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Best Gym for Taller Clinch Fighter

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Are Kem's or Yodwicha's gyms still the best options for a taller clinch fighter?

I'm 6'2" 72kg. Looking to stay for 3 months or more in a quiet location where I can train and work (remotely) without much distraction. I've read Sylvie's guide to the various gyms, but don't know what the situation is like post-COVID. Was also confused about Yodwicha: does he still teach at Kem's or does he now run his own gym in Bangkok? What would you folks recommend for a longer, immersive stay?

I don't plan on competing due to age, but perhaps a smaller exhibition type fight would be nice for the experience.

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Howdy, Yodwicha is not at Kem's but also his gym has moved from Bangkok to Buriram. Both are great teachers and either gym would be good for your preference for a quiet location. Another that I've never visited but has some incredibly tall fighters - like, multiple at a time - is Lomnamoon in Udon. His gym is basically absorbed into his neighbors gym as he's in Singapore all the time, but I see their fighters on Max shows every now and again.


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Am not 'tall' tall, shorter but similar weight, but literally everywhere tried so far there was no problem getting clinching partners, it was really good and surprising, not like western countries. Whatever gym it was, trainer just partners you up with one of the Thai dudes and honestly? Doesn't even matter in the end with the height difference, will still be a good partner and you'll take more of an ass kicking, so more beneficial than a training partner with less experience but your own height.

Realise that Yod is the one known for it, but Kem's clinch is ridiculously good even though his exact style of it is different, maybe more understated, and he's also super strong. But like...scary strong, and fierce. His clinch is more detailed than it looks at first glance, it's like he's pre-built a defensive fortress that frustrates the guy immediately when tangled up. He used to be quite a techy / skill boxer when he was a kid, then got much stronger when he grew up and we all got to know him for the hands & powerful viscious shit he did.

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If you want to train with tall guys in a remote place, you can try Nuengtrakan gym formely Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee muay thai which is the gym of the golden age awesome fighter Lamnmmoon. There are only two fighters training there on a permanent basic, two brit brothers, one is 6'7" and the other is like 6'5". 

Nueng is a great, old school a bit nuts trainer. To give you an idea, he's a muay thai trainer by day and fighting roosters trainer by night. Basically all he thinks about is fighting. 

Also, Lamnammoon does pass sometimes and train people. Nueng will find you a Ubon style fight if you want to fight. But he will only like you if you train hard, really hard. He wants nothing to do with "casual" people who train once a day type of thing ahahah. 

Anyway, let me know if you want to go, I can put you in contact with Nueng or the brothers. 

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