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  1. About Saray Medina, since Im Spanish lol. She is very experienced and her big achievement was an IFMA world championship silver medal but in 2014. She fights but just in Spain and not regularly. Actually, she is one of the Spanish team coaches, I consider her more a coach than a fighter. On the other hand, any thoughts about bantamweight and featherweight, Kevin? Dont know, Chomanee and Sawsing... 5 & 4 Thanks! P.D. Im glad for the ranking anyways! Lets hope it changes when fighters fight
  2. Aitor´s fight (poor quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKE-gZJ-hNU He said that he faced a very strong guy (a "buffalo" he called him) and that his head was rock solid like ground. As you said Bakpao he felt the lack of gloves and that was surprised by the uppercuts to the body in clinch. He will adapted to that beacuse he want to repeat :-) Overall, to him was a great experience and said that his opponent was a really nice guy, you can see that after the fight. Sorry but I got the video yesterday!
  3. following similar muaythai martial arts, a friend of mine, Aitor Alonso, will fight in Lethwei. I will let you know what he thinks about it (and the headbuts :-) )
  4. -keep learning muaythai -coach succesfully my students/partners -make 2 of them Spanish Champions (amateur, male and female) -be certified as a personal trainer not only muaythai (I am just a muaythai coach certified by ifma) -Thailand again (of course) -the last one dont tell it because I really want it and Im very superstitious. :woot:
  5. hey, sorry for not answering, Ive been of the forum for a long time! I think he won that fight, maybe Im a bit biased as well :-) Anyways, here you have a HL MF did recently on Carlos. Happy new year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZAeJNfBiyg
  6. He starts doing kick boxing and then switched to k1 and muaythai, he was an specialist attacking the back leg: you can see several back leg set ups, usually a previous right hand and walking or a left hook to the head or the body to distract the opponent. I hope it helps.
  7. It looks a pretty solid training programme, specially for clinch, a weakness in almost all farangs (at least in my country). Thank you for the info!
  8. I see what you mean, since I am teaching classes in Spain one of my goals were improve my technique, anyways I dont want to anticipate, I will write a proper review down, thank you guys!
  9. I know people from England (singdayt muaythai) that had some fighters there, perhaps it is a good idea to ask them: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Singdayt-Muay-Thai-Fight-Fitness/182307588457455
  10. I agree, we as westerners can´t appreciate the slow cook they use. Maybe, it is our menatlity or it is because we can only spend one month there... But as they say, "sabai, sabai" Such a good article on the topic, by the way. Thanks and very kind.
  11. Anyways, I stayed in 7muaythai and the training is directed and done with thais (sparring, clinch, paos) maybe they are trying to mix both approaches... Adittionally when I met Sylvie in Petchrungruang, I felt that "family thing" that I love as well, by the way were you one of the farangs watching the training? ( :unsure: ) Thank you and chok dee mak to Sylvie!
  12. ok, cheers, it was a set up scenario, but dont you think is important that someone is watching you as you are doing paos, for example? Formally or informally I mean.
  13. Obviously, they advertise the gym, but I think a few things are useful, what are your thoughts specifically about arjans, Sylvie? Thanks!
  14. he is fighting at 58 kilos, http://www.wpmfmuaythai.com/champions/male-feather/ I know it sounds crazy because he is 1,81cm I think. I agree with you Javier Hernández "el Tigre" (tiger) is one of the best kickboxers in Spain. He is a warrior and a very tough fighter. Thanks!
  15. Im not saying that you have to join Muayfarang, (I am not working for them, I swear :smile: ) but just to pay attention to the points they say. http://www.muayfarang.com/en/how-to-chose-best-muay-thai-camp-gym-thailand-13715/ Hope, it helps!
  16. He is my trainer, he signed with Muay Farang and he is living in Thailand. Here you have another view of his fight. He was going to fight a southpaw guy from Kaewsamrit, but they changed at the weight time (thai things), we were very worried during his fight because the thai was very good (muay kao and at the same time very elusive and good management of distance!) He is fighting the next toyota marathon, here muay siam By the way, hello to everyone, I am new in the forum! :thanks:
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