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  1. Thank you so much for this feedback. I am thrilled to hear this post was received so well. It's not always easy bearing your darkest moments to the world but I want to be transparent in my journey, not only as therapy for myself, but so others don't feel alone in their own journeys. There are big things to come. I can feel it! That damned internal dictation! I feel you! Some times I have to tell myself to pull the trigger! Just go! I wanted to write a separate post about my losing streak but this was better. Pinpointing that moment I wanted to hang up my gloves. As always, thank you for your feedback and support!
  2. http://missmuaythai.com/2015/08/18/fight-21/ This is a post from 2 fights back. I almost quit after this fight and I just wanted to share my experience of this time with you all.
  3. Sorry everyone I have been offline for a while but thank you for your support. Feel free to share my fights around. I am finally getting footage of my last 4 fights and will post them soon!
  4. I fought on this card and shared a room with Martyna. I can assure you this was not her attitude. Martyna is only 20 years old and has been practicing Muay Thai for less than two years. She may have a carefree air to her but she did not wali in expecting to loose. She fielded a lot of negativity going into this fight and still remained level headed and focussed.
  5. It was super close. But yes, experience shone through. I am determined to break my streak though and am grateful to get another shot! Thanks for the advice and support :)
  6. Thank you all for your kind words. I will be rematching Farida June 9. And thank you for your feedback! It's nice to see my blogs being received well. You are absolutely right though. Imagine trying to fight a current world champion in Australia or America! It would be near impossible. And this fight was a great experience and opportunity for me. I am definitely a bit mentally defeated right now but will keep pushing forward. I am getting better. I can't let a few losses defeat me
  7. A post and video of my fight on Tuesday against a current World Champion and one of the best in Phuket! http://missmuaythai.com/2015/05/24/fight-19/
  8. You guys nailed it. For me. I had an extremely good first year. 14 fights, 12 wins. This year I decided to take on more and bigger fights. 2 fights back to back against bigger opponents and one against a Swedish champion. I have only won 1 fight this year out of 4. And it hurts. But Sylvie and Emma have nailed it. If you love it, use your losses to motivate you and push forward. Try to always think of something you are happy with in every fight too. Losses can help you grow :)
  9. Oh yay! You are at my home gym. That is awesome!! Have you given any thought into adding in some of their functional strength and conditioning classes? Those might be good to look into as they are shorter but high intensity, although possibly lacking in the technique area you are focussing on. I highly recommend them. And the guys who usually run them are amazing and can really help you with your goals :)
  10. I actually really believe that over training exists. I have been out here in Thailand for almost a year and a half and I have experienced the symptoms myself. I trained muay thai before moving here, had 4 modified thai rules fights. When I moved here I really suffered at the hands of what I was doing to my body. A year on, in the best shape of my life, with an excellent nutritionist at my every whim, a great recovery program and good rest, I still suffer sometimes. I am a very strong willed, determined individual - I wouldn't have given up my life to be here if I wasn't, however some days I have nothing to give and it is not for lack of want or trying. My manager even says that I am the hardest working person at my gym (not to brag) but given I am surrounded by MMA fighters, this gives you an indication of my work ethic. On top of all of my muay thai sessions I cross train 6 days a week. 3 high intensity cardo sessions and 3 strength sessions. And I feel it. Sometimes I can't sleep at night because my body is so over stressed from the amount of training I do. I also suffer from guilt if I don't train so I push myself to train even when I am exhausted. But then I come home. I am agitated physically and mentally. I have days where I can't even nap because my body is under so much stress. My brain can't switch off and I can't get comfortable. I use a nutrition and recovery program that champions of the sport use, but I do believe when you max out your body, even with the best care, you can really suffer. Even my weight loss can be affected when I train too much. My body panics and wants to hold on to everything because it is so overworked sometimes. Maybe this isn't considered over training. I am not sure. But I definitely feel the physical and mental side affects of pushing my body harder than it wants to go. Don't get me wrong, pushing myself this hard has yielded amazing results, but I definitely think there is something to it.
  11. Where are you training? As for your training, I would personally recommend trying 1 session a day, 6 days a week. I suggest this because you can then use the rest of your day recovering and relaxing. I know a lot of people who struggle with two a day and you want to avoid burning out at this stage. This is of ccourse just my opinon. Would love to hear some others thoughts?
  12. I understand what everyone is saying, but to be perfectly honest, if you knew her well (the man who made the comment is also her husband) you would understand how true the statement is. We live in an imperfect world. And men are hyped up by looks as well, just maybe not within Muay Thai. Unfortunately for women, sometimes looks do further your career no matter what. I am just grateful that most people see past her beauty and see her hard work, dedication and drive.
  13. I am on a calorie based diet where I restrict my carb intake to after training sessions and limited portions. I supplement this with a carbohydrate based drink during training which gives me the energy I need and also aids in recovery at the same time. Your body does not store this as fat. I highly advise against paleo diets in Thailand with this type of training. Your body needs the carbs, especially if you are trying to lose weight. carbs are not the energy, just make sure you eat them at the right times. I stick with oats, potatoes, sweet potatoes and sometimes rice. Good fats are really important too. A good thumb of fats at each meal is a good rule of thumb. I am all for balanced eating. no fad diets, just good healthy eating. Lots of veggies and protein, carbs at the right time. This is just my personal opinion though.
  14. This is awesome! Go Gavin! It's great you are easing in. Over time your body will be able to handle more. I look forward to hearing your success!
  15. missmuaythai.com

  16. Cales started out as one of my idols and turned into a friend. Take a look at this amazing tribute.
  17. Emma. This post was fantastic. You expressed your opinions diligently and certainly opened my eyes to some things I was unaware of. Thank you!
  18. Something great that not many people think of is Pink Himalayan Salt. Just a little pinch in your water goes a long way. Also, don't actively cut salt from you diet while you a here. I know salt gets a bad rep, but the right types of salt in the right circumstances is often necessary. Mu nutritionist recommends the Pink Himalayan salt because of it's vitamin and mineral content :) And as Sylive and Emma have already mentioned, being dilligent in hydration between sessions :)
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