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Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu

Top Female Muay Thai Fighters and Fights - Full Fight Video Thread

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Only a clip, but featuring Daoprasuk who for many years was considered the best female fighter in Thailand. 

Daoprasuk Sakchaichot Vs Jankrajang pralasarkam 

found this summation:

The main event was an all Thai affair and had the added attraction of 120,000 baht up for grabs for the winner from a bet between the two camps. Daoprasuk started the fight the more aggressive of the two, coming forward, looking to take the fight into the clinch. Jantgrajang looks to keep the fight on the outside and score with stylish roundkicks. Jantgrajang continues scoring well in round 2.Towards the end of the round Daoprasuk gets her in the clinch and locks her arms around Jantgrajang’swaist, Daoprasuk unleashes a big barrage of knees as Jantgrajang struggles to get out of her grip. Jantranjang manages to comeback with a few knees of her own only for Daoprasuk to spin her off balance to the canvas. Daoprasuk switched tactics in round 3 letting Jantgrajang bring the fight to her. Jantrajang now forced to come forward couldn’t find the range to land with her kicks and Daoprasuk pun-ished her with fast counter kicks. Jantgrajang was forced to push forward again in the final round, but Daoprasuk was too sharp, picking her off with kicks and then landing with another big bar-rage in the clinch. Daoprasuk winner on points.

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I've posted this elsewhere, but adding it here. This is rare fight footage. Very little video of Erika Kamimura is around. Japan's Erika has been thought of as the best low-weight female Muay Thai fighter in the world until she retired about a year or more ago. She has unusual power for her size. Here she fights Loma Sitajou who is probably a weight class under her at the time. Erika held the 105 lb WPMF title, Loma easily fought at 100 lbs.

I've fought and lost to Loma twice and she is very difficult to deal with in the clinch, the best clinch fighter I've faced near my weight, by far. In this fight it's basically her clinch vs. Erika's power combinations. Loma is currently on the Thai National team.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

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Scratch that, I did find a video!


What a find that is! Can't wait watch it. Sylvie's faced Loma twice and she's been a real puzzle, very underrated as a fighter. Maybe the best 45 kg fighter in Thailand.

[edit: what dominance. Shows that you can can be a complete, explosive kickboxer, but if you don't understand clinch at all in Muay Thai you stand very little chance. Really interesting fight.]

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Ya, the announcer's comment that its as if she is in their with Ronda Rousey is pretty accurate. She was throwing that girl around at will.


I skipped thru the whole video checking every few minutes to see if I could find the Lomanee fight but I didnt see it. Hopefully it shows up somewhere on the internet.

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Any plans to rematch Loma or Lomanee? The Lomanee fight was so long ago and you have improved so much, I think you would take her this time around.


I would LOVE to fight either of them again, multiple times. I don't think I'll fight Lommanee again. I asked her in private message about fighting again and she seemed like she didn't really want to, and I've asked Yokkao about it, but they don't seem interested - she's not fought for them since my fight with her. The only way it would happen probably is if a large sidebet was raised, and even then probably not. I don't have the money so it would take outside interest, and she doesn't fight a lot, she would have to be convinced. I am a very different fighter than when I fought her. At the time I didn't even know how to clinch or guard. Not saying she wouldn't be difficult. She's one of the best fighters in the world at a weight class two above mine, but it would be a wonderful challenge.

Loma though is a real possibility. My head trainer knows how much I want to fight her, and is even asking Max Muay Thai if they would take the fight this month. Outside Max though, again it comes down to sidebets. I think she would fight me if there was substantial money involved. 

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I've fought Thanonchanok (blue) twice, the last time it was really, really close, and I really want to fight her again. Each of these fighters are a few weight classes above me, but they are quality I'm aiming at. I've been trying to book a fight with Hongkaw (red) and almost had one, but it was rained out in Hua Hin. Lots of Thai posturing and attitude in this fight, which is its own kind of battle. While Thanonchanok is not my style of fighting, and I can't believe she hasn't yet learned how to clinch, she is someone I aspire to in that when you take photos of her fighting she is an absolute poster of technique and ease. I'm a Thanonchanok fan.

