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  1. Hello, I did muay thai in the past and still train by myself just kicking the bag sometimes. But mainly I'm a basketball athlete, and I started a OMAD keto diet. I'm wondering what type of supplements I should take especially for potassium or should I try to consume potassium through avocados or spinach. And for salt I'm guessing I can just put Himalayan sea salt in a drink with magnesium to maintain my sodium and magnesium levels. I think I'm going to drink a powerade zero and add the salt and magnesium to that so I can enjoy taking my supplements everyday. There are no carbs in the drink but there are sweeteners. The only thing I'm worried about is my potassium source. Any advice in general would be appreciated. Because playing basketball I'm gonna be sweating a lot from training. But I'm not too concerned with the salt/sodium aspect because I know I can supplement that easily. Oh and I just thought of this when it comes to explosiveness, does being on a ketogenic diet lower your explosiveness at all. I know it can be good for endurance, but explosiveness is very important for me when it comes to basketball. And is taking creatine okay when doing the ketogenic diet while training? Sorry for so many questions but I would really appreciate help on any of my concerns. Thanks a lot! Ali
  2. Have another question about potassium. For sodium and magnesium it's easy to supplement on a fast day. What should I do for potassium? It seems like I'm not getting enough.
  3. Ok good to know and also the Powerade zero has less than 1 carb but it definitely does have sweetener ill experiment with it. Thanks for the help
  4. Ok good to know and also the Powerade zero has less than 1 carb but it definitely does have sweetener ill experiment with it. Thanks for the help
  5. I don't mind whether i'm actually completely water fasted or if I'm almost water fasted but still getting a lot of the same benefits.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, do you still use heavy whipping cream in your coffee on fasting days or do you go just black coffee? Also I like to drink powerade zero and supplement some of the sodium and potassium in it. So I can drink it and actually enjoy taking the supplements, would this be fine to do on the fasting day? I really appreciate the reply, this whole website is helping me a lot.
  7. Hi, On the fasting day do you still take supplements for sodium, potassium, and magnesium or do you not ingest anything at all? I've been doing keto on and off for a couple of years, and I've done water fasts before. But I'm interested in trying this 1+1 fasting approach. Thanks
  8. Thanks a lot for the reply, I'm already half way through the Silapathai video since I knew he is from Jocky gym where a lot of my favorite fighter are from and there is a lot of good info that I learned already. I'll keep in mind my symmetry when throwing kicks from my weaker side.
  9. Hi everyone, Just became a patreon member because I've started to be really interested in Muay Thai. I've been doing basic techniques and exercises at my gym that has a heavy bag. My favorite fighter I've seen is Lerdsila, I really like his tricky and evasive style of fighting. So I've been trying to emulate some of his combos that consists of feints and tricky combos. I just wanted to maybe get some general information on what you think is the best way to start learning the Muay femur style of Muay Thai. Also a more specific question is I've been trying to learn the question mark kick that Lerdsila and Saenchai tend to use. With my rear leg I can manage doing the question mark kick decently, I can still use improvement. But when I try with my lead leg I seem to not have enough hip flexibility for it. What are some good hip dexterity and flexibility stretches or drills you can recommend to help my kicks. This is my first post and I'm excited to be apart of this community. Thanks
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