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  1. I know I'm very very late to the party but, S.Chaowalit is probably the best gym near the city center that is pumping out good fighters. They had (have?) a channel 7 champion too. There are some other gyms that are catered to hobbyists such as Underdog and Pound boxing gym, they're both good for some padwork, but I don't think they offer any sparring/clinchwork. Will update after I've tried them all.
  2. I remember reading before that Chuwattana gym used to churn out some top Thai boxers, looking from the location it seems to be near the city center - though I have no personal experience there. Anyway, I think you can go to any gym and ask them to hold boxing pads for you - I wouldn't have high expectations in the instruction aspect though. Ask some of the guys for boxing sparring too but don't use too much power. Personally, I don't see any gym rejecting your money because you want to do boxing. The Thai fighters have days where they do boxing only pads, or if they hurt their leg they will do a boxing only day. Don't worry too much.
  3. Hi, sorry, I know this is an old topic - but after being on a search for a gym in Khon Kaen myself. The two that I have personally tried is Naya Parkview ค่ายมวยนาย่าปาร์ควิว and Uncle Tien at Columbo gym, they are both located near the back of Khon Kaen University. Naya Parkview; is named after the hotel its located inside of, the owner of the hotel created a little gym there and its been sending fighters to Max, Lumpinee, Omnoi and other big stadiums. Costs varies as they first said to me foreigners is 300 a day/9000 a month then literally seconds after said they will reduce it to 4500 if I paid for the whole month - though daily would still be 300. For Thai's it is 100 a day/3000 a month. The cool thing about this is you can arrange to train at any time of the day as it is 1-1 sessions. I don't know if they let foreigners join the group training but that is done at 4pm-ish. Uncle Tien: This is not a Muay Thai camp, it is an ex-fighter from the golden age who teaches Muay Thai after finishing a days work. There is a small space in the gym with 3 bags and he will hold pads for you for 5 rounds. He is a very kind man, super technical and has a lot of experience in both teaching and fighting. Costs: 2000 a month for training, available everyday from around 5pm to 8pm. You also have to pay the gym fees which are 40baht/daily or 850 monthly, if you only want to do Muay Thai then the gym fees are 500 monthly - but I think its worth paying the extra 350baht as you get access to all the equipment at any time the gym is open. Total cost would be around 2500 or 2850, depending upon what you choose. Location wise Naya Parkview requires a 5 minute drive down a dirt road, surrounded by nature and countryside, whereas Columbo gym is just a gym behind some university apartment buildings. Facilities Naya has a lot more bags, a ring and skipping ropes, Columbo has all the gym'my equipment - treadmills, weights, bicycles and loads of other stuff that I'm not sure about because I don't use. Teaching wise, they both have a lot of experience fighting and very good at teaching, will correct you often and show you how to do it. Can't go wrong with either. Costs, of course going with Uncle Tien is cheaper but they are both very cheap compared to other gyms in Thailand and the west. One thing I will say is though the trainer(s) at Naya are kind and will treat you nicely, the head of the gym may try to milk you a bit for money. Personally I chose to go with Uncle Tien as I'm a poor student and I felt a bit uncomfortable how the head of the Naya gym spoke to me about money - but I really liked the trainer P'Juy who took me for food and to his house afterwards. Links: Naya Parkview - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100021770283076 Uncle Tien - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017685281214 (Sorry I'm really bad at writing reviews, so I'm sorry if it was a hard read. I love to blabber.)
  4. Well that's where you sit down with your trainer and speak with them about this, I think in the south the gyms are so foreigner friendly they they probably will let you fight, but it still depends on the trainer and the gym. So, I can't really answer this question properly.
  5. if its going to injure you then don't run, its not worth it. Depending on the gym your going to, if its a foreigner friendly gym they probably won't mind about the running since your paying anyway, just train more intensively to earn their respect. The problem may occur if you ask for a fight, training wise should be fine.
  6. Their wouldn't be a huge sidebet on you unless people thought you were of that level, people don't want to lose money on you. Maybe you are underestimating yourself. If you really don't feel comfortable you should sit down with your boyfriend and let him know how you feel, especially considering your happiness should be a priority of his. If you're well known in just that province, then ask your boyfriend/trainer to take you to a nearby province for matchups. Goodluck.
