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    Pattaya, Thailand
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    Thailand, Muay Thai, cinema, philosophy, the philosophy of Spinoza, post-structuralism, feminism, community building, social media theory.

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About Me

I'm the husband of female Muay Thai fighter Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu, and much of my life is dedicated to supporting her fighting as much as I can. I'm not a practitioner of Muay Thai, but have a deep love of it, and have had the somewhat unique perspective of watching most of Sylvie's training for the last 10 years. I'm a huge advocate for women's rights, and an abstract thinker about cultural and philosophical things. My work is as a social media consultant for businesses, and I consider myself a proselytizer of the power of social media to change the fate of people, communities and organizations. You can follow my Muay Thai and thailand photo essays on Behance or purchase gallery quality prints on muaynoir.com (100% non-profit to me).

On this forum I have two areas where I write about my more focused passions:

Kevin's Corner - Muay Thai, Philosophy & Ethics

Discussing What Makes Great Muay Thai Photography



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