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Has anybody tried those apps for boxing/mma/muay thai that are supposed to help train at home? Was it useful? How often did you use it? How much did it cost?

I want to train at home more often, so I thought I'd try out some apps to help. I  just wanted a basic boxing timer, but I found a ton of apps that are way more intricate and exciting. I just downloaded a free app off amazon called "Shoutbox Workout Timer" and I did three five minute rounds today. I actually really like it! 


There's this robotic voice commanding you to do different moves for either shadow boxing or bag work. I did fifteen minutes of shadow boxing and it was fun. The intensity level was at 1 so I raised it to 2, but 2 was pretty fast so I went back down to intensity level 1. Hoping to build up to intensity level 2 (level 2 involved getting combo commands in really fast succession).


There's a screen where you can adjust how long the rounds and intervals between rounds are. You can adjust the intensity and the frequency of certain moves (i.e. I raised the number of front kicks on a screen and during the rounds the front kick command came more often). There's also a screen where you can keep track of how many punches/kicks/knees you did. 


 I really like the voice call out feature in shoutbox workout timer. I am one of those people that exercises a lot harder if someone is telling me what to do and when to do it. I just wish it could also yell out motivational things like, "keep going" or "don't stop" lol


I still have to try this other one, "Get Fight Fit" that I actually paid a dollar for. It also has voice call-outs for combos. I'll give it a test run tomorrow and come back and post what it was like!

If you've tried any tablet/smart watch apps that are helpful, please share! :)

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It seems to be free now!


How it looks to me, the app itselves is free but you got in-app costs to see all content.


Top In-App Purchases

  1. All Videos$17.99
  2. Training Contents$4.99
  3. Combinations$5.99
  4. Misleading the Opponent$4.99
  5. Training Special$3.99
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