  7. Do not throw your fight, if people find out that could put you in a potentially dangerous situation. Isaan is not really a place I would play around like that, especially when locals are putting money on you. If you don't enjoy fighting in Isaan, every province has at least one gym, just make the move. Goodluck.
  8. Found this while looking for gyms, only has girls training there. Has some padwork and clinching, but mostly interview with the owner.
  9. If I was to make a stupid comparison, its kind of like eating a cake, it tastes nice it even might taste the best, but you really don't know until you try some other cakes, don't give up completely on the first cake, it is still nice, but take the time and try out some other cakes. You don't want to be stuck eating a nice cake if there has been an amazing cake there all along. I know that was silly, but that's what it made me think when I read it. Best of luck though. :smile:
  10. There's interpals, which is a language exchange website, but there is a LOT of Thai's on there. I put I was learning Thai and I had maybe over 300 different people message me over the course of about 4 months, which is absolutely crazy. As there were so many people messaging me I could literally pick who I wanted to talk to, and because of that I've made many friends I still talk to everyday and will meet in the future. If you want to talk to someone everyday, download Line and speak to them on that, they definitely use that app the most. For practicing and learning you should go on a website such as italki, and learn Thai with a formal teacher and skype with them once or twice a week. Then find an informal teacher and this is just someone who will speak with you and correct you, but honestly you can just use a friend for this. I really recommend using an older person and a younger person, so you can learn formal speaking and some slang. Also don't make the mistake I did of wasting like £100 on Stuart Jay Raj or something, which is truly ****, most of the free stuff is actually good enough, I'd only spend money on maybe a book or just skyping with a teacher, but that's me. Learnthaiwithawhiteguy is really good for teaching the alphabet (pronunciation, reading tones etc), I'd recommend that if you're struggling with reading, and its not too pricey. This is all just recommendations though, everyone learns a language differently. IMO you don't have to say everything perfectly, as long as you can be understood that's a success. The best thing about learning Thai is that they appreciate so much, and that is a big reason why you should be happy to learn Thai and not English lol.
  11. So, I'm planning to go to Thailand in early October, I wanted to stay for around 2/3 months just depending on how well I spend my money. I'm looking at the 60 day visa 'cause I know it can be extended for 30 days. Anyway, I was just wondering when does the visa start? I've read on some places that it starts as soon as you receive it, but then I've read elsewhere that it arrives when you enter Thailand. The Thai embassy website says 'Single entry tourist visa will be valid for 3 months (you must enter Thailand within the validity of visa from the date of issue)' which means nothing to my simple brain. And when can you extend the visa? Do you have to wait for the 60 days to be up then extend? I'm from England if that matters, thanks.
  12. Somchai parents are either Kiwi and Thai or he's a NZ born Thai, either way he grew up in NZ. Many people discussing this elsewhere think that he grew up in a Thai camp in Thailand, which isn't true.
  13. Try find a boxing coach with muay experience, hard to find but they will be able to improve your boxing within muay thai instead of teaching you boxing separately to muay thai.
  14. I always thought it was scored like K1 from the results and what the commentators say, I know English fighters complain all the time about American judges.
  15. Cheers, the Buriram gym just made me start thinking as I read and watch a lot, but there's not much at all about Thai female fighters. I wish one of the big Bangkok stadiums would open up to females, I would assume that could lead to the trainers focusing more on them as the earning potential would be higher. Maybe in the future.
  16. Yeah, I feel like she did well too, I'm glad it was a Thai ref, like you said they really know what they're doing. I think it's even sadder when it's a mismatch and someone gets knocked out or injured. I think Julie's main fighting weight was 63kg, I don't know what the typical fight weight is for a Thai female but I'd assume that would be the top end of the scale. It could've been for other reasons though such as money.
  17. I find this difficult, if you get put in the ring with someone who obviously isn't on your skill-level, what options do you have?