Thanonchanok held the WPMF 49 kg title for more than 2 years.

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The Ughi fight is very difficult to watch. Not because of the beat down, but the uncomfortable stance and guard. I tried to rewatch that fight the other night.

There are some amazing things about that fight, one of them being that despite being completely outclassed in the ring Chantal actually has a moment when she could have finished Jorina, she just wasn't committed to her clinch. She very nearly had a knee to Jorina's head. I'm not sure why she didn't just try to clinch up Jorina, continually. She actually may have won that fight because Jorina didn't seem to know how to clinch, and clinch is Chantal's one dependable attack. Maybe it was that Santai tried to change her fight style in training camp (a guess)? It's a mystery.

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Lommanee vs Cocopuff 

Round 1:


Round 2: 


Round 3:


Cocopuff's team felt that she won this fight, but when I watched it Lommanee shows why she is an expert at controlling the outcome of a fight. Makes for a great rematch (scheduled for Feb 21 - 2016).

Lommanee I rank as the 2nd best fighter 48 kg and under in the world.

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Cocopuff W. Santai/Saifa sor Suparat at Kalare Stadium, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2/26/2016


Cocopuff W. Santai/CHERRY GOR. TOWIN GYM at Thapae Stadium, Chiang Mai, Thailand 11/9/2015


Cocopuff W. Santai/TANANCHANOK SOR. GEELA LAMPANG Thapae Stadium, Chiang Mai, Thailand 3/10/2013


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Fani Peloumpi vs Zaza Sor. Aree - One Round Knockout Tournament, March 21 2016

SPOILER: I thought this fight was an amazing performance by Fani. Zaza tried to draw her into her retreat and score game and Fani perfectly played it with control of distance. She also won all the clinch positions against Zaza who has a reputation in clinch, and even in the end, after the 8 count, Fani refused to dance off and stayed aggressive when she didn't have to, risking a cut which could have changed the fight.


The full tournament show:


time stamps by Kristin: Fani Peloumpi vs Marcela Soto 50:16, Zaza Sor. Aree vs Monika 56:54, Fani vs Zaza 1:41:45

