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  1. I've trained with Lerdsila and he's really fun to watch. He's also really nice. But he is the way he is because he is so confident in what he knows. When he's throwing kicks or goofing off, everyone stops to watch because its always so good.
  2. Permission should still be asked. Even if someone is my friend, if I am coaching I will ask them if I can touch them before I make any sort of correction.
  3. Yes, I pull the heel then send the elbow into face. Only something I can practice when sparring a Kru. Most the fun stuff I know I am only allowed to do when sparring a Kru... I get in trouble when I do it with other students. I learned a lot of stuff that I just don't see used very often in fights. The more I study and learn, I do understand why some of these things aren't used as much anymore even though they are effective. But my god, they're so much fun to do!!! I am trying to picture what you are describing. I am a southpaw. Are you Orthadox and you switch to south and do this? That's the only way its making sense to me. I also like it when they swing my teep because I just come around with the backfist. That's a fun one too.
  4. Yeah, the sympathy thing doesn't work for me because I don't look like a small, cute, pretty girl. Too strong, rides a motorcycle and not a scooter, tattoos, etc. They don't feel sorry for me at all. I can get into it but I do see how I get treated in comparison to some others and it isn't the same. I wish they would treat me like I am a woman like everyone else but I don't get that at all, I've noticed. But that's a different topic for another forum, I think. And I have seen the WORST STUFF with men getting fights who absolutely should not be getting them. But I can't really look at that because there are far more men than there are women and they will sometimes just grab a drunk off the street who did Muay Thai 30 years ago just to give that guy a fight. I call it the "I went to Thailand to Fight" Tourist package. Old guy says he wants to fight, pays a lot of money to the gym, gets the fight before he leaves with a tuk-tuk driver and gets the photo as proof even though the fight is beyond shocking and sad to watch. Maybe I'm no different as I've come several times to fight myself. I really think I will try my luck in Chang Mai in a year if my body still feels good and I managed to save the money up again. I will try to contact the gyms ahead of time though. Again, I've been working really hard on learning Thai and I'm actually making progress with the reading part.. the speaking part... ha- well... I have time to get it down. But I think it will help me with this. I'm also going to try to get some kickboxing fights here in the US. I think its harder because of my age HERE than where I was in Thailand. There are a lot of reasons why I didn't want to do that in the US but that way I might have some video that I would actually be interesting to put on a card. Or maybe I should just jump off a cliff. But I will keep trying. I loosely have a plan of what I need to do and registered for Revgear in October hoping I get an opponent. That will be my first shot of getting some video of me in action. I've worked too hard to give this up, I think.
  5. Spins- Be it elbow or back fist, esp. from swatted away teep. Up elbow from catching and dropping a teep. Body shots. I think body shots are so underrated but they can make life so miserable.
  6. I was in Phuket. I am back in the US now. And you are the third person to say "Chiang Mai." I do like the night market there the best of the one's I've seen so far. I got my sak yants there. I think that it is a sign. I know its way cheaper there than in Phuket and the only woman I trust to touch my hair in Thailand is there. The question is will there be fights at 65 or 70 kg because that is as low as I can go. I am not a tall woman- I just am a very thick one. But I have seen fights with women my size, at least in Phuket I have. I just need a good gym and trainer that I can trust. I'm so easy going and laid back- except when you say you are going to do something, you have to do it- that does irk me. Again, thanks for listening to me. My heart is broken over it... but I think I do want to give it one more shot- especially since I've invested this much time into learning the Thai alphabet and slowly reading.. (hahaha). I just want my shot. Thanks.
  7. Ah to respond to everyone: My age. I'm older but no lie, nobody has a clue until I tell them and I show them my passport. They peg me for 10 years younger than I am- and they've seen me in the ring so they know I don't move like I'm about to die in the nursing home. Yes, I pay fees, promised to fight then they they don't do it. Always wait until last min to try to find an opponent if at all.. but hey let me pay to go to the stadium so I can "meet" the promoter who I never meet but I just paid $1300 BHT to watch fights I really don't care about and wouldn't pay to go see. My age has never come up. My size has but there is Thai girl in that area who is actually bigger than I am in addition to the fact that where I was is mostly farang anyway. I have no problem fighting a westerner- I figured I'd have to anyway. I save up my money then come for a few months to train and hopefully fight. I've done that three times now. This last time really hurt as I was gone three months and wasn't working- I had finished my contract. So I blew my savings to go to Thailand because I was told THIS time I would fight and it didn't happen. I was told I would be taken care of and that absolutely didn't happen. I was basically ignored. If I were to read this and not know me or see me in the ring I would think "well she must be terrible then". Let me play devil's advocate on that one for a moment. If that is the case, let me fight and get KO'd and that would end me bitching about wanting to fight. I have to find a job now (I came home on Monday) and try to pay off my bills, save up again, and try to come back. That means another year here in the states before I can attempt Thailand again. I AM NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER. Not going to lie- I'm livid, I'm pissed, and I'm hurt. I know because I know my body better than anyone, I still have been gifted with a little more time than most people. I have adjust my training accordingly. I am tough as nails and I have no fear. But I am realistic... if it doesn't happen in the next two years, then my clock really is up. I'm not trying to be some regional champion or anything like that. I just want a fight or two. I've trained for over 7 years and never fought- I was supposed to but I tore my ACL. It's been a battle to get in that ring and so frustrating. I could go on and on and whine but I don't want to. I just know the only way it will happen is if I take care of myself because I cannot trust gyms/trainers. I have been told to look at Chang Mai or Bangkok. All I want to do is spend a few months training hard, a fight or three come home and it will be out of my system (maybe). But at this point I am beyond frustrated... and I need to find a job as this last big mistake cost me financially quite badly. I would have been happy to eat it if I had crossed off something on my list but my last trip to Thailand was a NIGHTMARE which hurts me because I was so in love with it there. I just feel... abused. LOL. But... the fighter in me doesn't want to quit or let this go. I train hard. I do the work. I deserve to get KO'd if that is what they think is going to happen. Sorry for the long windedness. I just don't know how to express how disappointed, hurt and broken I felt/feel about this whole experience.
  8. I see. I have lost faith in what people have told me. I'm almost thinking that the powers that be just don't want me to fight. I really don't know where to turn at this point because I don't trust any gyms or trainers anymore. This is why I started to learn Thai so that I COULD speak for myself and know what is being said around me. I don't want to give up on this but I feel that unless I'm a 20 year old, 55kg hot chick, there is no way I'm ever going to get on a card. And that burns because I've seen some- no A LOT - of western fighters way, way, way worse than I am fighting. Thanks for the response.
  9. Hi there- Question. I read that Sylvie does it but how does one go about getting their own fights without the gym or trainer involved. I've had some really bad experiences and have lost out on a lot of money training. I'm about to give up on Thailand and never go back but I'm a fighter and I hate it when someone stops me from something because they don't keep their word. I have actually started to learn Thai for one more shot a year from now but in the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to better take care of myself and not lose more money on gyms and trainers. Thanks.
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