  18. Try using a new alarm, there are some apps you can get on your phone that gradually wake you over a period of half an hour so by the time it actually wakes you, you're already awake. Weird to explain. Using electronics before bed also makes it more difficult to wake up in the morning, try reading a book. I hate running, I'm so young but my knees are so sensitive, I went on a 1mile run a couple months ago and I couldn't walk the next day because of my knees, it sucks. Luckily I'm in in England so if you don't run it's ok, but I'm dreading all the running I'm gonna have to do in Thailand. :mellow:
  19. This is the problem though, majority of combat sport fans are people that haven't trained, so they don't understand the technical aspect and that's why they need the drama. In their mind if two people aren't trying to furiously knock each other out or insulting each other then it's just boring. I don't see how Muay Thai can grow if it keeps the calm, humble, and cultural aspects because the couch-potatoes don't want to see that, therefore it won't sell IMO. It's like the UFC you can tell roughly 90% of fans have no clue about mma because when the fight goes to the ground they don't see the technical aspect they just see two people lying down, and that's boring to them so they boo. I'm really crap at explaining and getting my point across but I remember Mayweather saying no one liked him or had heard of him when he was a humble fighter and as soon as he started talking shit, and became money Mayweather he was making hugeeeeee money. So that just portrays what the western combat fans want to see/what sells in the west.
  20. In Malaysia they mostly call it Muay Thai also, they don't really care, Laos call it Muay Lao as they won't call it Muay Thai if they're Lao, it doesn't make sense to them. The real problem honestly is Thailand, they got an offer from Cambodia to unite them all and rename it, but Thailand claims every country has a different style so it wouldn't make sense to unite it, not to mention the fact Thailand are responsible for making it international. Anyway, the real problem is that Cambodia vs Thailand are always trying to get one over on each other, I'm pretty sure Khmers refuse to fight wherever it's called Muay Thai - although I saw one in Max Muay Thai and I think a couple in Thai fight also, I guess the moneys good. I think the Burmese have introduced gloves recently, I might be wrong, but in order to get more international recognition they've toned it down a bit, and maybe to also compete against the others? I know the Burmese were saying their boxing is much stronger then the others. Also just like a side note, people should look at some lethwei padwork, it's really interesting. The thing is Muay/kunkhmer/lethwei is distinguishable despite khmer and thai being quite similar. The khmers are just not as good technically due to the khmer rouge and the burmese have a completely different style because they have to strike with no gloves, they both have a weak clinch game compared to the Thai's. Anyway Kevin, did you search Thai boxing also? . A lot of gyms particularly mma gyms say they teach thai boxing.
  21. Kevin, have you or Sylvie ever wrote about what it's like for Thai women training? I'm guessing it probably varies hugely gym to gym kind of how it varies for western women? I saw a photo Frances put up advertising a gym in Buriram, and it had about 14 boys and 2 girls (also 3 little girls), and I was just wondering there 'place' in the gym. I remember reading Singpatong doesn't allow thai girls (unsure about western women) because one dated one of the fighters and some drama happened. Sorry to write off-topic.
  22. Honestly if I was a woman I'd feel much more comfortable being at a gym (partially?) owned by a woman, especially a western woman. That's just from reading how some women get treated in gyms. There are many good gyms in Hua Hin, I'm pretty sure Jimmi Busk owns or is involved with a gym down there, someone else is building Sitkongdet (can search on facebook), Sitjaopho has a great reputation I'm pretty sure Panicus Yusuf trained there while he was in Thailand and spoke very positively on it's technical side. And I saw some of the boys hitting pads at Por Promin on someone's instagram who's there and they look high-level. There are many more of course these are just the ones I've heard about, just some food for thought if you were curious to some more gyms. Anyway I honestly haven't read much about Samart's gym, it seems really expensive in comparison to other gyms. The two provinces you're talking about are quite opposites though, I always thought Hua Hin was chilled back by the sea type thing (I'm probably wrong) whereas bangkok was a full on crazy city - traffic galore etc etc, so it depends which scene you prefer also, not just the gym.
  23. Depends on the gym and how you're perceived there, if its a small gym and you all get on really well they might appreciate a helping hand. Though I think it also depends on how many padholders are already there, if there's more than enough they probably won't want you to. Also they'd probably only let you hold for the kids.
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