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    • A samart style side teep. I personally feel like I don't see it that much, at least out of fights I've watched and the ones I've taken part in here in canada across a few different styles. Most people I've seen throw it in my experience either only turn their foot and hips slightly, like less than 45 degrees, or do a karate style side kick with a full chamber and hip rotation. Curious what you mean about it leaving you pretty exposed, I don't see it. At least, no more than a round kick that misses.
    • Do you mean a sidekick or a teep with a slight angle (Samart style) ? Both are used quite frequently, but the sidekick leaves you pretty exposed if you miss.
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    • A little aside note re punching / boxing moments in Muay.  Im thinking on the match between Calista and Pheetjeeja  a couple of years ago.  When Calista was still the young promising european junior, trying to make a carrieer as pro in Thailand, beginning with not too difficult matches.   (and yeah, she did managed just fine although a couple of setbacks).  I dont know what Calistas manager planned.  Did he thought Calista had now matured to meet a strong grandmaster, or did he thought it were nice for Calista to meet another good junior?? And Pheetjeeja, whom at this time abandoned Muay and become a boxer...  Pheetjeeja thus did made here a temporary come back. It was visible she didnt no longer care much about what others thought... Why, she was no longer a Muay fighter:   She did climbed in above the ropes!   And as Pheetjeejas transition into a boxer was now done and complete, she hardly kicked anything.   She just wore down poor Calista with series of heavy punches... Calista was brave, it was visible she was determined to endure whatever was coming... Whatever the costs... But after long and severe battering, enough was enough...  I do admire Calista she did continued and took other difficult matches, becoming even a specialist on Kard Chuek. Thus.  Well done punching and boxing does pays off in Muay too....    🙂   Ps.  Pheetjeeja returned to Muay.  Stronger and better than ever...  She continues her tradition of not using her patented horrible horse kicks against women, but she has become instead a master of elbows...  AND her hard punching, together with her fully mature physical strengh, AND all the technical skills she always had,  makes her a fearsome opponent to any grandmaster.  
    • From your description, my personal advice would be to just use your hands to stress your opponent. Just keep on them, keep touching them, bring the power down, get them holding their breath...and then go for finishes later in the fight with hard weapons (kicks, knees or a power shot). If you are that superior to your opponent. Hands are great stressors. This kind of crescendoing tempo is very "Thai". Touch, touch, touch, touch...damage. Touch, touch, touch, touch...finish.
    • Thank you @Kevin von Duuglas-Ittuthis is helpful.  As I have a lot of respect for traditional muay thai rules, these would always be my goal. I hate to be the farang going for KO to avoid dealing with the intricacies of muay thai scoring. To show understanding of the rules, is to me to respect the art. I'm not sure you would agree, but when Alyssia fought Stamp and won I saw the power of the strong basics of maintaining posture and using kicks as first weapon. I loved it. She didn't use much technique. Just basic muay thai and won.  Newer kind of lethwei is very hand focused and their kicks are of the "stabbing version". Straight butterfly knife stab kicks. Older fights are more similar to muay thai. Exchange of beautiful kicks and only headbutt when it actually serves a purpose. I'm trying to learn this. Rather than the brutal: go forward and attack with no plan and full aggression.  My desire would always be to go for technique. Sadly, seems like my hands are now, when I actually learnt how to transfer power from hip through shoulder to hands, my strongest weapons. But my preference would always be muay thai. I'm not sure, but the refinement Thailand managed to do and the national ownership of the sport is something neighbouring countries could learn from. I also believe, it benefits women fighters.  It's good advice on the 3 round "sensational fights". I just don't like them. But beggars can't be choosers. I'd take any fight if even possible this year.  Fighting under traditional muay thai rules to me are what would benefit me the most in terms of learning. Learning patience, calmness, non-aggresive violence and simply technique.  To be honest, after this exchange I'll work on checking kicks and combine landing kicks following up with punches.  Thank you. Not much in the public space on muay thai scoring. So it's appreciated.   
    • I should add to the above, in case it isn't obvious: You cannot trade landed punches for landed kicks, all other things being equal, in Thailand's traditional Muay Thai. Punching fighters have an additional burden of evidence. I'll also add this. As a female fighter, while the traditional Muay Thai scoring system does not favor you as a punching fighter, you are favored in another way, at least when fighting Thai female fighters. Because they grew into the sport organized around the high scores of kicks (and to a lessor extent knees), they are much more adept at defending them, and much less adept at defending punches (to be very general about it). What you are throwing has an additional burden for scoring, but maybe has a higher chance of landing. You see this play out in the very different 3 round entertainment Muay Thai fights where Thai female fighters are asked to fight well out of their element. They are punch-heavy, no-retreat allowed promotions.
    • A couple of things here. 1. In Thailand's Muay Thai  you can't just "appear unphased" by kicks and knees, and nullify points. Kicks and knees to the body hold the additional "score" of showing control over the body center, just by landing. This is different than punches, which require the physical and psychological effect for score. Yes, by bluffing no impact from kicks and knees you minimize the score, but these are still points against you. 2. It really depends on what you mean by "passive". You need to know what the score is to read the behaviors of both fighters. Thais, traditionally, once they have the lead, retreat and "protect" the lead. This can be read as lacking in aggression by westerners, when in fact this is often pulling away in the fight. If a fighter who is behind in the fight starts marching forward, and throwing a lot...but not having a lot of impact, this fighter would be seen as actually falling further and further behind. They are "chasing". Sharpness in technique does really matter though. It shows self-control, control over the fight space, balance, timing. If you are truly displaying dominance over the fight space, then this will score. I can't quite picture the fight engagement you have in your mind here, but if you are checking kicks and avoiding knees, and landing impactful shots, you should be winning the fight...though that also has to be put in the context of who is advancing, who is retreating, and what the score of the fight is.
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