Thailand early next year January to March, but sounds like fun so I'm open to getting more experience in North America. Name: Jamaica Noriel Record: 0-1 [i don't know how fights in Thailand apply to North America but I'd like to be considered as an amateur still lol] Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada Weight: 140-145 lbs You can add me on Facebook if you'd like! :D
  20. Whoa - wait what?! 8000 (Dollars?!) for Buakaw?! >_> That can't be real lol. - I've never been to Kru Attachai's gym in Bangkok (Attachai Muay Thai) but he does privates for 2500 Baht (see website: https://attachaimuaythai.com/sport-gym/trainings/ ) I had a friend of mine that trained here and nothing but positive reviews based on their experience! Sylvie also wrote an article when he first opened his gym months ago, and there are lots of great info, especially her experience: http://8limbs.us/muay-thai-thailand/new-attachai-muay-thai-gym-fighting-genius-beautiful-surroundings I do plan of visiting his gym as I will be heading back to Thailand early next year. But you'll get there before I would so if you do ended up going for a private session with Kru Attachai, hope you'll have a blast there! :D
  21. Oh, I know what you mean! I've felt this way too. Generally I feel alone as I am the only female fighter in the gym, and sadly I don't have any other companion that I can constantly share the motivation with. So that's why I love training in Thailand as I can get the most out of it, and I can also have a fight arranged which is awesome.. :) The lifestyle and training regimen in Thailand is a whole lot different than back at home. Perhaps you can your friends/gym-mates that train there, to go out and have a session or so outside of class. Even if they're not as committed to fighting as you are, it doesn't hurt to ask them to practice together if they want. And even if they don't have the time to do so, there are other ways for you to train like going out for a run, doing some strength & conditioning workouts, cross-train, etc. Hope this helps, and good luck in your upcoming fight!!!
  22. Great read - best of luck Kevin! PS. I wished I had your height LOL... I'm a little shorter than Sylvie; its amazing to have a height advantage!
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