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  1. I like to watch a lot of Muay Thai videos on YouTube like Lawrence Kenshin, Muay Thai scholar, and of course Sylvie’s training vlogs. I see a lot of Golden era fighters/fighters like Samart, Somrak, Sagat, Nokweed Devy, and Coban and I’m not 100% sure what they’re fighting styles are. I think it would be cool to compile a list of famous fighters and they’re fighting styles. I think most of the ones I listed are Muay Femur stylists but if anybody knows and would like to share, I’m all ears.
  2. I started training at age 18 but at that time I decided i’d rather be skateboarding and so I spent the past 17 years mostly skating but still having a Muay Thai interest. So even though I don’t have fight injuries; i have tendon issues in my right ankle that snap back on me from time to time causing pretty acute pain. I think i have a rotator cuff issue in my shoulder as well, but I think you’re right about training differently when you’re older with injuries. You just train smarter. If i were your student I would seriously consider it.
  3. I want to listen to all your favorites but I thought I’d add one first. I really like Thai country which doesn’t even crack my top 3 over here but I found a Thai rapper named IllSlick. He sings in Thai and English is some of his songs but also does ballads also. He’s my favorite artist at the moment. This one is on my playlist.
  4. Thank you everyone! That’s great news. I don’t feel old, just a lot wiser and just think i’m getting old. Really i’m in the best shape I’ve been since graduating HS and never have felt as confident as i do now. I’m happy to hear that there’s people still fighting who aren’t in their 20’s anymore. That’s really all the motivation i need to pursue this possibility in the future.
  5. I’m 35 and I’m trying to retrain myself to fight but given my age and the amount of time I would need to properly prepare for a fight, I think my fighting days are over. I’m still going to train and spar but most Muay Thai fighters have long since retired by this age. I have the will to fight but are my fighting days over?
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