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  1. For me Karuhat is a representation of the true beauty of Muay Thai, obviously he is a femur but he just has a style and aura that is like nobody else which has me in awe every time i watch him. It’s from the way he throws every shot to how he makes everything look so effortless that makes him just so fucking cool but at the same time just beautiful to watch, and in my opinion one of the best ever. Every technique and shot karuhat throws is so so beautiful and fucking unreal, it’s in the way he moves and flows around the ring as if he’s melting, the way his shots just come out of nowhere and land with the most perfect technique all whilst making his opponents look so stupid as he does everything with such elegance and ease, it’s like watching an artist at work, it’s just fucking beautiful man. I’ll watch for literally hours videos of these golden era fighters, studying them but mainly just being in amazement of there styles and the passion they bring to the ring, the boxers nowadays just don’t really do it for me and the beauty of the sport with the showing of pure heart just isn’t there anymore. When i watch these fighters like karuhat i get a feeling i can’t describe of just excitement and pure fucking awesomeness, you can really feel the love these guys had for the sport and the passion they brought to the ring that made them so special, they fought with absolutely everything they had showing pure heart ans love for Muay Thai which you can feel through the screen. Every single day i train day in day out giving 110%, i want nothing more in life but to be a champion and have a love for this sport that is like nothing else i have ever experienced, karuhat is like a legend to me as well as every single one of these golden era fighters and i dream of being just half the fighters they where . If i where to win these shorts would mean a fucking hell of a lot, i’d never have them off
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