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  1. The sidebet doesn't seem huge based on what i have seen, but 12.5k a side seems a little big for me, considering that i am too unpredictable, only having fought 3 times. I have watched the videos of me fighting, and although it looks fairly ok, i remember myself feeling like shit inside. He does know how I feel, and he personally feels that another few fights at my current level will do me good. I used to think that would be an option, but it seems that many girls from the surrounding province gather in one to fight. I'm hoping to head to Chiang Mai or South to fight in the future, where i can start anew. Thanks alot for your words and time, they mean so much to me :)
  2. He is trying to beg promoters to find girls around my level in fact. The sidebet is not placed by him, he simply take care of my training. His family does it, and gamblers who are familiar with his family do it. The sidebet seems quite open here, i saw random people going to his dad wanting a part of the sidebet. I guess I am way luckier than most fighters in a sense that I can turn down opponents freely, since i dont have much pressure. The only downside is there will be no fights for me. As for your advice, i will take it to the ring with me should i have to fight a superior opponent soon :) thank you very much. I am fairly strong in clinch compared to many girls here since i get more than an hour of clinch everyday and i tend to try latch on to them at any chance. Not much of a distance fighter i guess! Thanks alot!
  3. In regards to size, i fought people of differnet sizes every time. 1st fight, girl who was significantly shorter than me but more muscular. 2nd fight, the girl had almost the same physique as me. She probably had a kg or 2 on me. 3rd fight, the girl was at least 10cm taller than me, but definitely skinnier. I am 158cm, and fairly well built. Big shoulders, and muscular legs
  4. I'm currently training with my trainer/bf outside his house. It's a simple basic set up, somewhere near det udom in ubon. But both time i fought in isaan was in sisaket. I do understand the importance of sidebet in Isaan especially, my 2nd fight had a sidebet of 12500 baht if i didnt remember wrongly. But that was in Chantaburi. I think my first fight was 3000-5000baht and my last was lowest, 1000baht, since i no longer had a gym backing me. We couldn't afford a big sidebet and the fight was brought down to 3 rounds. All I want is to fight a couple more times at "beginner" level to get comfortable in the ring. I dont wanna fight some strong experieced girl with a huge sidebet knowing the odds are against me so soon. Moments ago i was pestering my trainer about a fight next week, he said it have been called off. I am simply messed up. He says the only way now is to fight anybody willing to fight me, and if i win, great. If i lose, great too, people will not overestimate me so much. Go ahead and risk my head being knocked off, or no? Going to train in other province is not really an option for me, i am too broke to move. And i love it here, just hate the situation im in right now.
  5. I had my first fight during Songkran 2016. I fought a girl with 15 fights, and I won by KO. Fought my 2nd fight outside Isaan, against a girl with estimated 25 fights, lost by decision. Just a few days ago I won my 3rd fight in Isaan by KO, against a girl with maybe 8 fights and also taller and bigger than me. But i was extremely sick in the week leading up to the fight, being hospitalised for a few days. My trainer's parents accidentally let those words out after my fight to the surrounding gamblers. Today I went to those fight match ups. Nobody around my perceived level wants to fight me. My trainer says that nobody with less than 40 fights are willing to fight me. I'm worried. I ain't good enough to fight girls with so much experience. It is one thing if I already had 20plus fights, and someone with 60 fights wants to fight me. But i have had 3 fights, and now the best in Sisaket wants to fight me. She have an estimated 80 fights already. Nobody listens to me when i say i am not ready. They insist that i fight like someone with 20 fights already. I don't. I am contemplating throwing my next fight, so everybody will stop overestimating me. But that had be disrespecting my trainer and myself. Hopefully someone can help me out, i may sound like i am talking big, but i swear i ain't. I can tell you guys more in details what happened if needed, even show you guys my fight videos.
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